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Agate and other Gem and Gemstone Superstitions

By Twinty Karat adapted from an original article by Chitraparna Sinha.

Gems are not only ornamental stones but they have curative powers that attribute to the increase of psychic power of a human being. They can be worn in jewelry, as amulets or can be just carried loosely.

The superstitions connected with gems are very ancient and some are still prevalent today. Sometimes they are even grounded into loose powder and used as medicines. They are said to possess magical powers.

Below are some gems and superstitions surrounding them.

  • Agate – It is related to health and longevity. It wards off evil spirits. Agate acts as protector against storms, fever, lightning and headaches. It is said to increase fertility and promotes athletic prowess. Agate is a lucky stone for lovers. While farming or gardening, it should be worn by the farmer or tied to the plough. This ensures a good yield of the field or garden.
  • lucky agate bracelet

    Lucky Agate Charm Bracelet: Sterling Silver Twist Bangle With Interchangeable Stone Set (Blue Topaz, Black Agate and Amethyst)

    Back in ancient times, this stone was believed to confer the power of invisibility on its owner and to turn enemies’ swords against themselves. Lucky agate stone offers protection against the Evil Eye and storms.

    Plus lucky agate stone grants its wearer an eloquent tongue. In addition agate is said to cure fever, poisonous bites, and stings. As if that’s not enough agate luck goes on to improve eyesight, and make its wearer lucky in love and athletic competitions. Agate also promotes fertility.

    If you believe agate is a lucky stone consider a lucky agate bracelet or lucky agate charm as an easy way to protect yourself and conceivably sprinkle you with some of the aforementioned goodness.

  • Amber – it is believed that amber if worn by a woman it makes her smells good and desirable by her lover. It is said to attract compassion and love.

  • Amethyst it is the stone for simplicity and sincerity. It prevents one from falling in love foolishly.

  • Aquamarine is the gem stone for wisdom, fame and success.

  • Beryl is the gem that is said to attract people of the opposite sex towards oneself. It is also known the gem for love.

  • Carbuncle – The superstition related to the gem called carbuncle is that it attracts success and fame. It becomes faint and dim in anticipation of death or danger.

  • Carnelian is supposed to diminish fear and increase the self confidence of its wearer.

  • Cat’s eye is the soother of the nerves and it helps in increasing good fortune. Coral protects from evil. It promotes fertility in a woman and prevents domestic quarrels.

  • Diamond is the gem stone for good fortune and victory. It makes a marriage stable and lasting. It is said that if an emerald is placed below the tongue, it helps to overcome evil luck. It is also believed that touching an emerald helps the people suffering from blindness.

  • Garnet, another gem stone, is believed to bring cheerfulness and happiness to one’s life if bought lawfully.

  • Jade is the gem for men’s fertility and brings success in the games of chance like gambling and horse racing.

  • Jasper To conjure rain, jasper is used.

 Gem and Gemstone Superstitions

Health, fame and love are ensured with the gem stone malachite. Bad dreams and quarrels are induced by the stone onyx. Opals are very lucky gemstones for those born in October. Pearls are unlucky for marriages and if used in an engagement ring will lead to an unhappy married life.

It is another superstition that the gem stone ruby guards against evil and dangers. Sapphire is the stone for health, wealth and love. It is the gem stone for the virgins. Topaz is the stone for loyalty and happiness. It can turn sad people happy. Turquoise is the gem for prevention of accidents and falls. It guards against evil eye. It strengthens relationships.

Zircon – The superstition with zircon is that it has powers over robbers.

Thus, this is the vast world of gems and superstitions. The science of gemology not withstanding these gemstones hold more, a lot more than good looks and exquisite jewelry fashion. These gemstones open a virtual world of ancient superstitions and beliefs, many of which are still believed and followed today.

Here in the United States it doesn’t seem like much thought is given to superstitions of most gemstones. However, in some other countries that is not the case. If you live in a county where any of the above beliefs, or others not mentioned is prevalent, please leave a comment. We’d like to know of any customs we are not familiar with or customs still followed concerning lucky or even unlucky gemstones.

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Questions About Gemstones and Superstitions

George asks…

Is it true that gemstones & crystals have some sort of power?

I’ve heard that different gemstones and crystals are worn and used for different purposes. For example, they can effect your mood or luck?It has something to do with chakras? Or anyone heard of gemstones healing somebody? Anyway it was interesting…just wondering if anybody had any ideas?

Luvli Mystii answers:

Yes it is true that they themselfs has powers like healing, protection and so on…here’s the site that has “some” info on what stones do what.

