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Left Eye Twitching

Left Eye Twitching Superstitions and what People think of them

By Bobby Blueblood

Eye twitching whether left eye twitching or right is a common thing that occurs among the people around the world. Technically it is a medical problem and has scientific reasons too. Still there are many left eye twitching superstitions are attached to this involuntary occurrence of eye muscles twitches.

Different cultures of the world have different interpretations regarding the eye twitching. But most of the omens and significance’s are mainly attached to the left eye. Some common and interesting superstitions related to the left eye twitching are discussed below.


Left eye twitching superstitions

Different Places Different Beliefs


– In China they believe that the left eye twitching is generally associated with good fortune whereas the twitching of the right eye depicts bad luck. The twitching of left eye also means a rush of gold or any kind of money.

The Chinese take it as a bad omen if the right eye of a person twitches as it depicts the coming of misfortune in any form. But in the case of women it is the opposite where left eye twitching indicates bad omen and vice versa.

A twitch in the lower left lid also has some assumptions related to it like they say it depicts that the person is going to cry soon or the person is the topic of gossip of someone. A right eye lid twitch depicts good fortune.



– They are very superstitious when the twitching of the eyes is concerned. It is the just the reverse case of the Chinese superstition in case of the Indian left eye twitching superstitions. So the Indians consider it lucky if the right eye twitches and a sign of bad omen if the left eye twitches. Here the left eye twitching is good in cases of a woman and it is regarded inauspicious where the males are concerned.

left eye twitching


– The Africans have their own way of depicting these eye twitching’s. In some parts of Africa, the upper eyelid twitching is associated with the unexpected meeting of someone whereas the lower eyelid twitching indicates shedding of tears. The people of Nigeria follow the same superstitions as the Chinese regarding the left eye twitching of the eyes.



– The people of Hawaii signify the twitching of the left eye with the coming of a new guest or a stranger. It may also signify some kind of mourning in the future or may be death even whereas the right eye twitch indicates an impending birth in the family.



– Here the same depiction is made about the left eye twitching where it gives an indication of crying or shedding of tears and this has a scientific base also. Generally tears flow from the lower left eye lid.


A general belief is that the twitching of left eyes is good for women and bad for men except in the case of the Chinese culture. Now some superstitions act just opposite in different cultures and countries. We can say that they are all myths based on the personal experience of an individual. So the next time when the left eye twitches, one should hope for the best to happen instead of panicking.

Left Eye Twitching Superstitions

Q & A – What others think about Eye Twitching, etc.

Donald asks…

If a dead person’s eyes are left open, he’ll find someone to take with him.?

where is this superstition from? what’s the origin? please answer with a link to the story or telll me the story behind it yourself.

Suzi Q answers:

I believe that this comes from the fact that when a person dies the last image that they see will be burned into their retinas for all of time. So if someone were to look into a person’s eyes as they died, their own image would be burned into the retinas. And they eyes are considered the window to the soul, so if your image was in someone Else’s eyes, then they would have stolen your soul and you would be doomed to journey with them to the realm of the dead. So not true but a good superstition. I did this research and here’s what I found:

This site goes back into the discovery of this fact. Enjoy!


And excerpt for others too 😉

For some time now it has been known—as a result of various interesting ophthamological experiments done by certain ingenious scientists, authoritative observers that they are—that the image of exterior objects imprinted upon the retina of the eye are conserved there indefinitely. The organ of vision contains a particular substance, retinal purple, on which is imprinted in their exact form these images. They have even been perfectly reconstituted when the eye, after death, is removed and soaked in an alum bath.

Sandra asks…

Left-Eye Superstitions?

So there is this guy that I’m REALLY interested in. I think he’s interested in me too. He speaks and waves at me. He smiles at me all the time and he even winked at me once. lol I didn’t know they still did that. He does a lot of other stuff that leads me to believe that he’s interested in me, but I won’t mention it as my post will get lengthy and besides…that’s not my question. lol

So…everytime I am about to run into him, my left eye starts jumping. lol Seriously! It happens EVERY time. I looked up what it means when your eye jumps via handy dandy Yahoo! Answers and most answers said that it’s because of stress or lack of sleep. Well…neither is the case.

