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Day of the Week Superstitions

Day of the Week Superstitions

By Charles L Harmon

If I were to ask people to name a superstitious day I doubt there would be any problem and most would say Friday the 13th. But ask about superstitions of the days of the week and other than that Friday most people would probably draw a blank. However, different days of the week do have a different ‘feel’ related to them.

Days can be unlucky as well as lucky according to some old superstitions. It is said that the days from Friday to Monday have their own specific feel due to the fact that there are so many superstitions attached with them. So I’ll start with superstitions about the days of the week one by one and see what we come up with. This is a short list and a future article will cover more superstitions of the days.


Monday is considered to be the least awaited day of the week throughout the world, except for Ireland. The Irish people take Monday as the luckiest day of the week to start any endeavor or new work and other beginnings. In some places, Monday is unlucky even for burying a dead person. No grave digging should take place on Mondays. The same thing applies with sewing and mending too. Both these things should be avoided on a Monday.

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There is yet another superstition regarding Monday that if someone visits the house on early Monday morning, the house will have visitors the whole week till the next Monday. If the visitor is fair in complexion, then the person will be unlucky throughout the week whereas if the visitor has a dark complexion then the host will be lucky all through the week.


It is believed that the child born on Tuesday will be elegant and graceful. Tuesdays are considered lucky for fighting games like boxing or wrestling. It is also considered lucky to cut nails on Tuesdays. It is said that one who wants to remain in good health throughout the life, should marry on Tuesdays.

But like almost everything else there is a dark side of Tuesday. I dug up one of these which appeared as a comment;

” In some other countries, instead of Friday, it is considered bad luck Tuesday the 13th. (Spain [1], Greece, Latin America). For example, the Fall of Constantinople, when the city fell to the Ottomans (a fact which marked the end of the Byzantine Empire), happened Tuesday, May 29, 1453, and is why Greeks consider Tuesday to be an unlucky day. In Italy it is on Friday the 17th.”


Wednesdays are regarded as the best days to carry out any surgical or medical procedures. It is thought to be a very weird idea to buy expensive things on Wednesdays. Some superstitions say that one should avoid wearing gloves on Wednesdays. It is also believed that the Wednesdays that usually fall on a new moon day is a sign of unlucky day.


Thursdays are lucky to make important decisions of life. It is also considered to be lucky to marry on Thursdays. For the Germans, Thursday is the most unlucky day of the week. Spinning of yarn should be avoided on Thursdays. Taking legal advises or consultation are regarded lucky on this day.


Most of the people consider Friday as the unluckiest day of the week especially if the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. Sneezing on Friday brings around sorrow and despair. Laughing too much on Friday will definitely lead to crying on the following Sunday, according to some superstitions. Cutting of nails and hair is considered unlucky on Fridays. The visit to doctors should be avoided on Fridays as it may lead to death.


It is a very good day to set out for a venture or a journey. Sharing of dreams on Saturdays makes them come true. Seeing a rainbow on a Saturday indicates rain in all through the following week. This is all well and good and there are a lot more lucky Saturday superstitions, but I’d be remorse not playing the devil’s advocate and telling you of at least a couple of unlucky Saturday superstition;

  • Saturday, no luck at all.— in marriage.
  • A Saturday rainbow is sure to be followed by a week of rainy (“rotten”) weather. —Ireland
  • Persons born on a Saturday can see ghosts.—Higlands


Sundays are the luckiest day and it is said that children born on Sundays are usually lucky through their entire life. Cutting of nails, hair, sewing, mending and courting should be avoided on Sundays as they bring bad luck. Even collecting of nuts should not be done on Sundays as it indicates the work of the devil.

Now with this newfound knowledge will that change your habits or anything you do on specific days? Personally I doubt it, but for those that do make changes or have any other comments about these or even superstitions regarding specific days of the week leave a comment.

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Here are a few questions about days of the week superstitions as submitted to Yahoo Answers.

Questions about Days of Week Superstitions


John asks…

Do you relate to the planet that rules the day of the week that you were born?

Monday (Moon) – peace, sleep, compassion, healing, friends, psychic awareness, purification, fertility. “Monday’s child is fair of face” might refer to the sensitivity and youthfulness associated with the Moon.

Tuesday (Mars) – passion, sex, courage, aggression, protection. “Tuesday’s child is full of grace” might be more aptly interpreted as full of energy and movement.

Wednesday (Mercury) – the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, wisdom. “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” might be interpreted as a person who worries or thinks too much.

Thursday (Jupiter) – expansion, money, prosperity, generosity. “Thursday’s child has far to go” might thus be interpreted as a person who will travel and learn.

Friday (Venus) – love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty.”Friday’s child is loving and giving” might refer to the Venus nature, that is, a person who is loving and receptive to love.

Saturday (Saturn) – longevity, exorcism, endings, homes, and houses. “Saturday’s child works hard for a living” thus might refer to the Saturnine nature which is rather serious and responsible.

Sunday (Sun) – protection, healing, spirituality, strength. But the child born on the Sabbath Day is fair and wise and good and gay” might refer to the magnanimous Sun nature.

Suzi Q answers:

I’m Thursday also named after Thor, the God of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind.

Yeah Jupiter is cool

Linda asks…

What does it mean if you were born on Thursday?

I know there are like, superstitions about the day of the week that you were born on, but I don’t know what Thursday is, and I was born on Thursday.

Suzi Q answers:

Thursday’s child has far to go.

David asks…

What are some reasons why the birth numbers are significantly lower on weekend days than they are on weekdays?

This was a question on my statistics homework and I answered: The birth numbers could be lower on weekends because there are more weekdays than there are weekend says, so the odds of a child being born on a week day is greater than being born on a weekend day. I just want other peoples’ opinion.
Of course there was a table with numbers and all, but I didn’t find that necessary for this question on here.

Suzi Q answers:

C sections are probably only scheduled during the week as well, which kinda FORCES a birthdate so that could be another reason

William asks…

what does it mean if you were born on tuesday?

I know there are like, superstitions about the day of the week that you were born on, but I don’t know what Tuesday is, and I was born on Tuesday.

Suzi Q answers:

Tuesday’s child is full of grace

Actually none of these mean anything, just a fun poem.

Questions powered by Yahoo! Answers

Do you believe in any of these day of the week superstitions? Have you heard or know of any other superstitions related to days of the week?

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