Here’s the info on “a few” gemstones does what.

You can find the site down below 🙂 i’m sure there are other stones out there that has other powers, just search for sites on google!

AGATE – (Blue Lace) For grounding, the beginning, when there is a need to return to basics, starting over again, the Root Chakra. When a situation is ended this is the locus from which to begin again.
AMAZONITE – For centering oneself, getting back to balance. Re-focus and stabilization.
AMETHYST – The healer from antiquity, healing for the soul, body and mind, it has the universal vibration and enables the holder of the crystal to be connected to it.
APACHE TEAR- Good luck, An aid in overcoming negative emotions. Grounding.
GREEN AVENTURINE – Good luck and good fortune, and yes, it is said to attract money. Also, for increasing ones perception and creativity.
Chrysocolla – Lifts and balances emotions, eases emotional heartache, attracts love, sweet dreams.
BLOODSTONE – Warrior stone for overcoming obstacles, calm ones fears of a real or perceived enemy, helps in maintaining blood harmony and guarding against blood disorders.
CALCITE – A multi-use crystal, to increase the power and effectiveness of a project about to be undertaken, for increasing one’s psychic protection, for meditation, to help unfocus prior to a psychic reading.
CARNELIAN – To ward off evil thoughts, jealousies, animosities, and psychic attacks toward the individual, inspires bravery and courage.
BLUE CHALCEDONY- Uplifting of the spirit, engages courage, level mindedness, return to reality.
Clear Quartz – Used to implement psychic, ESP and mediumship qualities. Connecting with the Universal source of knowledge.
CITRINE – Wards off fear forms that are generated from others suggestions, instills confidence in the personal self.
FLUORITE – Assists the conscious mind and body in analyzing conditions and situations in a rational and non-emotional manner, it enables detachment of the mind from the emotions so that the thought process can utilize the intuitive in achieving a higher level of self understanding.
GARNET – Repels negativity, gives courage and confidence, builds a defensive aura around oneself, guards against depression and melancholy.
HEMATITE – Grounding agent, enables the psychic practitioner to unfocus from the physical world so as to receive a psychic information, aids in developing the psychic mental mind.
JADE – (Black & Green) The stone of longevity, offers healing of the body and spirit, used to maintain a health and well-being.
RED JASPER – powerful stone used for divination practice, worn to protect the individual during out of body experiences and vision quests by providing a solid grounding.
LAPIS LAZULI -enhances sixth sense abilities of gaining secret knowledge. Facilitates visualization of wearer and healing properties.
LEPIDOLITE – Induces calmness, a tranquilizing effect against stress and negative emotions, helps to recognize one’s need for making changes in thinking and behavior patterns.
MALACHITE – Assists in healing of emotions, brings peaceful sleep, brings extra power when used for divination purposes especially those pertaining to receiving one’s hearts desire.
MOONSTONE – For all relationships, family, mates and lovers, to keep the existing harmony or to restore it, also used to attract new a new one.
BLACK Onyx- Protection, energy shield. Used for grounding and centering oneself. Meditative.

OBSIDIAN – (snowflake) For grounding the physical and for protection. Used as a scrying tool to help the psychic unfocus from the physical and venture inward to receive information.
PERIDOT – Used to attract wealth, abundance, increase happiness and well being.
QUARTZ (Rose) – The bringer of love in its many forms- romantic and otherwise. Wear it to attract love, give it to someone as a symbol of your love or appreciation.
QUARTZ (Smoky) – A filter and trap for those negative thoughts and emotions that are everywhere present. Keep one nearby where you work, bring one with you when you expect to be around negative people.
RHODOCHROSITE- Relationships, promotes balanced love and understanding. Gives energy to the active person.
SODALITE- Healing of emotions and physical body. An aid to transformation when used in meditation.

STAUROLITE – Good luck stone shaped like crosses. Used for protection against accidents and to bring one courage.
SUGILITE- Magical understanding of Higher things. Symbol of universal love. The crown chakra and spiritual understanding.
TIGER’S-EYE – For protection, for divination and inquiry into past or future lives.
TOPAZ – One can focus their desires through this stone, visual images in the mind are transformed into universal messages. Enables communication from other realms in the universe.
TOURMALINE – Integrates and harmonizes left and right brain activity which enhances the person’s psychic and medium ship abilities. Aids in balancing the whole person and the psyche.
TURQUOISE – Manifests spiritual qualities, healing, friendship & love, luck & money.
UNAKITE- Healing of the soul. Guide to transformation and Higher Self.

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