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Wedding Superstitions

Wedding Superstitions – Many Superstitions Are Still Followed

By Honey B Wackx.

There are several customs and beliefs regarding marriages and wedding ceremonies. In addition to those there are countless numbers of superstitions associated with weddings and marriages. All these traditions and customs are still followed carefully just to ensure the fact that the new couple begins their journey with good luck.


Some Popular Wedding Superstitions

Regarding the days of the week, Saturday was considered to be the most unlucky for marriages and Wednesdays are known as the best days for getting married.

Of all the months, December is the luckiest month for weddings and May is the unluckiest one. Even June was a lucky month for marrying because of the roman goddess of love and romance Juno, after whom the month of June has been named. It is unlucky for the bride to make her own wedding dress. White symbolizes maidenhood and so it is considered lucky for a bride to wear on her wedding day. According to superstitions, green is the only color unlucky for a bride.

To outwit evil spirits, a bride should be veiled. Some superstitions even say that the groom should not see the bride before the wedding ceremony as it is regarded unlucky for both of them. Before leaving the house for her wedding ceremony, it is said that the bride should have a look at the mirror. This denotes good luck. It is bad omen for the bride to bake her own wedding cake. Another bad omen of an unhappy marriage is bad weather on the way to the ceremony.

Some other common superstitions are that if you look under the bed, you will never marry. If someone sweeps around you, then also you will never marry. Putting on the left shoe first will make an unhappy married life for the bride. Rains on the wedding day are a sign of an unhappy married life. Another superstition also says that marrying on the same day as the birthday brings bad luck. A bride getting kissed by a chimney sweep on her wedding brings good luck. Marrying just before one or two days of the full moon ensures good fortune throughout the life.

Never throw away any wedding gifts given by the guests on your marriage. This brings bad luck. Breaking the wedding ring by a girl will reduce the age of her husband and if the wedding ring is lost, the couples are likely to get separated. A bride should never be awakened on her wedding morning. It is a sign of bad luck. Allow her to get up on her own. A rainbow, seeing a black cat, nice weather having sunshine over the bride and meeting a chimney sweep on the way to the wedding ceremony for the bride and groom are considered as good omens.

Just about a week before the marriage it is lucky to make a cat eat out of your left shoe. Stepping into the church with her right foot first, the bride makes her wedding a lucky one. The bride should throw a bouquet over her shoulder after the ceremony. This leaves the bad fortune behind her back.

These are some of the superstitions related to weddings which make us revive the age old customs that our ancestors followed. Some of them sound silly, some of them highly outdated, and some of them even border on the fantastic, but nevertheless people still heed a lot of these superstitions. Will you if you get married or if already married did you follow any of these superstitions?

Enter any comments if any of these applied to you for your wedding or if you anticipate following any of these so our readers will see some of these are still followed.

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