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Black Magic

Black Magic and Superstitions

Black Magic book

The Book of Black Magic and Ceremonial Magic : Click Image through to Amazon for more Information


The Book of Black Magic and Ceremonial Magic

Excerpts from a 5-star review

Basically, this book has a MASS of resources, reciting the Goetian tradition and the Magick of Solomon. The word Ceremonial, meaning not too energy oriented as witchcraft or wicca, but more of a spirit summoning practice. There are over 300 pages of thorough magickal art dating back centuries. Some arts are somewhat new in discovery but amazing in value. The Black Magic in this book is not what really gives it value. I found the ‘art’ to be fascinating and the simplicity of performing the rituals, compared to the outstanding results breathtaking. If you practice of ANY kind of magick, buy this book immediately.


Black magic is the belief of practices of magic that draws on assumed malevolent powers. This type of magic is invoked when wishing to kill, steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others. As a term, “black magic” is normally used by those that do not approve of its uses, commonly in a ritualistic setting…

From Wikipedia

Magic is defined as a supposed natural prowess of making the impossible seem possible. It can give a person the power to control someone else. It is also defined as the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.

In ancient times, a person who possessed the skills to perform magic tricks also used it for healing purposes. It was also used to keep away bad spirits, to seek the truth when injustice occurs and lastly, used to seek revenge.

Black Magic book

Might you need protection from Black Magic?

Black and White Magic

There are several types of magic but basically, it is subdivided in two categories: black and white magic.

According to Wikipedia, Black magic is the belief of practices of magic that draws on assumed malevolent powers. It is invoked when one wishes to kill, steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to any harmful consequences.

As a term, “Black magic” is normally used by those that do not approve of its uses. It is common to some ritualistic settings. Some argue that “magic has no color”, and it’s merely how it’s used by the person invoking it. If one looks at it that way then the claim that not everything termed as “Black magic” has malevolent intentions behind it could be true. Some people would consider Black magic as having beneficial and benevolent uses if used in a helpful way. These uses could include killing diseases or pests. There are probably other helpful uses you can think of where Black magic, “in a good way” could be applied.

Witchcraft Secret ManualIf you read stories, watch movies of TV then Black magic is almost always used in an evil sort of way. In fiction, Black magic, such as in Rosemary’s Baby, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series (referred to as the dark arts in the novels), and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and many other examples. Even in highly popular video games like Final Fantasy, white and Black magic is used, but to distinguish between healing/defensive spells and offensive spells, but they do not carry inherent good or evil connotations with them.

All of us have seen many movies which depict good triumphing over evil. This same situation or scenario can be said of white and Black magic.

White magic is done or performed to be helpful and is on the “good” side. It is supposed to be used for good works. Harmless methods are employed when using this type of magic.

On the other hand, Black magic is associated with evil purposes. Sometimes the person using Black magic claims evil spirits are called upon in the use of Black magic.

Witchcraft and Sorcery

Witchcraft, in historical, religious, and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. Historically, it was widely believed in early modern Christian Europe that witches were in league with the Devil and used their powers to harm people and property.


Black Magic - what exactly is it? Might you need protection?

According to the dictionary sorcery is the art, practices, or spells of a person who is supposed to exercise supernatural powers through the aid of evil spirits; Black magic; witchery.

Because of the shady and generally bad reputation of Black magic, it is often referred to as sorcery. It is also sometimes known as witchcraft, depending on how it’s used or who is using it, though most people practicing Black magic are actually harmless and do not have evil intentions.

Black Magic Today

Nowadays, supposedly there are several procedures and skills that one can learn through the art of Black magic. Some of these don’t seem harmful, even if doubtful such acts can really be performed. Some of these are:

  • Predicting the future through fortune telling or other means
  • Seeing or knowing the past by mind reading or other methods
  • Creating procedures to sharpen one’s wit and enhance concentration
  • Heal diseases
  • Cure or eliminate ailments

On the other hand these uses connote possibly evil or misplaced use of Black magic:

  • Casting a spell on a person by invoking spirits
  • Searching for a person’s innermost secrets through divination
  • Ceremonies and seals to summon, evoke, command, or reward spirits
  • Seeking revenge for an enemy through curses or hexes
  • Causing a spirit to appear through evocations

Witchcraft or Black magic practiced nowadays has a misconception of being performed for evil purposes. While it could be used that way it doesn’t have to be used in such a manner. If you learn the history and development of Black magic from ancient times to modern times, one will eventually see that Black magic in itself is nothing to be afraid of.


