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Dream Q&A 4


Questions About Dream Meanings 4

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Sandra asks…

Is believing dream meanings superstitious?

I believe that dreams are messages either from my subconscious or something else and i believe that it’s meaning is a message that i have to figure out and consider to help my real life. Am I being superstitious?

Suzi Q answers:

I think you have a good attitude toward dreams. Whether you are superstitious depends. It would be superstitious to take dreams as “omens” that foretell either good or bad future events. If you want to see one dream as a good omen, then you would have to accept that some other dreams may be bad omens. All that is good or bad in your dreams is really based on your own desires and wishes and feelings. If dreams are a message from your unconscious or your higher self, then you are responsible for them, and therefore you cannot ascribe them to an outside power that somehow possesses influence over your life.

Many writers on dreams agree with you that dreams are meant to help your life. In other words, our deepest self wants to move toward wholeness, health, and goodness. So it is best to see dreams as having the potential to bring you healing and wisdom and understanding, and to align your intentions with that. Even your “bad” dreams or negative images in dreams can help point you in the right direction. Always look for a positive interpretation of your dreams, one that helps you. And don’t tell your dreams to anyone who gives you negative or superstitious interpretations, or who brush aside your dreams as nothing significant. Dreams are a great way to increase a positive sense of meaning in your life. Besides, they’re fun!

James asks…

Why do I start having recurrring dreams of my first love after almost 7 years since we split?

I am married and has moved out of my home city, so I don’t get it why after so many years I am having recurring dreams of my first love and the dreams seems so real.My ex and I have the on and off type for five years before we split and i’m wondering is this a tiny bit of my telepathic abilities? Now to put my superstitious hat on, does it mean anything? Would love to get loads of answers.

Suzi Q answers:

Maybe because you see something which reminds him of you or you are simply secretly wishing to know how is he is now and what could be your life it you marries him instead of the man who is at your side now. It takes so much time because you are not ready in the past but now seems to be different. You are not just prepared for it but also willing to see things through and compare

Jenny asks…

Do you believe that dreams can hold meanings?

There was a time when my dad first died about 3 years ago, I became very superstitious. I believed that if I had some kind of weird dream, it was some kind of bad omen. Now, when I have a bad dream, I just tell myself that dreams are just re-occurring thoughts and things you see being jumbled all together.

Now my question is, do you think that dreams hold meanings?

Suzi Q answers:

I really think so.Everytime i have a dream which i die in something new happens like i got a new house after a dream like that.

Mark asks…

Do dreams about your significant other mean anything?

I’ve been having very bad dreams about my fiancee lately. In these dreams he either gets tired of me and leaves me or does something stupid that will mess up our relationship (not necessarily cheat, but close to that). I am not a superstitious person at all but I often wake up with a bad feeling in my gut as if it were going to happen. Of course I know he isn’t that type of guy but I still wonder why this happens. Only mature answers, please. I already feel bad enough. Thanks in advance.

Suzi Q answers:

Sometimes dreams mean exactly what you think, sometimes they don’t. Typically, dreams bring hidden emotions to the surface. So if you have a fear of abandonment, that fear will be brought out, although it might not be about the same person. A dream about your love leaving, might represent a fear of getting let go at work, but it might be a fear of your love leaving as well.

Either way, it’s not a premonition, just emotions. And we’ve all had fears of losing people close to us, it doesn’t mean it will happen. Just give an extra few hugs each day and you will feel better.

Mandy asks…

How do you stop reoccurring dreams?

I’ve been having this same dream for a while where the situation, events and outcome is always the same.
It’s kind of a deranged sort of dream and I wont bore you with details, but it’s kind of annoying me now.
I’m not superstitious, so I don’t think it’s like spirits trying to contact me or whatever.
I have this dream 3-4 times a week


Suzi Q answers:

I had the same problem, but my dream was really disturbing, and ended up causing some major sleep problems (ie, I didn’t want to go to sleep because of the dream, so I didn’t).

Go to your local health foods store, and pick up some Melatonin. It’s a natural hormone that your body produces to help you sleep. When you take the extra, it helps you sleep a little harder for around 8 hours.

My dreams went away right when I started taking it.

Ken asks…

what does it mean to have continuous dreams that your boyfriend is being dishonest?

everytime i feel that hatred towards him and then i go to sleep, i have a dream that in some way he is mistreating me…
is this a sign? i am very superstitious

Suzi Q answers:

Your dreams are usually the way of your conscious telling you what you know but never want to really think about. It’s like picking up little hints of what is really happening and then in your dream, it plays out what you think may be happening. So it could mean that you are picking up signals of him being dishonest so now, just try looking deeper into that, look at the way he treats you and compare it to when you first started dating, is he acting more distant? If he is, that could be the reason for the dream and also might mean he is in fact being dishonest…

Donald asks…

i had theses dreams and i need to know what to do.?

well i keep having dreams about my crush. and im the type of person that doesn’t dream about people im not close to unless it means some thing is going to happen. and i’ve dreamed of him several times. should i be superstitious about theses dreams??? in the dreams we seam close well closer then in reality. i was told that maybe its his true feelings that my conscience noticed… i don’t know what to think so help.

Suzi Q answers:

Maybe your feelings are becoming overwhelming for this guy. If he’s your crush tell him what’s on your mind. And i guarantee they will stop. Good Luck!

Betty asks…

Your feelings about the whole idea of interpreting dreams?

Accept it unconditionally? Reject it absolutely? Either way I’m curious about your opinion. I’m not a superstitious person and I’m definitely no Freudian, but I’ve been having some dreams lately that seem meaningful in some way. Similar experiences? Just want to remind me how and why there’s no scientific basis to ask? Either way (or if you’re somewhere in the middle) I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks very much.

