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About Superstition Lane

About Elephant Superstitions and more
Superstition Lane is a site dedicated to information about superstitions, traditions, legends and folklore. We search the Internet, the library, our personal books, and other sources of information in our search to bring you as much information about these topics, especially superstitions, as our time and finances permit. Good luck (and bad luck) is so intertwined with superstition we have included some information about Luck.

Not only superstitions and luck are intertwined but there are a whole bunch of other disciplines or fields of study that also have luck and superstitions intermingled with them. A few such things are Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Black Magic, the Tarot and many others. Only a few of these will we investigate and include on the site.

Instead of just listing a superstition or custom we have tried to give more information on many of these wherever feasible. We may not know how any specific custom might be interpreted in other countries if not stated in our information. So if you know of an alternate explanation or use of any superstition add your comment so we and others will know.

Due to the huge number of superstitions here in the USA, and even more in other countries and parts of the world we are always looking for superstitions we haven’t covered or don’t even know about. Because of this and currently our staff is limited so we have to be selective and will not have all the available superstitions on the site. In fact, I have several books on superstitions which together probably total over 10,000 superstitions, some in detail down to specific people involved with particular superstitions.

We’d like to add to the site any superstitions we haven’t heard of or that aren’t on the site if you think others would be interested. So if you know of a superstition you wish to add to the site please use the Contact form to submit it.

Comments are welcome if relevant to the post or page, and are subject to moderation. This means they may not show up right away until approved.

Contact us from our Contact form if you have a question or concern.

We hope we can further your search for superstitions and in the process hope our site will inform you about superstitions you’d like to know more about or didn’t even know of. This site is a work in progress so be sure to visit regularly to see what’s new.


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