Be careful!

Like a little kid, believing in magic can leave you with a sense of amazement and wonder about the intricacies of Black magic or modern witchcraft. It can dispel the notion that it is no different from Satanism.

Modern Black magic actually teaches about love of nature and harmony between opposite genders and love of nature and one’s self. At the same time, the idea of Black magic still leaves us wondering about spells, curses, and ceremonials, all of which make us further appreciate the mysteries of the art of magic.

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Questions about Black Magic and Related

Daniel asks…

What’s your opinion on the younger generaton converting to Wicca?

Witchcraft is not a requirement of Wicca however I feel a lot of them chose to do it.
I’ve seen as young as 12 year old stating themselves as Wiccan and taking part in witchcraft.
This is all coming from a Wiccan Witch, I wish they could give it a bit more time and a lot of them are far to young for Divination and other witchcraft.
I think the spiritual path should begin at 15 or onwards, they are still young and not mature enough.
Anyone else agree?

Suzi Q answers:

I agree. Unfortunately their thoughts are clouded by all the hoopla in the Media/Hollywood.

Ruth asks…

i cant find theses things can you help me? [for a spell]?

answer all plez
ok i need a Thyme,A red candle,An herb dish,cauldron,hollycock seeds,folded paper like tarnished pennies, mint, silver,
ancient, and copper coin 7 green candles and a gold or silver colored incense,red wine, horse shoe,red candle,quill pen dipped in black ink,1 sheet of quality paper/parchment,a pen/pencil used in magickal works,candles (usually white, can change depending on your wish), a handful of candy,a white or orange candle,light one orange and one pink
candle.,1 lemon,1 black candle,9 nails,Cursing Oil,Athame,Black bowl,red color lipstick,white paper,White cotton fabric,
Bedding or cotton to use as a stuffing
Parchment paper
Needle and thread,a new red rubber ball (a small one), 3 Almonds and 3 Raisins – Milk – Honey, plez answer all

Suzi Q answers:

I can save you a LOT of thyme and money (aha excuse the pun – it meant time if you aren’t humorously inclined), with one simple pointer…

Don’t bother.
Whatever you think this spell will do, It Won’t.
Mixing random ingredients won’t do anything special.
Spells Do Not Exist.

If you are actually being ironic for some twisted reason…
Thyme is a herb, so is lavender, mint and rosemary… Find them in a herb garden or at a supermarket.
Milk? Do you really need people on here to tell you where to find milk? *sigh* supermarket again.
Same for red wine, paper, candles, lemon, lipstick, fabric, needle, thread, rubber ball, almonds and raisins. Obviously.

A herb dish? Maybe I’m being ignorant but whats different between that and a dish?

And you’re not going to find a cauldron without a lot of hard searching and some easily disposable cash these days.

Hollycock seeds don’t exist. You mean hollyhock seeds. They grow flowers. Buy them in a garden centre.

Folded paper like tarnished pennies? What the hell does that mean? Nothing, that’s what. Mumbo Jumbo rubbish.

Silver… Jewellers

Copper coin? Get a basic 1 penny/cent coin. It’s not pure copper but its as close as your ever going to get.

The colour of incense makes no difference… It’s the smell that’s the point…

Horse shoe, find a blacksmiths. Quill, find a goose.

A pen/pencil used in magical works. There are absolutely 0 of these in the entire world … Because magical works don’t exist.

A handful of candy? Ever heard of a sweet shop?

9 Nails? I hope you mean as in the iron kind! Any hardware/diy shop.

Cursing oil? I doubt THAT exists, either.
Athame, i am ignorant of.

