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Cross your Fingers

Cross your Fingers for Good Luck

By Honey B Wackx

Crossed fingers

Crossed fingers


Many times we have crossed our fingers when making a wish, or in the opposite case of telling a little white lie you cross your fingers. The first case is wishing for good luck. The second, when we hope that the lie we told won’t be discovered. It is often used when children tell little white lies. A white lie is not supposed to count or do any harm if it is made with crossed fingers.

Not many know where the custom of crossed fingers came from. Generally it means wishing for good luck. And the second case above of telling a little lie seems to be an offshoot from more modern times. At one time when you would cross your fingers it was a gesture to ward off witches and others that were considered to be evil spirits, or possessed by evil spirits. Crossing your fingers on both hands is seen to be bad luck.

Even though we may not necessarily know the origins of crossing one’s fingers we still cross our fingers in the hopes that good luck or something we wish for will come true.

The cross your fingers gesture or symbol supposedly has a dual function, the power to bring good and avoid evil. This popular gesture comes from the belief that the cross was symbolic of perfect unity; that is, when two straight lines cross and meet in the center of the two lines, the wish was held there and would not slip away before it was realized.

At one time the index finger of a well-wisher was placed on the index finger of the person wishing, thus forming a cross. While one wished, the other supported the wish in the hopes it might come true. Over the years, the custom was modified so one person could make a wish on his/her own.

Sometimes the phrase “keep your fingers crossed” or “I’ll keep my fingers crossed” is used instead of the actual crossed fingers. It means the same thing as if you did actually cross your fingers.

The ‘crossed fingers’ gesture is used for the logo of the United Kingdom’s National Lottery. It is also used as the Oregon Lottery and Virginia Lottery in the United States. This simple gesture is a powerful symbol recognized in many places around the world.

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Fingers Crossed, is this a Lucky Number?

Chris asks…

Does number 6703 have any meaning? Is it Lucky?

Hi, I just dreamed number 6703. I may sound superstitions, but I am not, this is first time something like that happened to me. So what am I interested is: are there any special (unusual) properties for that number. I already find out that number 6703 is prime number. Just to state out: I need mathematical properties (entities) related to number, not some dream interpretation. Facts only. Any help appreciated. 🙂

Yeah it is boring in binary, but I like to think that my brain doesn’t use binary for thinking (that machines do), for my brain decimal data is far more natural.

After suggestion from tirmik I wrote small program that outputted all 4-digit long numbers with that ‘property’. And found out this:

1208, 1318, 1428, 1538, 1648, 1758, 1868, 1978, 2307, 2417, 2527, 2637, 2747, 28
57, 2967, 3406, 3516, 3626, 3736, 3846, 3956, 4505, 4615, 4725, 4835, 4945, 5604
, 5714, 5824, 5934, 6703, 6813, 6923, 7802, 7912, 8901
Tested: 9000, Matches: 36

So 36/9000 = 0.004 = 0.4 % of numbers have that property. I donned this only because I was curious how much this property is common or unique. I may update furthermore if I find out something, if anybody is reading this.
In my list number 6703 is 31th in the list.
Number 67 is in number 6703 (the one I used to add with 03).
Number 03 is in number 6703.

All that (31, 67 and 3) are prime numbers.

Number 70 (nope not prime), but factors (numbers that can divide 70) of 70 are:
1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 14, 35 and 70, and they summed up give: 144 which is square of 12 (square root of 144 gives 12).

If that at all is relevant.

Suzi Q answers:

It has a specialty,
if you add first and second part i.e. 67 and 03, you will get the middle part i.e. 70. There are so many unique numbers I doubt there is anything really special or lucky about the number 6703.

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