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Lucky 13 or Unlucky 13

Lucky 13 or Unlucky 13 –Take Your Pick But be Careful if You Live in the USA

By Charles L Harmon

Many people have a fear of the number 13. Lucky 13 or Unlucky 13 –Take Your Pick. There is even a term for the fear of the number thirteen and that’s triskaidekaphobia. It’s a Greek word and it means three-and-ten-fear. In English it means fear or a phobia concerning the number 13.

To almost everyone, at least in this country, the United States, the number 13 has always been an outcast among numbers. It seems it had a bad reputation early on, since the beginning when ancient man learned to count; at least it appears that way.

However, there seems to be many possible explanations for the fear of this simple number, but why is thirteen unlucky? That will always spark different opinions. 13 unlucky number origin is lost in antiquity.

One explanation of why is 13 unlucky concerns the Last Supper of Christ. That’s when Jesus was betrayed by one of his twelve apostles. Those times when there is a Friday the 13th in the month is considered unlucky because tradition says that Christ was crucified on a Friday. I haven’t seen it written anywhere, but I am guessing that Christ and his twelve apostles make 13 and that’s where the significance of 13 comes from. Or maybe in that year the Friday Christ was crucified actually was on Friday the 13th.

Sometime after the Crucifixion, after Christianity was established, satanic cults instituted the Black Mass which was a mockery of the Last Supper. Their secret covens purposely included twelve witches and a leader which was known as a warlock. Church leaders saw the symbolism in unlucky 13 and began teaching that thirteen was an unlucky number.

As with other two-digit numbers, when adding the two digits together the result of adding the two digits indicated its power. In this case 1 plus 3 is four and that’s considered a lucky number. This is what’s done in what we call nowadays numerology. Of course this did not sit well with the holy fathers and they interpreted this as a heathenish sign. They warned their followers that thirteen was anti-Christian.

There is a more scientific theory that holds that in prehistoric times, when the concept of numbers first started, twelve was as far as anyone could count. The number that followed was mysterious. It instilled fear. Later, as mathematics developed thirteen was a number that seemed to be different; it seemed to stand alone as an indivisible number. It didn’t follow the rules that applied to all the numbers before it. This was a mysterious number. It was a number to beware of.

US Dollar Bill - back side

US Dollar Bill - back side filled with 13's

Part II

There are many more theories of how 13 became a number that signifies bad luck or unlucky circumstances but they will have their place in another article.

There are those who scoff at the idea of triskaidekaphobia. It almost seems like the term was made up just to justify the uneasiness with the number 13. Well it certainly was!

If you live in the United States It might be wise to rethink the traditional bad luck of the number thirteen. Some older folks might know about the thirteen in American history, and all of us that went to school here know of the original thirteen colonies, and of the 13 stripes on the American Flag.

You can consider thirteen as unlucky, but if you live in the USA you have been carrying that “unlucky” thirteen around with you unwittingly since you were a kid. Since at least the mid 1930s the design on the back of the one dollar bill really embraces the number thirteen. It’s part of the Great Seal of the United States. Its design bridges the ancient Egyptian allegorical motifs to our own times many decades ago. The symbolic use of the number thirteen is arranged on each of the two sides of the seal.

Looking very closely you can see the left side of the rear of the dollar bill is an incomplete pyramid. It has thirteen steps to it. On the other side across from it the part of the Great Seal with the eagle on it, you will find the eagle holding thirteen arrows in the right talons. There are thirteen leaves and berries in the left talons of the eagle. Above the eagles head are thirteen stars and it bears a shield with thirteen stripes.

In case you didn’t know, that Native American eagle is symbolic of invincibility, whereas in ancient Egypt, the Egyptian golden eagle was the bird of regeneration. That sounds pretty similar. Finally, on the left side above the pyramid is the motto, Annuit Coeptis which means God Has Favored Our Undertakings. That Latin phrase just happens to have thirteen letters.

That’s a lot of 13’s so obviously it is no mere coincidence. Could it be the sheer number of thirteen’s is to counter the unlucky nature of thirteen, or maybe a show of force that thirteen is not an unlucky number? I certainly don’t know, but maybe some of you reading this can answer why there are so many 13’s if it supposed to be an unlucky number.

The design on the dollar bill was ordered by the then Secretary of the Treasury at the time. All Americans should know that the many uses of the number thirteen on the bill refer to the original thirteen colonies. That’s indeed a lucky number for the millions of Americans today.

There is more to say about 13 lucky or 13 unlucky, or 13 unlucky number origin, but we will cover it in another article. Just be aware that even if you question why is thirteen unlucky, were it not for the original thirteen colonies in the U.S. you just might not be reading this essay which was written here in the U.S., in California.

Copyright © Charles L Harmon

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Questions About Lucky 13

Ruth asks…

Lucky 13……………..?

Two fifteen
Another hour
Dandy thoughs
Todays flowers
Suns presence
Her’s hotter
13 young ones
Follow the daughter
They follow
I’m falling
She’s so great
Better believe it
Lucky 13

Suzi Q answers:

I love things like that

Lizzie asks…

What is the story behind lucky 13?