He works for Sodexho here at my University and I hadn’t seen him since we returned from Spring Break so I asked one of his employees where he was. Come to find out, he was promoted and transfered to somewhere in Mississippi. Of course I was bummed out and thought he was gone forever. Well yesterday, I was on campus chilling in the nice weather when my left eye started jumping uncontrollably. It was jumping so hard that I could feel it in my other eye and it slightly affected my vision. When I got up to leave, I saw his truck and Lo and Behold! He was there!!! He had come back to say his goodbyes. Deep down in my lil ole heart I just knew that the good Lord had sent him back for me. lol, j/k

But seriously…Do you guys think I could have some kind of built in crush radar? Or is there some kind of superstition, old folk-tale, or hell scientific explanation as to why my eye jumps every time he’s near? Anyone ever heard of anything like this? Ever happened to anyone personally?


Thanks guys. All answers are greatly appreciated.

Suzi Q answers:

You take too much xtacy and its affecting you.

Daniel asks…

What does it mean if your left eye winks? According to superstitions.?

What does it mean if your left eye winks and you are a girl?
” ” left eye – and you are a boy

” ” right eye and you are a girl?
” ” right eye and you are a boy?
Sorry, meant to say twitches.

Suzi Q answers:

Itchy eyes.

George asks…

My left eye has been jumping all week, what is the superstition behind this? please help Im going nuts?

Suzi Q answers:

The Asians and Indians believe…. Based on gender
men left is bad, right is good
women left is good, right is bad

and there’s another superstition i don’t know it’s origin but if left twitches then there is a death and right twich means an addition – a birth.

Last year, the entire year my left eye kept twitching like crazy and i was pregnant. I gave birth to twins the family was filled with happiness but exactly a month later my father passed away. Prior to this i never had eye twitches so constant, and crazy….

The medical explanation is fatigue, lack of sleep, and too much caffeine consumption….. Which could also be true for me… I don’t know but there you go….. Hopefully yours is really good luck.

If you win the lotto or something remember to share!!!!



David asks…

My left eye has been jumping for the past 3 weeks…..Why?

I’m not very superstitious, but what is the superstition behind it?

Suzi Q answers:

I had a tendency to do that when I was extremely stressed

Hugs from a Loving Mom to a Brilliant, as well as beautiful 8 year old Jared and Our Angel, Zachary (taken to soon but who will always remain in our heart) ~ Mel

Chris asks…

Eye and superstitions?

Left eye keeps jumping what does that mean ,help me out here.

Suzi Q answers:

Supposedly – If your right eye twitches there will soon be a birth in the family. If the left eye twitches there will soon be a death in the family.

That said; it’s not related to the idea of the “evil eye” – which is a taboo about looking at someone with a fixed stare.

The left side was sometimes a part of superstitious lore since the word for left in Latin is the same root for “sinister” or maleficent. This is something like an anti-left handedness prejudice and has no basis in anything real.

Superstitions aside – it’s most likely just fatigue, an infection of the eye, or possibly a reason to visit a dentist, toothdecay can cause an infection that puts pressure on the facial nerves, sometimes causing the nerves to twitch uncontrollably as you describe.

left eye twitching superstition

Susan asks…

Superstition question?

Have anyone ever heard of the superstition if your right eye jumps then you’re getting money but if your left eye jumps, then you’re going to get really angry? Also, is there a superstition that you live by?
By eye jumping, like the little muscle twitching. lol I know it’s a silly one, but that’s like one of the ones I’ve always heard when I was little.
Ooo, yeah, I think the do unto others thing is one that’s true.
lol @ Christine. lol that would solve an itching problem 🙂

Suzi Q answers:

Somebody told me this the other day cause my kids where driving me crazy, I believe that anger can cause ticking, but my eyes cant tell the future…ie i don’t believe the money one…i heard its if you hands itch…but i just suggest lotion for that lol

Susan asks…


@ KENNETH you said ”really happened” so something did happen but are you not sure if it what happened had anything to do with your eye twitching!

my left or right eye twitched a couple years ago,so i did some research ,found out some people beleaved it meant good fortune.what do you know i check my bank account ,1000 buks was deposited from ??? rather not say into my account.also went a bought a scratchie .won 26 buks the same day.after that day my eye didnt twitch.till today.i just forgot whether the left eye meant good or bad.didnt ask for rude opinions!!!

