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Black Magic Spells

From Bully Protection to Casting Black Magic Spells

As reported to Bobby Blueblood

Belief in the occult and black magic spells goes back many decades. Fortunately or unfortunately my family is steeped in some strange practices, at least strange and misunderstood by me. I considered it Black Magic in my own sort of way.

Nothing directly saying black magic has been talked about or documented but there were some pretty strange practices as far as I was concerned. My aunt, who was like a grandmother to me due to her advanced age, was a psychic, at least that’s what she claimed. She believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that she could predict a person’s future by reading that person’s palms.


A raven awaits you

My aunt also consulted elaborate astrology tables to fine tune her analysis. I don’t remember all of them, but she was involved with several other occult practices as well, including being able to read a person’s mind. She also claimed to be able to see spirits and the way she described them to me at the time I really believe she did. Although she told me how I could see them I wasn’t able to ever see any spirits, even though she claimed my guardian angel was right there in the room with me the day she told me how to see them.

Embrace the Good

Aside from any semblance of black magic, my mom performed very helpful services for friends and strangers alike. She was an herbalist and practiced Ayurveda and was able to cure all sorts of ailments and minor sicknesses for friends. Even strangers who had been recommended by friends or who had heard of her successful treatments came to her for help.

From some of those whom she cured that I had the pleasure of meeting, I got the distinct feeling my mom could do at least as well, and usually much better than those highly paid doctors of those she gave help to. Those I spoke to that she cured thought more of my mom’s natural cures than they did of the doctors’ half-cures after the fact. Really it makes sense. You should treat the root cause of diseases and ailments and not wait until the problem is so rampant that medicines are needed just to fix the problem or halt further progress.


My father used to have visions when he was a kid. His visions were so vivid he could describe every little detail as though it was actually right there as though everyone else nearby could see them too. But they couldn’t. Strangely enough, however, no one ever thought, or at least said anything negative about my father’s visions. It seemed they wanted very badly to see them too as he so vividly described them right in front of their eyes. Even though both mom and dad never really took magic, ability to heal others, or any occult capabilities they had as a serious part of their lives, they couldn’t deny its strong influence over them. I’m sure their unusual abilities had an effect on me.

Whether any of these things are really black magic or not, most are beyond the scope of my knowledge. So just for the sake of the unexplained I am calling some of them black magic.


Black Magic: Beware of the dark side

Drawn to Black Magic Spells

Personally I’ve always been drawn to the dark side of things. To me it was natural that after a while I started to experiment with black magic. That was long ago when I was a teen. I started off with some voodoo magic for the purpose of protecting me. You see it on TV nowadays about some bully picking on kids in school, well I was the one being picked on in school and it wasn’t just one or two times. I was the new kid on the block and in school.

We lived at the border of a fairly upscale neighborhood but my family was not as well-to-do or as wealthy as many of the families close by us. Because of this I was an outcast and the other kids picked on me relentlessly. Finally I was fed up. I just couldn’t take it any longer. I decided to first try out a voodoo spell just to see if it would work, even a little bit. It was a way to protect myself from all the flack thrown at me and from one of the worst bullies of the lot.

Black Magic spells are actually much simpler than you would think. Although Hollywood and the movies portray them as works of sorcery, my view is they really aren’t. In the movies black magic spells usually involve demons, sacrifices, blood and generally scary scenes or places where the spells are cast. In reality, black magic spells are usually pretty straightforward affairs for those casting them and they could be held in ordinary places.

manualThe ingredients of the spells are usually simple, although some unusual spells may involve quite a few ingredients. Things like dead beetles, gopher dirt, gave yard dirt or grass, offerings of rum, whiskey, or even wine are common ingredients in voodoo magic. The particular black magic spell I cast was really a very simple spell, it was so simple in fact, I didn’t expect it to work. But I was amazed and totally surprised at the results.

Quite often experienced magicians will tell you never to try to do something you don’t want to actually happen. This is obvious to most people but nevertheless important to hear when you’re practicing black magic. You don’t want the wrong results to occur or anything you’re not prepared to deal with. In my case I wasn’t sure any results I would get would be what I was actually trying for so I thought about using an extremely strong spell to help bring forth the best results.

But at the last minute I rethought the situation and settled on something weaker. It was a spell designed specifically to cause those bully kids to stay away from me, leave me alone and ignore me. It worked perfectly; I couldn’t ask for any more positive results than I got. Not once more did I get picked on by those bullies or any other kids for that matter. Thinking back, had I tried something more vindictive or more powerful, I might have even caused real harm to one or more of those bullies and I didn’t really want that.

Since that time quite some years ago, I have practiced a lot more and tried all sorts of things using black magic. I have cast love spells, asked for and got the protection of various spirits, even provided protection against black magic for other people. In general I’ve made extensive use of occult forces that exist if one knows about them and how to access them.

evil symbol

Has Black Magic effected you yet?

Although it might sound make-believe, it isn’t, and if one uses black magic properly it is much less dark and evil than most people think. Just don’t use it to harm people and always consider the consequences of the person you use it on and you’ll be in safe territory.

This was and is my experience with black magic. It may differ from how others use this great ability I’ve learned and perfected.

The Dark Side

Some others unfortunately, do use it to cast evil and unfortunate spells on unwary persons and supposed enemies. So if you are one of those unfortunate persons that someone has used black magic to cast some evil spell on you, then I advise you to take immediate action to have the spell removed or negated so you can live a normal life again.

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Questions about Black Magic and Spells

Sandy asks…

Christians would you keep a book of Black Magic as well as a Bible in your home? I would keep neither in mine.

