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Charms as Gifts

Good Luck Gifts for Promoting Prosperity

By Charles L Harmon adapted from an article by Chitraparna Sinha

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots - a good luck symbol


Is there anyone in the world who would not wish for good luck if you or someone could give it to them? Probably not, well maybe one or two diehards, that don’t believe in good luck, would not take you up on that offer. In fact, I don’t know anyone who would refuse good luck if it could be offered to them. Good luck is called different things sometimes, and can have different meanings to different people.

What is considered good luck can also depend on the country and its customs.

Some call luck destiny, while others consider it a miracle. Some people don’t really think there is such a thing as luck and whether they call it destiny, say things or events are preordained, or have other explanations of it, an argument can be made that some unknown force could be at play to explain what we consider “luck”, either good or bad.

Having an ‘edge’ over others is what some consider good luck. Someone who just seems to have everything go their way, even without trying, a person that wins a big lottery of hundreds of millions of dollars who bought a single ticket to surprise his wife, a person diagnosed with terminal cancer living 50 more years with no medical intervention – all these highly unusual situations are instances of good luck, that befall some people, while others people crave for such good luck but never get it.

Good luck charms and potions have been in existence since the beginning of mankind. It crosses all cultures, races, and religions. We associate certain things with bringing good luck and let’s not forget, the same symbol can also mean bad luck to others. Regardless, for almost any occasion, good luck gifts make ideal gifts to present to family and friends. It shows your love and that you care for the person.

If the gift is not necessarily associated with good luck, you might give them a card with it and write how it is a symbol of good luck with a paragraph or two of the history behind it. That should really arouse their interest. They will likely appreciate the gift even more.

In times of prosperity friends will be plenty, in times of adversity not one in twenty.
English Proverb

Four good luck charm gift ideas to get you started:

  1. Buy lucky stones from jewelry stores and have them mounted as rings or chains. Check the stones for authenticity before purchasing. Pick the nicest, most beautiful, or most unique stones you can find. The stones are a symbol of good luck so pick the best ones to represent it.
  2. Gift a bamboo tree. These are ornamental good luck gifts. They are kept in living rooms, family rooms, or kitchens. Since it is wood, it brings vitality, energy, peace, and revitalizes life. These trees can last years with proper care, so be sure to provide instructions of how to care for the tree.
  3. Present a crystal for good luck. Not just any crystal, but an exceptional looking crystal. Find one with beautiful clarity and color. Crystals are considered to possess elemental powers and they are said to inspire positive forces in the environment they are kept in.
  4. The color and inscription of Chinese Jade make them a good luck charm. Many people already associate jade jewelry with good luck so a beautiful jade accessory can make an excellent good luck gift. Don’t skimp on the cost and make sure it’s real jade. If it’s in a setting, such as a bracelet or pendant, make sure the setting is high quality.

Any of these can make excellent good luck gifts. When giving good luck gifts be sure you tell or write something of the history behind the good luck tradition. A nice hand printed card can do wonders, and shows you really care, After all, how often do you see anything hand written anymore. It’s rare to even get a written letter nowadays. Handwriting is a nice personal touch and is just the touch for good luck.

Search for that one-of-a kind gift that symbolizes good luck. It’s a wonderful thought, and a great way to shower a bit of good luck on a loved one or very special friend. Who knows, it might well bring you good luck too!

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Questions about Good Luck Charms

David asks…

What are some good luck charms that can be hung over home entrance?

Suzi Q answers:

One of the best things to hang over the entrance or on the door is a Ba Gua Mirror, by putting one on your door it will disperse negative energy. I have found that Feng Shui will usually take care of any kind of protection you need. Also, crystals are very helpful in protecting your home and family. Now I know that this is going to sound a little strange, but I personally use a mental purple protection pyramid around my house and my cars. My mom was a psychic and she taught me how to picture this in my mind and see it protecting all within the pyramid. I know it works, because I have been in two auto accidents that I should not have walked away from, but I did. It is really not hard to do. I am really not some kind of nut either. Remember that everything we think will eventually come about. Check out the two sites one on Feng Shui and the other the Law of Attraction. Also, some good luck charms work for some, but will not work for others.