Suzi Q answers:

There’s some truth to it, but it can’t be like “reading tea-leaves”. There are generalities, in that recurring violent or frightening dreams often have their origins in childhood trauma, or unresolved rage. Once the issue is resolved, the dreams cease. Often, the symbolism (say, for example, a horse running down a beach) can have similar generalities, but then have a peculiar meaning for that particular person. Obviously, different cultures will reflect a different matrix in the symbolism of dreams.

Personally, my dreams will warn me of emotions that I’m not acknowledging / dealing with, and will often be “visual puns”. But, that’s probably because of my own sense of humor.

In most cases, dreams are the “effluvia” of the unconscious and subconscious parts of one’s mind, working out / dealing with various things experienced by the person, that may not be “safe” to deal with, on a conscious level.

William asks…

Do you think the falling dream superstition is true?

I know everyone has had the falling dream that makes you jump when you wake up…I have heard this rumor that if you hit the ground before waking up, you die in your sleep!!!

Suzi Q answers:

Then I have had several reincarnations.

Sharon asks…

How a dream can be interpreted?

I have seen people interpretting the dreams of others. They add superstitions to the dreams. One must answwer my question with osychlogical reasoning.

Suzi Q answers:

They can’t be interpreted. Anyone who tries to do may beleive they have the ability, but are being ‘controlled’ by evil spirits.

Betty asks…

Is god a figment of mans imagination based on hopes dreams and superstitions?

Suzi Q answers:


Mandy asks…

To dream of a snake killing a cat symbolizes what?

I had a dream last night that my mother had bought my sister and I a cat,that same night one of my gold belts turned into a snake and went under my dresser and strangled the cat and all I could do is cry. I am not one to believe in superstitions or things of that nature, but this dream bothered me most because I am pregnant and no one but my fiance knows at this time. Anyone has any input or interpretation?

Suzi Q answers:

It sounds like you have enough to worry about without worrying about a silly dream. Pregnancy just makes your dreams more vivid… Take care of yourself and don’t worry about it!

Carol asks…

When you die in a dream do you really die or is it just a superstition?

See I had this dream about some dude trying to kill me and he had killed everyone and i died in my dream so how come I didn’t really die???? Please answer and tell me what happened.
Also I had another dream where my best friend pushed me off a cliff because she was not really my friend. I died, and I woke up the next day so I have no idea why didn’t i die???????????????

Suzi Q answers:

Totally a superstition. Its more of a metaphor saying maybe somethinng in your life die or a problem that was huge to you is over with or something

Mark asks…

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Fish?

i recently had a dream with fish in it. all the dream was, was a bunch of silvery fish swimming upstream, except for one. that one was a pink fish with yellow polka dots on it. i woke up and thought that was really strange. i know that superstition says that if you dream of fish, you or someone close to you is pregnant, or will find out they’re pregnant soon. could this be true?

Suzi Q answers:

Dreams do not support superstitions. This isn’t about pregnancy.

Streams and lakes in dreams refer to spirituality. Floods and tidal waves refer to an emotional state. Your stream refers to a spiritual state. It is natural to flow with spirit, flow with the river or stream. Fish are also a spiritual element. A fish swimming out of water represents a heightened spiritual awareness. A fish swimming up stream represents a warning of going against spiritual current or searching in the wrong place for spirituality.

Spiritual does not necessarily equate to religious.

The pink and yellow polka dot fish emphasizes the meaning for you from a spiritual perspective. Pink suggests a weakness. Yellow is a state of content and inner peace. Polka dots symbolize indecision.

Dreams often materialize from issues we stuffed in our unconscious. So, if the dream still isn’t making sense to you or seem to fit in your life, ask yourself questions. Am I “swimming” with the wrong crowd? Am I really concerned about someone else? Or do I stand out in the crowd? Do I need to be strong and make a decision on a course to take?

Dreams generally are trying to get our attention to address some issue in our life.

Maria asks…

Why is it important to remember the dream(s) you have when you spend your first night in a new place?

In Poland and Lithuania (and other countries, I’m sure), it is customary to wish a person ‘good dreams’ when they spend a night in a new place. I guess it’s just superstition, but I’m interested to know what gave rise to it. What is the reason for remembering the dreams? What, if anything, are the dreams supposed to reveal? What happens if you don’t remember your dreams, or if they seem to be the usual recurring /anxiety dreams that you have? Or easily explainable by the people, events, etc in your life? Is there any ‘punishment’ for not remembering? Where does this custom come from? Which other countries have the same custom?

Suzi Q answers:

I don’t think its very important, in Canada I’ve never heard of it. People move around and I’m sure most of them don’t remember their dream when they move and it doesn’t make any difference. Those are my thoughts.

Ken asks…

I had a dream lastnight I was told by a nurse I was pregnant, what could that mean?

Any spanish superstitions?
Im not freaked out. Just curious.

Suzi Q answers:

It usually means new beginnings.

Linda asks…

If you have a dream where you die, and keep dreaming what does it mean?

I hear you are supposed to wake up when you die, but I don’t I just keep dreaming what does it mean about my mental health?
P.S. I am not afraid of dying (the sooner i get off this earth the better suicide doesn’t count) Also none of this dodging the question by saying its superstition i want an actual informed answer
By the way it was a violent death i got in a sword fight and both of us died after stabbing each other

Suzi Q answers:

It means your really concerned on the inside about what will happen to you, your friends your family and others after you die. This is not a bad thing, you have a strong noble heart my friend.

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