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Door and Window Superstitions

Door and Window Superstitions – Have you ever heard of these?

By Twinty Karat


Being superstitious is not always welcoming. It is like being on a double edged sword. Though it is always a matter of being worried and concerned, nevertheless superstitions always play a vital role in our lives. From the house to the kitchen, from marriages to births and deaths, superstitions have a firm hold on every aspect of life. Even the doors and windows hold many superstitions.

Starting from the New Year superstitions, it is believed that the doors and windows should be kept opened at the stroke of midnight. This should be done so that the old year leaves the house along with all the misfortunes. There is a very interesting superstition in Italy. They believe that tossing old things out of the window at midnight on New Year throws away all the bad luck out of the house. This is also done to make place for the good luck. It is also said that the first person to enter the house at the stroke of midnight should knock at the door even if the door is opened. This also means letting in of good fortune along with that person. The person who enters first or the first footer should be cross eyed or should not be flat footed.

Another popular belief is that the door of the bride’s house should not be closed as long as the bride is at the church. Some folklore also says that changing the doors also might change the fortune of the house. The front doors also play an important role in superstitions. If one is taking a new born baby for the first time out of the house, it should be done from the front door. This brings luck to the child all through its life. On the other hand, the dead body of a person should be also carried through the front door otherwise it may result in another death in the family soon after. Some people say that there must be a window at the back of the house. This helps the striking of lightning out of the house during a storm.

The falling of the window blind or the curtains of its own is an ominous sign. It is also said that if one is going out to get married then he should leave and come back into the house by the same door. It means after the wedding door one should re-enter from the same door to prevent bad luck. The bride and bridegroom should never leave the house from the back door if they are going out for the first time after the wedding.

Entering a new house should never be done from the back door. There is a very old superstition about a bird flying into the house through the window. This indicated a death in the family. The Indians believe that when the bride leaves her parents home for the first time to go to her husband’s house then the doorsteps should be washed thoroughly to wash away impressions of her feet. This is done to bring luck to both the families concerned.

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Bird Hits a Window. Many of you have heard people mention this or maybe it has happened at your home. Here where I work and live it has happened two or three times that I know about. When this happens I’ve heard people say someone in the house is going to die soon. I’ve also heard the superstition “Bird flies at the window, Death knocks at the door” which is a superstition centuries old. Because of birds ability to fly they have forever been connected with the heavens or afterlife. Aside from birds hitting windows and associated with death, birds are associated with life as well, as in the common story book notion that a Stork delivers new babies into this world.

Window Superstitions

Maria asks…

what does it mean when a white butterfly lands on your window sill and nearly comes in? Any superstitions?

door superstitions

Suzi Q answers:

In Japan they say a white butterfly is a departed loved one returning to protect you.

William asks…

Does anyone know what the superstition of what a bird always at your window means?

I think its just a sparrow at your window that means something.

Suzi Q answers:

I believe it actually means someone from the spiritual realm is watching over you. Like an angel or lost loved one.
Someone afraid of their own shadow probably decided to make it into an omen of impending doom or death or bad news or whatever kind of drama people love to fear.
Do you have a bird at your window?

Betty asks…

What does it mean if a bird flys into your window and lives?

A bird just flew into my window and flew off. Im aware of the superstition were if a bird flys into the window it means some one in the family will die soon, but if the bird lives after hitting the window what does that mean?

Suzi Q answers:

It is a very clumsy bird, you have very clean windows or the imminent death of your immediate family member has been reconsidered and canceled.

Seriously though, I looked it up in a couple of my reference books including the latest Cassell’s and while there are a lot of superstitions from around the globe about birds (many contradictory, btw) I could not find a single one about a bird flying into your window, bouncing off and leaving unharmed. Because of this, I’m going with “you have very clean windows”.

door and Window Superstitions

Charles asks…

What does it mean when a blue bird flies into your house window?

I have heard a superstition that a bird flies into your house window that someone in the house is pregnant. Anyone know?

Suzi Q answers:

Never heard of it. From what I’ve seen though, most houses in the US have screens on their windows.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone one believe in superstitions?

One of my cousins that lives In the New york, went to a funeral and like a couple days before a bird flew into her window and she thinks that was some sort of warning, I think that certain superstitions are fake, what do you think?

door and Window Superstitions

Suzi Q answers:

I actually do believe in some superstitions but, I was raised in the deep south of the USA where superstitions are a part of everyday life. Yes some are silly but, some are interesting. If you can tell me what type of bird it was I can probably tell you the superstition for it. Such as a white dove means the soul is at peace but, a black crow means the soul isn’t a peace and a haunting might occur, etc…

Daniel asks…

Do you believe in the superstition that if a bird flies into your car window its a sign of death?

a bird flew into our car last night and it worries me that something bad is going to happen to one of my loved ones. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks 🙂

Suzi Q answers:

Birds do not, normally, fly at night; so if one did, it was most likely scared and not aware of where it was going.

Joseph asks…

What does it mean when a preying mantis is on/at your window?

When I was at Ft Lee, VA. for Advanced Training, The one day I drew up my room blinds, there was a humongus preying mantis on the screen. When I got closer to look at it, its head followed my movements… Im wondering if there are any superstitions dealing with preying mantis’.
Lil Suz – Great Picture!!!
That’s about how big the mantis was too…
& Yes, They truly are amazing creatures.

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, it is interesting to watch them turn their heads to follow your movements. Of course other insects are watching us, too, but they’re less obvious about it.

The name is “praying” mantis, by the way, though I can understand the error. They do prey on other insects, after all.

Are there any superstitions dealing with the praying mantis’? *No doubt,* my friend. {rolling eyes and shaking head}

What does it mean when one is on your window? This may sound sarcastic, but it means simply that. It found your window, for that time, to be a suitable (or accidental) place to land, to hunt for other bugs, or just to watch the world go by.

{sigh} Superstitions are rampant. How many millenia have humans been able to observe and learn about our planet, yet how long have we held onto fears about it, and to beliefs based on nothing but wild imagination and emotion? The very name of this insect shows how imaginative our ancestors were… Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people today believe they *are* praying.

Helen asks…

Isn’t there a superstition about spiders spinning webs in your window?

I’ve got 3 spiders spinning webs on the outside of my windows, during the evening, all at the same time. I can remember my mother, who was very superstitious, telling something about spiders spinning webs and I don’t remember what it was, I think it has something to do with money.

Any ideas?

Suzi Q answers:

Spider webs are supposed to be lucky, that’s all I know.

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