Suzi Q answers:

Medically, it can be caused by tiredness, too much strain on your eyes, caffeine, alcohol, dry eyes, nutritional imbalances or allergies. It should go away on its own, but if it doesn’t you should see a doctor. It has nothing to do with luck 😛 Hope that helped

Thomas asks…

eye twitching – anyone know about the good and bad luck myth about it? believe it? heard of it?

I head that depending on time. or so like maybe for a guy left eye twitch is good luck and right eye twitch it is bad. for female is the is reverse. does anyone believe in this? My right eye just twitch once, and that thought of good or bad luck just came to my mind. I don’t know.. but i sorta believe esp. because when my eye twitch i also tell myself something bad is going to happen.. and it does happen. ANyone else?? Or if you dont believe it..?

Suzi Q answers:

When your eye twitches, it means that you’re tired.
Sleep and see if your eye keeps twitching.

Joseph asks…

rapid eyelid twitching what does this mean?

So my left eyelid has been twitching for over few hours what does this mean I really dont have any medical problems and its been bothering me this happens to me once In a long time for couple second just want to know what going on with my eye

Suzi Q answers:

Generally when your eyelid twitches, it could be due to a few reasons. Too much caffeine, or stress. That is basically caused by involuntary muscle spasms. Sometimes if you have an electrolyte imbalance that could occur too. It goes away on its own. Not a serious issue. This actually happens to me from time to time.

George asks…

What does it mean when your left top eyelid twitches?

Suzi Q answers:

It can actually be a few things.

1) You are over stressed. When you are stressed you tend to lose some of the control in nerves.

2) You have tweaked a nerve in your face. Which can make your eye twitch.

No matter which one, it is nothing to worry about. It will go away soon.

: )

Chris asks…

What does it mean when your lower eyelid twitches?

I’ve been getting this twitching feeling in my left eye today does it mean anything?

I’ve gone to the bathroom to actually see if it moves. It does, almost like it’s slightly shaking. Does this mean anything. Or is it just something the body does for no reason?

Suzi Q answers:

The technical term for a muscle twitch is fasciculation… Found that out yesterday lol.

Eyelid twitches are usually benign. Everyone gets them from time to time, and persistent or recurring eyelid twitches are most often related to stress or anxiety.

I wouldn’t worry if I were you.

Lizzie asks…

why does my eyelid…..?

My left eyelid has been twitching for a month now a little everyday. What does it mean? Is it bad?

Suzi Q answers:

Try this website for help:

Paul asks…

Do you believe?

Do you believe that when ur left eyelid twitch, it means some on is talking behind your back
when ur right eyelid twitch, it means something good will happen to you?

Suzi Q answers:


Linda asks…

What do these symptoms mean?

For the last 2 months, my left eyelid has been twitching. At first, I didn’t think much of it because it didn’t happen too often. Lately it has been getting worse. Also, more recently I have been getting bad headaches that can last through the night (not migranes, I can still have lights on and hear loud noises) and occasionally stuttering when I start talking. These are all new symptoms that I have never experienced before.

Suzi Q answers:

The only thing I can really think of is a mild stroke. That or maybe you’re really stressed?

Mandy asks…

Whats wrong with my eyes? I have a constant strain and headache because of them! Please help!?

For the past week ive had a really bad strain in my eyes. One night it was so bad that it hurt when i closed my eyes to sleep. I went to the optician but he said my eyesight is perfect and it might be from stress. I feel a kind of pressure behind my eyes when i look up at something and its causing me to have some nasty headaches. I also feel a pain between my eyes, at the bridge of my nose, and im wondering if it could be sinuses?(although I’m not congested) I also have a twitch in my lower left eyelid thats been going on for months. I do use the computer quite often but i regularly take breaks and i don’t find anything blurry. I’m really getting worried now as to what this could be. Im planning on going to the doctor soon, but in the mean time would Really appreciate your advice/suggestions. Thank you so much.