Where did lucky 13 come from? What is the real story behind it? Hopefully somebody can help me. I am trying to find information on what lucky 13 means and the story behind it. If anybody knows or knows of any sites I can go to with any information on the subject it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

Thirteen came from the thriteen “horrors” of the world
Witches and Wizards
The Seven Sins

Donna asks…

What is a good playlist for a lucky 13?

I am having my Lucky 13 soon and I have some songs that I want picked out,but I can’t really think of any other songs. The partys gonna run for about 3 to 4 hours, so I need tons and tons of music. Nothing extremely explict because there’ll be about 12 adults there, including my parents so I don’t really wanna get in touble. Hope your help!

Suzi Q answers:

Hannah montana! Lol jk anything by ladygaga but lately everything good is dirty so sorry:( but i will try
boomboom pow- black eyed peas
dont trust me, STARSTRUKK- 3OH!3
circus- brittany spears
kiss kiss-chris brown
disturbia- rihanna
day and night- kid kudi
crushcrushcrush- paramore
pokerface, starstruck, just dance- lady gaga
beverley hills- weezer
ocean avenue- yellowcard
turn my swag on, kiss me thru the phone- soulja boi
so what- pink
rockstar- nickel back

John asks…

How do i tell if my Lucky 13 yr Dog has a broken leg without goin to the vet?

today, my Lucky is limping it appears he is in pain. yesterday Saturday We had a Lucky 13 Poo party for him. with my 3 other dogs and my parents Dog Niko. he did well the lil old man. but today he is acting like he hurt his leg. i don’t see any type of swelling and there are no cuts. but he seems to be hurting any help out there? I am broke this week and cannot take him to the vet. Any suggestions on how i can help my lil guy. 85 lb black Labrador.

Suzi Q answers:

Was he running around a lot? If so, does he normally run around a lot? It might just be his muscles are bothering him -sort of like those 40 year old armchair athletes who think they can play football with 20 year olds (then they wake up in the morning to find their muscles are stiff!). Give him a few days. If he doesn’t limber up, call the vet to see if there is an over the counter pain reliever you can give him.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know where to get Lucky 13 Cologne?

Does anyone know where in the hell i can find the Lucky 13 Cologne that Hot Topic use to sell awhile back!? Its in a little black square shaped bottle, with either the skull logo, or the spade logo on it. It also has the skull logo on the top of the silver cap. Or does anyone know if it had a special name or what?

Suzi Q answers:

Look on ebay

Paul asks…

Is the number 13 lucky in Italy and why?

So I hear on Deal or No deal. 13 unlucky for most, lucky for Italians.

Yes/no? And why if yes?

Suzi Q answers:

No, not really. The number 17 is considered unlucky. This comes from the Latin numerals for 17, XVII which can be rearranged to form VIXI which means “I have lied” (i.e. I am dead) in Latin. Some Alitalia planes do not have row 17 and some hotels do not have room 17 either. The national squad have an incredibly poor record at winning on this day.

Helen asks…

What is the value of a Heddon Lucky 13, made in the 1930s?

My dad bought the above fishing lure at an antique store. He cannot find his book on the value of old fishing lures. Do any of you have any idea?

Suzi Q answers:

Depends on when it was produced, in original box, what shape she be in ie., body, hooks (rusted or not), etc., will be big factors on what it’s worth. Heddon came out with different versions of the Lucky 13 like wood type, “Baby” Lucky 13 etc.. Don’t know which you have, so here’s a link that’ll give ya’ a basic run down on some price$ with pics. Hope it helps ;)… < ' (( ( > < Scroll down page ~

Michael asks…

where can i find lucky 13 clothing in tacoma?

Im new here in the Tacoma area and well I like the brand “Lucky 13” …anybody heard of it, know where to get it around here? thxx

Suzi Q answers:

I think there is only one I know of in the whole state and I think it’s in Seattle: 562 1st Ave S.

Chris asks…

Stores to buy Lucky 13 & Felon Clothing in Seattle?

I am coming to Seattle from Canada, I was wondering if there were any store that sell Lucky 13 or Felon Clothing??

Suzi Q answers:

I’m sure those are both very fine brands, but I haven’t heard of either one of them so am guessing they are not available in Seattle. Better stock up on all the items you think you might want to have once you get here.

William asks…

Why the number 13 is LUCKY?

I have to give a very creative reason why the number 13 is LUCKY.
It can be a poem, limerick, quote etc

Ps please don’t mention Friday the 13

Suzi Q answers:

7 is actually the lucky number, 13 is the unlucky number

the story goes, one day Zeus invited 11 other gods to a gathering, and Loki “the god of mischief” decide to arrive unannounced as the 13th guest and crash the party so Zeus declared 13 to be a bad number

Maria asks…

Is 13 a lucky number for evangelicals?

Jesus said: “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice,” and the 12 apostles went out to preach the gospel, but we have no record of any of them saying that “Christ died for our sins.”

So did 13 turn out to be the lucky number when Paul/Saul declared himself to be an apostle and said “Christ died for our sins?”

(The first quote is from Matthew 12:7, and my biography may help with the complete context of this question.)

Suzi Q answers:

Christians shouldn’t be believe in luck. So no, I guess ’13’ isn’t a lucky number.

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