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Halloween Superstitions – Halloween Festival Superstitions

By Bobbie Blueblood

Since time immemorial, superstitions have been a part of human life. For those who believe in superstitions, Halloween is the time when myths, Halloween superstitions, omen and folklore gain more weight. A lot of superstitions are there regarding Halloween. There many different kinds of superstitions like animal superstitions, witch superstitions etc.

Some of the more popular and common Halloween superstitions are:

  • You can peer into your future by gazing into a flame of candle.
  • Evil spirits and demons can be kept at bay by burning a candle inside a jack-o-lantern.
  • A dumb supper on Halloween night encourages evil spirits to come to the table. It means if no one is talking while having supper, the spirits come to visit them.
  • If a candle extinguishes suddenly by itself on Halloween, by wind or breath, it indicates that a ghost has come to call on the house.
  • Girls who want to see their future husband must carry a lantern to the spring water on this night. They can see their future husband in the reflection of the water.
  • And this superstition is further carried out in such a way that if an unmarried girl carried a broken egg in a glass and takes it to the spring on this night, she will not only get a glimpse of her future life partner but also of her future kids. This can be done by putting some spring water into the glass and thus seeing the reflection in it.
  • Burning of an orange candle at midnight on Halloween and letting it burn till sunrise brings good luck.
  • It is believed that those who are born on Halloween day can talk and see evil spirits.
  • On this day, knocking on wood keeps bad luck away.
  • To ward off evils, walking around the house three times backwards before sunset is done.
  • In Britain, nuts are used on Halloween as magical charms because it is believed that the devil was a nut-gatherer.
  • Keeping a rosemary herb and silver sixpence under the pillow of an unmarried girl on Halloween night would make her dream of her future life partner.
  • Never turn back on hearing the sound of footsteps behind you on Halloween night. It is believed that it is the dead that follows and looking back might make you join the dead soon.
  • Seeing the spider on Halloween means that it might be the spirit of a dead loved one that has come to watch you.
  • A fire should not be allowed to burn out on Halloween night because doing so will invite bad luck to your homes. This situation can be avoided by rekindling the fire by a lighted sod brought from the home of the priest.
  • In the United States and Europe, it is believed that casting a headless shadow or no shadow at all is an omen of death in the course of the next year.
  • Ringing a bell on Halloween scares away evil spirits.
  • To prevent ghosts from coming on Halloween night, burying animal’s bones or keeping a picture of an animal at the entrance door is preferred.


These are some of the Halloween superstitions relating to the festival of Halloween.

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