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The Year 2012

The Year 2012 – Is it Science or Superstition?

By Cozee Cackel adapted from an original article by Chitraparna Sinha.

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There is a lasting debate regarding the year 2012 phenomenon about whether it has a scientific basis behind it or it is merely a superstition. The 2012 phenomenon is made up of a series of transformative events and eschatological beliefs. According to the Mayan calendar, year 2012 has been prophesied as the end of the world.


–noun Theology
1. any system of doctrines concerning last, or final, matters, as death, the Judgment, the future state, etc.
2. the branch of theology dealing with such matters.

There are also numerological and astronomical calculations that support this fact and give this event both a superstition as well as a scientific background. Many movies and documentaries have been made on this topic as to whether it is superstition or science. Many books and articles also have been written on this topic.

According to scientific calculations, the earth might collide with another planet or a black hole. The year calculated for this event is the year 2012. However, the superstitions of the Mayan civilization do have some anecdotal evidence like the weather changes and the increase of many natural calamities are the many scientific theories that prove the Mayan beliefs to be true. The year 2012 is actually the end of the very long Mayan Calendar forecasting the apocalypse on that particular year. So the recent increase in the world’s natural calamities and global warming affects further act as fuel to the fire.


– The famous astrologer prophesied the rising of the seas and the increasing number of cyclones and storms in 2012. Now moving towards scientific observations, a series of events have been predicted by the scientists in 2012 like the orbit of the earth will move in such a way towards the sun that it will have effects on the earth’s energy. Further the earth’s magnetic fields are said to be weakened causing the poles of the earth to be reversed leading the earth to capsize. Even the winter solstice of the year 2012 is going to coincide with a dark rift of the galaxy. We saw the ice ages when this happened the last time. This could mean that the present situation that we are experiencing may come to an end.

Consequences of such events?

Now what are the results and consequences of such events? The earth might flood, the earth might turn upside down on its axis, or it may result in solar storms that would destroy or disturb the satellite and communication systems of the world. Some people say that the year 2012 phenomenon is just a superstition.

We know that superstitions and an apocalypse cannot be identified with one another. Thinking about superstitions also makes us think about lucky or unlucky numbers. There is a superstition that the bad luck or good luck of a thing, event, or a person depends upon the repetition of three times any number.

Dates having the same number thrice carry a lot of superstitions with them. This is another fact on which the date 12/21/2012 is predicted as dooms day or the date of the apocalypse. In the past it had been predicted that the date 1/1/2001 was believed to have crashed the computers of the earth. This never really had a great effect like people thought. The superstition that numbers repeated thrice may be unlucky or lucky in their own way may or may not have merit in any particular instance. But if it does we can see the debate of the coming year 2012 phenomenon as being a superstition or a science. The result of that debate is yet to be known.

ScienceCasts: Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

Published on YouTube Dec 11, 2012

NASA is so sure the world won’t come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, that they already released a video for the day after.

More questions about December 21, 2012?

Personal Viewpoint

On a personal level it’s hard for me to believe the end of the world will come in less than two years. Just considering the past there have been other predictions of the end of the world and all have been wrong. Checking out some of the videos on YouTube and other sources you could easily believe this and many other catastrophes will come true. I’m not a scientist, but there was one or maybe a few videos that indicated the earth would cross the plane of the galaxy (the Milky Way). If that is true there could possibly be some disturbance felt on earth, but the magnitude of any such crossing is yet to be known.

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The Truth about 2012 from NASA Lunar Science Institute on Vimeo.

NASA’s David Morrison, expert on Earth impact hazards and currently Interim Director of the NASA Lunar Science Institute, speaks on what are the risk to Earth in 2012. He addresses misconceptions related to the year 2012, Earth crossing objects, planetary alignment, and related myths like Nibiru. More information on Dr. Morrison can be found at

Superstition Question

Richard asks…

Even though it’s the year 2011 or 2012, do you think people are becoming more superstitious, rather than less?

I’m 53. When I was a kid, everyone that I knew believed in ‘God and Country’ sure, but I never knew anyone who believed in ghosts, the rapture, or the earth was 6000 years old. No one believed that Man walked with dinosaurs except on the “Flintstones” and movies. Everyone that I knew, whenever the subject came up, had no problem with the earth being millions or billions of years old.

I grew up in an ordinary middle class neighborhood in Michigan, then Florida.

Here we are with computers and it puzzles me how many people have such superstitious beliefs these days about things like ghosts, seances and literal interpretation of the Old Testament.

Do you think that the amazing and elaborate special effects in movies and on TV these days has something to do with it? It blurs the line between fantasy and reality?

admin answers:

People are becoming more religious because they’d rather be safe than sorry. They figure that if there is a 2012 apocalypse, then if they pray they’ll go to heaven, and even if there isn’t, what do they have to lose? So its better just to pray a little, than to die.

David asks…

How will the year of 2012 be for me?

Jan 17, 1993

Time: 19:20
Time Zone: +6:00

Kushtia, Bangladesh
23.73 N
89.48 E

Will I have good luck in terms of my studies, health, and in life overall?

Thank you.
@vasu, But i am going through my sade sati, surely all cannot be good for me. Or can it?

admin answers:

According to chart 17/1/2012 to 17/1/2013 time is very good for you in study,travel and meet new ppl as friend or bf in short time is good

Chris asks…

2012 New Years underwear color and meaning?

Ok so since the new year for 2012 is coming there’s always been a saying about wearing a certain underwear color on new years to bring some luck, love, wealth,etc. Throughout the year for you. And I was wondering what colors are they and what is the meaning of the color? the only color I know is red & I think its for romance? But idk the rest? Can you tell me plz?
And hope you guys Have a Happy new year! 🙂

admin answers:

Red – A year of romance and passion
Blue – A year of good health
Green – A year of better luck
Pink – A year of luck in love
White – A year of happiness, peace, and joy
Yellow – A year of prosperity

Those are all the ones I know. Happy New Year to you as well! (:

Maria asks…

Where can i get a chinese new year calender for 2011/2012?

I have been searching around on the internet but not finding much luck
i live in the US, im really looking for a printable one i can find online, not so much in stores
and i dont understand alot of chinese, but i do know numbers

admin answers:

Chinese restraunts usually have them

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