Suzi Q answers:

If you feel like there is something wrong with your eyes, then you seek another doctors opinion. It very well could be stress, it could be nothing. It could be something. My eyes do the same thing, mine is from astigmatism, and muscular dystrophy. So, you can see how trying to diagnose you over the computer wouldn’t work very well. But, I am one of those people who believes we each know our bodies better than anyone else, and just because a doctor tells me there is nothing wrong, doesn’t make it true. Doesn’t make it false either. If a second opinion tells you the same thing, maybe there is some truth to it. Good Luck Sweetie!!!!!!

Left Eye Twitching

Lisa asks…

why do i twitch so much?

lately, I’d say over the past four months, I’ve experienced frequent twitching. when i say frequent i mean easily over 100 a day. it has progressed to the point of me crying because the twitches are so frequent in a day. it varies from small involuntary twitches of my arm or shoulder to twitches down my leg and ankle. the most annoying twitches are the jerking of my entire body (like a jolt), a jerking of whatever limb i am about to move, and my most annoying, twitches of my head. i was driving yesterday and had a severe twitch in my head, where i whipped my head to the left, the twitch was so bad and fast that i got a headache that persisted the following day, with more than the usual amount of head twitches. most of the twitches are not that bad, but the most frequent are my head twitches. i either feel my brain sort of jolt, like an electrical shock, or my head physically moves extremely fast in a twitching way. i also experience very forced but involuntary blinking simultaneously in both eyes. its not your average, three times a year, rapid and repeated twitching of muscles like a single eyelid or your thigh muscle. regardless, its caused me a lot of embarrassment and physical pain over the last few months. though i’m sure most people can’t even notice it. i’d just like to know if it sounds like anything serious. hopefully there is another medical or psychological explanation for this problem other than the only twitching disorder i know of, tourettes.

-i am a 17 year old girl.
i wish it was as simple as a twitching in my legs. i move a lot too, though, to cover up the twitches. i am really afraid that it is tourettes. i can’t see it coming on so fast… are there other possibilities? being diagnosed with tourettes would be really terrible. i don’t think its common to come on at my age, is it?

Suzi Q answers:

It could be any kind of neurological problem, including Tourettes syndrome, which sounds very likely. It’s not as serious as it sounds but it can get worse if you don’t go to the doctor! Good luck!

More Questions About Left Eye Twitching

Carol asks…

My bottom eyelid on my left eye has been twitching all day?

It has been doing if more frequently the last few weeks, but today it twitched every few minutes or more, ALL DAY LONG. It’s driving me insane. Should I be worried? I also have a cyst like thing in this eye but I doubt it has anything to do with it. What causes the twitching and should I be worried? Thanks.

Suzi Q answers:

It can be caused from stress or lack of sleep. Drug use can also cause this issue, although it would quickly become more severe than just an eye twitch. It’s nothing really to worry about, but if it gets bad enough to affect your vision then you should talk to your doctor about it. They can do an outpatient procedure to cut the nerve causing the twitch to make it stop.

Lizzie asks…

my friends left eye has been twitching all day why is it doing this and does it mean anything?

Suzi Q answers:

Usually, a twitch or “tic” around the eye is a sign of stress and/or tiredness; it’s just a tiny muscle that’s spasming. It generally goes away once the person in question relaxes and gets a bit of sleep.

Ken asks…

i have had a twitch in my left eye all day?

i have had a twitch in my left eye, eyelid all day. should i be concured??
should i be concerned

Suzi Q answers:

No reason to be concerned, it means you are tired, or stressed. Sleep should get rid of it, if you are tired, if it is more stress related, it still is nothing to worry about it will go away on its own.

Mark asks…

question about left eye twitching?

ok so this is getting to annoying to ignore my left eye twitches all day every day. could this be a sign of something worse and how do i stop it

Suzi Q answers:

Eye twitching, or myokymia, is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction that usually affects the lower eyelid. The exact cause of eye twitching is unknown. A twitch sometimes develops during times of increased stress. Eye twitching has also been associated with high caffeine intake, fatigue or excessive squinting. It can also occur after reading or working on a computer for prolonged periods of time.

Eye twitching is usually a sign that you need to take a break and relax. Sometimes a twitch will go away following a good night’s sleep, but a stubborn twitch may last as long as three weeks.