Carol asks…

What are some good luck charms and colours?!?

I know about the shamrock and stuff so don’t say that

Suzi Q answers:

Rabbits feet

Lisa asks…

what are some good luck charms to keep away evil spirits?

okay so my friend and i are having some problems with being followed/hunted down by evil spirits, or negative spirits, and i want a charm to protect her. i’ll handle myself but i’m worried about her. please help me, she’s really freaking out……….

Suzi Q answers:

Many Cultures have Special Symbols and Charms used for Protection, Warding off Evil, and bringing Positive Forces back into your life. Here are a just a few of such charms –

-Arrow. Wear an arrow head amulet on a silver chain for protection from illness and to guard against the evil eye.

-Italian Horn or Unicorn’s Horn and Leprechaun’s Staff.
It is associated with good luck and good fortune and to ward off “Maluka” or the Evil Eye.

-Cat’s Eye ..Removes hurdles and hindrances from your life, and wards off all evil influences like Black Magic

– Hands.. In just about every Mediterranean country, charms in the shape of human hands have been powerful symbols of good luck.

– The “Hamsa” or Hand of Fatima ..Depicts an eye centered on an open, five fingered hand helps ward off bad luck.

-In Islam the hand is to honor of Fatima, the daughter of the prophet
The “Devil’s Horn”.
-In many countries, specially in Italy, the evil eye is thwarted with the so-called “devil’s horn,”

-Horseshoe …Some claim, a horseshoe pointing up for is for protection against sorcery, bad luck and the evil eye.

-Onyx …Wear or carry to protect from negative energy, evil eye and to control passionate desires.

-The Eye of Horus or “All Seeing Eye”
An ancient symbol associated with the occult, to increase clairvoyant powers, protect against thieves, and the evil eye.

-Sapphire … Protects the wearer from misfortune, fraud, enemies, violence, the evil eye, and psychic attacks.

-Seal of Solomon or The Star of David..
Use for protection from the evil eye, and spirits.

-Snake …Wear a rattlesnake’s rattle to protect against the evil eye.-

George asks…

What are some common good luck charms?

I am doing a project for school and I need to know some common good luck charms. Thanks.
Sorry I didn’t know what cattegory to do this in.

Suzi Q answers:

Lucky clothes.
Lucky Coin.
Lucky number.

Laura asks…

What are some good creatable good luck charms?

Specifically for sports

Suzi Q answers:

In my experience, there is no such thing as luck. However, if you wish to create an illusion of “luck”, I suggest trying wearing your jersey after winning a game to school, a special chant, or a prayer.

Charles asks…

What are some good Good Luck Charms?

I am moving to a new desk at work and it seems to be tainted with bad luck. The lady that sat there before, her husband died and then she got fired. I need some good luck items for my desk!!

Suzi Q answers:

Rabbits foot, four-leaf clover, horseshoe.
Any object that has brought you luck before might also work. Also, maybe try putting an empty bottle on the desk for about a week. Everytime you see the bottle, remind yourself that the bottle is going to hold the negative energy. After a week, close the bottle and either throw it away or bury it in your backyard.

John asks…

what are some authentic good luck charms?

i cnt afford any more than 20 pounds so does any one now a good trusted website where i can buy good luck things thats works xxxx

Suzi Q answers:

Good luck is free…i salute a single magpie and always thank a hay bale cart when it is coming towards me as it makes me feel better…that feeling is free! 🙂

Linda asks…

What are some Polish good luck charms/practices?

Suzi Q answers:

Screen doors on subs.

Donna asks…

I need some good luck charms?

Because tomorrow is Friday the 13th, I don’t want to have brushes with abd luck. So I already have a rabbits foot, an old medel from years ago, and a green rubber bracelet that says lucky. What else do I need?

Suzi Q answers:

Create your own luck with hard work…

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