You probably would feel uncomfortable with a book of Black Magic in your home if you were a Christian, you probably wouldn’t be too pleased to see one in a hotel room either I’m guessing.
Myself…I’d feel that way about a Bible or a book of Black Magic…not because they scare me but because I think superstition is more than a bit embarrassing.
I ask this question because I’m often being told to read my Bible…it’s very presumptuous as I don’t keep one!
velvet, that is a distinction I do not recognise, I do keep the EOD and it is in constant use, just as the language is constantly evolving and changing.
Kinky Poople Joy, I agree it’s good to familiarise yourself with other world-views. I have certainly studied a lot about many belief systems in the past …books borrowed from the library, I just don’t keep these books in my own personal library.

Suzi Q answers:

Interesting analogy. If I went to a hotel and found a book of magic in the nightstand, it would be annoying. I find the Gideon’s Bibles annoying as well.

Ruth asks…

“White” Magic Superstitions?

What is the purpose and origin of:
-wearing a rabbit’s foot (or another charm)
-walking around a ladder
-avoiding the cracks in a sidewalk
-touching wood
-avoiding the path of a black cat

Any information for any of them is great! Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

I dont no but a gypsy woman came to my door and 10 mins later i was 40quid down! I carry crystals/gemstones with me, touch wood, avoid ladders and have had 5 black cats lol. As for rabbits feet – how can that be lucky? Its a shame. Avoiding cracks in pavements is creating cracks in ur sanity lol.

John asks…

Does Black Magic exists?

Does it exist or its just superstition?

Suzi Q answers:

It does, I believe.

I had some experience, that’s a kind of parapsychology too.

black magic

Charles asks…

Question about Magic, Black and White?

So, the contemporary, and long-standing, paradigm is that all forms of Magic (casting spells, summoning demons, spirits, etc) are hokum, nonsense, tomfoolery with no real “effects”; The summoning words are arbitrary and so on.
Yet, there are countless books dedicated to these spells, countless stores selling these things, and an unknown number believing and or practising it.
We can, surely, say that a large percentage of this is for the kitsch value, another percentage for “lost souls” (people who want or need to believe, thereby making the results appear, a la placebo)

But surely, there must be something “in it” more than placebo, a need to believe and coincidence…?
If I were to tell you some random words and acts that could summon a spirit, you wouldn’t believe me, and you certainly wouldn’t create an entire culture surrounding it. Yet, there IS a culture and strong belief in these things, meaning that there must be SOME truth to it, it must somehow work.. No?
Meaning, it must work, if done properly… Yet, our entire civilization refuses to accept it, and insists on, as Robert Anton Wilson puts it, whenever hearing of it to put their hands to their ears and repeating “It’s just a coincidence, it’s just a coincidence, it’s just a coincidence”

(And please don’t tell me how the entire Christian religion is just hokum based on superstition, it’s not. I don’t believe it, but I accept that there is “something” there. It is not “just a coincidence, just a coincidence”)

Suzi Q answers:

So, a truth known by one is false, and a lie told by many is true? Belief is not a basis for truth, and although it may be true proof must come by other means.

But these are just the utterances of primates and have no meaning whatsoever, as I have heard elsewhere. If ‘words have no meaning’ – which I strongly disagree with – then so do spells. To say, ‘Demon as I spit three times, arise you now t’perform these crimes’ may have a strand of horror that touches the individual, but beyond that the words do have meaning but in this case the concepts do not. Does wishful thinking make it so? How many are required for truth: 2? 200? 200,000? 2/3 of the planet?

Did the title of Paracelsus’ book have any basis for this question?

Jenny asks…

Spiritually speaking, I hit someone’s car at school today?

It wasn’t much, but I did the right thing and reported myself. Even when the public safety guy told me to ditch, I still reported myself.

For those who believe in karma, do you think this will bring about some good in my horribly depressed life?

For Abrahamic theists, since I did something nice and moral, and in a way sacrificial, will you stop saying I will burn in hell for eternity for not believing?

For Wiccans, did black magic and superstition contribute to my accident?

Suzi Q answers:

Karma is simply the consequence of your actions. The universe will not give you a cookie for doing the right thing. However, if nothing else, you will be free of feelings of guilt, and you have avoided potential problems stemming from not reporting it.

As a Wiccan, I highly doubt your accident was anything other than an accident.

Betty asks…

Do superstitions exist?

So tell me…do you believe in black magic, spells, nature’s elements, black cats etc….? Do you have any “rituals” you perform to ward off bad luck or bad karma? Are you superstitious?

BQ: What is your favorite holiday and why?

Your sun, moon, rising and mercury please =)


*Star if you are even a little bit superstitious ;)*

Suzi Q answers:

I dont believe in superstitions, which is funny because being from the South, its actually pretty big in the ways of life of people.. But I refuse to live my life in fear of invisible threats and old wive’s-tales.
I do believe in karma, just because I believe in an ultimate balance in the universe, while I am religious to God, but not in the church sense or any denomination of such.. I have my own beliefs. Basically a twist between the butterfly effect and God in the creator and judge role.. Not an intervener.
I think its kind of funny to perform rituals for fear of bad karma. The practice of warding off bad karma should be to just be a good person and make the right choices when given the chance to right?
I do believe in ghosts and aliens, but no superstitions. Ive broken a mirror about a yr ago, and Im doin just fine. Superstitions only become true if you make them true.. Its self-fulfilling prophecy.

Edit: @ lil monroe
nope havent gotten round to it yet lol

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