If the twitching involves both eyes, there is a possibility that you have blephorospasm. This is a chronic condition that is more common in women over 50. Blephorospasm can progress into repeated forceful closing of the eyes. Again, there is no definite cause, but it may be worsened by stress, bright lights, watching too much TV, and fatigue.

To relieve eye twitching, try applying warm compresses to the twitching eye and gently massaging the eyelid with your fingers. For eyelid twitches that last longer than 2 or 3 days, over-the-counter oral or topical (eye drop) antihistamines may offer some relief. Although not a direct treatment, antihistamines slow down the muscle contractions, or twitching, making it less annoying.

A more violent eye twitching that involves an entire side of the face is called hemifacial spasm. A hemifacial spasm can be a much more severe twitch. It may actually affect speaking and eating. A hemifacial spasm is usually caused by inflamed facial nerves but it may result from a more serious neurological problem. This type of spasm is often treated with muscle-relaxing injections or medications. If you are concerned that you may have more than a common eyelid twitch, contact an eye care professional for an evaluation.


Sandy asks…

My eye has been twitching all day? Why?

I don’t wear glasses (yet), and my left eye has been twitching al day, it’s really weird and irritating.

Why is this happening?

Should I go to the opticians?

What should I do?


Suzi Q answers:

This happened to me last year… I went to my doctor and he said it’s mainly caused by stress.

Linda asks…

How do i get rid of a twitching eye?

Hi i am 25weks pregnant and have a twitching left eye,its been twitching all day everyday, all day since i was about 6weks gone,could these be related? Or will i have to put up with this now forever??

Suzi Q answers:

Usually this happens when a person is stressed, does not have enough sleep, drinks a lot of caffeine, and might have some busy stuff going on. It usually will get worse if your situation gets stressed. Even good stress is stress! Like a vacation or a party! So, Sleep your full 8hours. Eat your 5-7 fruits and veggies. Take a multi vitamin, Walk around the block a couple times on your break to vent stress hormone. Drink your 8 glasses of water a day! Drink less caffeine! Take some time to relax. Warm compresses are a good thing to take some time to do….it helps you to have some relaxation time too! Really.

Joseph asks…

left eye twitching a alot weird help!!?

yeah all day my left eye just twiches form my top eye lid and it makes non-normal lol!!! but yeah it just keeps happening any ideas HELP PLEASE

Suzi Q answers:

Yeah that happens to me all the time. Its usually because of stress and sometimes its things you dont even realize you are stressing about. After a while it will just stop.

Sharon asks…

Left eye twitching, excessive heartburn and vomited bile in the morning…could i be pregnant even? read more?

OK so my long-term boyfriend and I have been trying to’s been about 3-4 months thus far. Last month I thought I might be pregnant because I was late..look a test and it came up negative. The past few weeks (2-3) I’ve been having bad heartburn that sometimes lasts all day, constant eye twitching and yesterday morning, I randomly woke up feeling horrible and ran to the bathroom and threw up a TON of yellow liquid (bile). I was under the impression you could only vomit bile if your stomach was completely empty..Last night someone told me that throwing up bile like that, is a sign of pregnancy. Its obvious that heartburn is/can be..and I’ve done plenty of research and have concluded that some women also experience eye twitching early in their pregnancies…Upon talking to my mother, I also learned that when she was pregnant with me (her first child) she got her period the first month (perhaps implantation bleeding, but she said it seemed normal and wasn’t light) then missed it the next month and realized she was pregnant. I ordered some pregnancy tests but before I take them and potential get my hopes up for nothing, i was wondering what everyone else thought of this situation.. Has any of these things happened to you in your pregnancies? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

For my first child (4yrs ago) i did wake up in the morning and threw up bile i didn’t have the eye twitching but i did feel like i got hit by a car, i could barely move and it hurt if i did. It went away after a few days but the morning sickness stuck around for 7months.

Good luck 🙂

graffiti eyes

Chris asks…

Why does my left eye keep twitching?

my left eye keeps twitching these past couple of days. and i looked at in the mirror wen it was and i had all these tiny veins popping out? why does it do that and how can i stop it cus it gets really annoying.

Suzi Q answers:

Its caused by stress. Sometimes it just happens. It happens to me all the time when i get really stressed out. One time my eye twitched for two months and i thought it was going to stay that way. But it goes away. No worries

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