Seriously, are you trying to be funny?
1) Do you think that spells exist/work?
2) Do you not know where to find all this stuff? Milk, for example?

black magic

Black Magic

Linda asks…

I have heard of black magic is there such a thing as white magic (or good magic to help myself)?

i know everyone thinks they have it hard but i know i have it hard. I am 22 and since the day i was born i have seen my parents lives get ruined. Eventhough everyday of their life they dedicate to take care of me and make me happy. I dnt believe in magic, good/bad luck… but i dnt see a light in our future. If there is such a think as magic, prayer, ritual, potions (dnt knw if i should laugh at this or cry) or anything at all? I am completely will to try it. I dnt want to hurt anyone just want to a ray of hope. if not for me then at least for my family.
So if you know something pls guide me.

Black Magic

Suzi Q answers:

Magic? Are you serious? You definitely don’t want to delve in any of that kind of magic, especially black magic.

Chris asks…

I just got a voodoo doll, what do I do now?

The package says it can be used for good luck.. can it? If so, what do I do?
If not, how do I use it anyway?
Is there a special ritual/folk magic-ey type thing I have to do?


Suzi Q answers:

Voodoo was created by African slaves who were brought to Haiti in the 16th century and still followed their traditional African beliefs, but were forced to convert to the religion of their slavers. To my knowledge, that are things that are done at the hands of people within that religion, and are made for a specific person and for a specific reason. This is the first time I hear something like what you say about good luck, sorry. I have heard that such dolls are for bringing bad luck — but what do I know?

Rituals and Luck

John asks…

If rituals are put on people like love spell or for bad luck, could this make them not live life right?

Suzi Q answers:

All that is crap. Sorry, but if you believe that by saying some words and really hoping your wish will come true will actually work, you’re very gullible.

Rituals and Luck

James asks…

What can I do tonight to bring me luck for the new year (wicca)?

I would like to do some sort of ritual (non- selfish) in order to bring me and others luck through out the coming year… I am sure there are know rituals for new years eve, but I am unaware of anything.

What could I do?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Suzi Q answers:

Merry Meet,

This is an interesting question, and since this question has been asked by you I do assume you are a Neophyte in Wicca. Since you are a beginner I am not really sure what you know how to do. If you are intent on doing a ritual tonight, do a basic prosperity rite. But instead of you, insert the word land, Gaia, world, humanity or something along those lines on its place.

I hope that I have helped a little.

Blessed Be


Jenny asks…

Pagans, Wiccans or witches who do rituals outside of their homes?

I am putting together plans to make an outside altar area in my yard. What would you suggest I use for the altar itself? A large tree base like a log? A large rock?

How about the circle itself? Stones of some type? How large of a circle? I am a solitary but it would be nice to make it large enough for a group if I ever am lucky enough to find some fellow witches in my area. Ideas from fellow non Christians are gratefully accepted. Thank you brothers and sisters.

Myra Stone answers:

Hello my dear friend,

I have a big back yard and have dedicated half of it to my circle. I have altars located in each of the Quarters. In the East, I have a Japanese flavor, with flat rocks and grassy plants to emphasize the lightness of the element Air. There is also a bust of Buddha.

In the West, I have a totem pole carved from stone, and three large boulders, with one smooth stone painted to be a curled up snake, and more plants that are inspired by the element Fire, such as fiery orange New Guinea impatiens. There is also a fire pit.

In the West altar, I have a large urn filled with water, and more plants that remind me of water, with big leaves, mint, ferns, and wooden water birds.

In the North altar, there are rocks stacked to look like a mountain range, more plants that remind me of sturdiness, strength, and some wooden forest animals like deer and a raccoon.

In the center of all of this there is a slab of dark brown concrete, about 5′ by 14′, with the Triple Goddess symbol painted in white in the middle. When I have needed a center altar for rituals, I use a wooden table, covered with sacred cloths. I have big oak trees all around, but no big central rock or tree stump. A table works just fine for me, bc I don’t find the need of a central table very often.

I hope these suggestions help. I spent a lot of time creating my sacred space, and I love it there.

Many blessings,
Lady Morgana

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