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Karma Symbol ? Q&A

Karma Symbol Questions and Answers

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Symbol for Karma

Laura asks…

what language is this symbol for karma in?

I was wondering if anyone might know what language or something this symbol is in.. I know it’s a symbol for karma, but I don’t know what form it’s in.. I googled it up a bit and kind of gave up for the moment.

Suzi Q answers:

Maybe Hindi?

David asks…

Does anyone know the symbol for Karma?

I’ve been looking for the symbol for Karma, but whenever I type it in a search engine, I just get random symbols of whatever… Is there not one specific symbol for Karma? Does it vary by different religions? If there is a universal symbol, can anyone send me the link? Thank you!

Suzi Q answers:

It can definitely vary by particular religion/belief system, but this is the one I see used most commonly: a wheel. 🙂

Ruth asks…

Can someone please confirm what the chinese symbol for karma is?

I think I know what it is but I’ve seen it in various forms of anything from 1 to 4 symbols in a row. What is the actual symbol(s) for it?

Suzi Q answers:


Paul asks…

Can somebody tell me what is the karma symbol?

What is the symbol for karma?

Or is this it:

Suzi Q answers:

I don’t really know for sure that there is a internationally recognised symbol for Karma as I have never seen one and my search certainly didn’t find one, your symbol is of Yin &Yang.
However I found two symbols for Karma that you could use :-
Blessed Be… )O(

Lizzie asks…

What is the symbol for karma?

What is the symbol for karma/good karma?

Suzi Q answers:

The first is a ‘wheel’
Then theres a chinese one shown below
there are many different ones
so google it if u want ALL of them

Chris asks…

What is the japanese symbol for karma?

Suzi Q answers:


Joseph asks…

What’s the Chinese symbol of karma?

I want to get a tat that of the word “Karma” in the back of my neck
but i want it in Chinese letters. Does anyone know which one is it?
I tried googling it but i have NO idea which one it is.

Please & thank you

Suzi Q answers:

因果 is “Karma”. By definition it’s “Karma” but read literally it means “cuase and effect”. 緣 can be Karma too, but as a single word by itself, it can often be interpreted as “fate”.

Daniel asks…

Can someone help me find a nice symbol for the word “karma”?

Or give me suggestions on a pic for it even if it has the word itself in it?

Suzi Q answers:

Go to this link:

William asks…

what is this symbol and what launguage.its the symbol labeled karma?

Please help I need to kno if this is Hindu for karma

Suzi Q answers:

It’s the Sanskrit word for “Karma” : कर्म

Sanskrit is the classical language that is the basis for Hindu/Urdu.

Helen asks…

Is there an arrow symbol that represents karma?

I’m looking to get a tattoo representing karma, and I couldn’t find any kind of symbolism for what I was looking for. However, I do remember seeing a tattoo on the internet in the past that reminded me of a recycling symbol. It was the same concept (arrows chasing other arrows) only it was in a circular pattern. This is a good representation of karma in my eyes, but I’m just wondering what others have to say? I know the tattoo is and should be for me and my opinion only, but I don’t want to look like I have a recycling symbol on me, ya know? : )
First of all, if you’re not going to have anything helpful or positive to say, then why are you wasting your time responding to my question…?

Second of all, I know that this isn’t a official symbol for karma, this is my personal view, something I believe is a good representation of karma. But to the comment about yin yang symbol, that’s just not something I’m interested in having tattoo’d on me personally that’s why I was trying to come up with something different. And whoever commented about the three sprials, I’m pretty sure that represents something else, doesn’t it?

Suzi Q answers:

Do Bad things->Bad things happen.

Helen asks…

What’s the Japanese symbol for the word karma, and happiness/luck?

Suzi Q answers:

倖 happiness/luck
業因 karma

Mandy asks…

What are karma beads?

What do the symbols on the karma beads mean?

Suzi Q answers:

The symbols on karma beads are words. Bracelets made of the beads will have common themes such as “love & friendship” or “happiness & strength”. Wearing the bracelet/beads is supposed to bring you good luck with whatever theme you are wearing.

Chris asks…

How they symbols for Jupiter and Saturn are similar and different? (is Saturn known for being a “harvester”?)?

is this why the sickle is the symbol for Saturn? how about Jupiter? why both are tied with ideas of “karma“? as one is mentioned to rule the north node,,and the other the south node? how so?

Why do many books and people say that it isn’t the sickle symbol for Saturn the harvester…but a cross and moon? or something like that?

Suzi Q answers:

Karma? Because they’re big planets, they have much more weight, the past and future are very influenced by them. When you get a Saturn return, you feel that you are connected with all your past, like you have to change the decisions you made, even though it doesn’t seem possible with our usual consciousness…but you have to change who you have become, as if you’d never gone the wrong way.
Such is the power of these massive monsters…

Mary asks…

What is karma?? What does it do in life?

What is karma?
What does it do?
Whats the symbol for karma?

Can someone explain to me what is karma?

Does it have any to do with the Buddha ?

Suzi Q answers:

Karma is what you do in the life with your hands.

It creates your destiny and your future.

Buddha, was a emperor before he turned into a saint, after fighting in a battle he realized that his soldiers were brutally killed with there blood all over in the battlefield then he chose the way of peace and moved on to it. He changes his destiny with his karma.

Daniel asks…

Karma question!!

Is the endless knot the real symbol for karma?
karma in general. Endless knot seems to be Buddhist symbol for karma, though. But I’m not so sure, there are many “schools” about karma law in Buddhism. Someone told me that it doesn’t exist a symbol for karma at all.

Suzi Q answers:

All depends on what karma system. There isn’t a universal one.

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