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Wishes at 11:11 Questions

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Questions About Wishes at 11:11

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It seems that once you have become aware of the 11:11 phenomena it never leaves your consciousness. That means that so often when you look at a digital clock it will often be 11:11.

I guess the next step one might ask is if this is a special number what happens if I make a wish when I see this number. Well if you have ever wondered about that so have many others. Below are a sample of such questions as asked to Yahoo Answers looking for an answer.

Thomas asks…

Making a wish at 11:11?

Where did the superstition “Make a wish on 11:11” come from? & are there any sites in which I can read up on it. BTW: I know what 11:11 means I just wanna konw the history behind it. Thanks guys & gals!

Suzi Q answers:

Must be honest with you …in over 30 years of studying Astrology and Numerology I have never heard that htis is a superstition..HOWEVER what i HAVE noticed is this: That when love is around you, TRUE LOVE…you will often see that number….it is as though you and your true love are on your way to each other…it has happened to several people I know. It is the 8implication of master numbers….heralding the lessening of the number 4 which is the mason or builder…….LOVE does NOT require work..NOR does marriage…IF it does, then screw it, do NOT be with that person. All yo are then is a free servant.
Look at the Numbers and make a wish on them if you like, we all have our own superstitious natures..I do not go out n the 22nd of any month ….there i gave part of myself away.

Richard asks…

did my 11/11/11 11:11 wish count?

i noticed it was 11:11 a second before 11:12 and i made my wish on 11:12 and its really bothering me that my wish didnt count cause it was maybe 30 seconds late. I relized other peoples clocks like my friends who live near me could still say 11:11. Its just driving me insane i know its really stupid but did it count i really didnt wanna miss this moment. Please dont answer if your going to be mean and say 11:11 isnt real
thanks guys. I guess my friends clock could be a minute slower then mine so i would have wished at there clock time. If that makes sence

Suzi Q answers:

I think It did darling =) do not worry! Ok. Hope your wish comes true before the year ends!

Ruth asks…

How do you wish on 11.11?

Obviously, at 11.11 you are meant to wish, but are you only meant to at night? or is it both the morning and the night? and you know how when you wish on a star you are meant to say “star light star bright first star i see tonight, i wish i may i wish i might have this wish i wish tonight”? well is there anything like that for 11.11? or do you just say out loud “i wish _____” or can you just think your wish? do you have to imagine it?
please tell me, my wishes never come true.. ever 🙁

Suzi Q answers:

I think its just at night!(: but maybe not? I think things are more magical at night since the moons out ;D but anyways i close my eyes and think of my wish.

Steven asks…

Is it bad luck to make a wish at a time other than 11:11?

My roommates clock was missing a few LED’s, so I made a wish at what I THOUGHT was 11:11, but really, it was 11:17. Does this mean my wish won’t ever come true?

Suzi Q answers:

Although 11:11 has a lot of lore about it being the “wishing” hour. It doesn’t make it true. I doubt it would really make a difference. If you make a wish at anytime it has the same chance of coming true. Which is easy to say is very slim.

Maria asks…

Where did the “Make a wish at 11:11” come from?

Where did this whole “make a wish at 11:11” come from? Where did it all start? Was it from a movie? A song? I know there is the religious stuff behind “Seeing 11:11 everywhere” but I mean the general “make a wish” thing.

Suzi Q answers:

This is very interesting, check it out. There’s too much of it to put here, so just check the link…

Hope this helps 🙂

George asks…

What is the whole story about 11:11 make a wish?

What’s the whole story behind that? How did it originate? Are there rules to making a wish? Also, I heard that when you look at a clock and it’s 11:11 it means that some one is missing you? Is that true? Also, does all this 11:11 stuff apply to a time like 10:10, 9:09, or 3:33? Please let me know, i would like to know the whole backstory on this. (:

Also, does it only apple in AM or PM or both? Please let me know about the make a wish part & the part that says someone is missing you. THANK YOU!
5 months ago

One more thing, does it only count if you see it on a clock or can it be anywhere?

Suzi Q answers:

11.11 is a message from the higher levels of *reality* beyond this one which can appear anywhere in any form that it is time to wake up, time to remember who we REALLY are and why we are here, knowledge that is within all of us deep within, for this is the time of DRAMATIC change for the better as we approach 2012..

In actuality, we are all 5D spiritual Beings within temporary 3D physical bodies..Before we came here we KNEW our true power, past and purpose in coming to Earth this time around, but when we put on our physical bodies that we *borrow* from our parents, we forget..

Now it is time to REMEMBER!..We all have a purpose of coming here in addition to being born, growing up, going to work, getting married, having children and dying!..11.11 guys!

Robert asks…

How did the 11:11pm wish thing start?

I mean, there’s 11:11am too but no one wishes on that. And other times are repeated within themselves. 12:12, 10:10, 3:33, etc.

Suzi Q answers:

Its just superstition, those people just probably had a good event happen by that time so it just became a coincidence.

Ken asks…

what is the meaning of “11:11”?

i keep reading “every time at 11:11 I wish for you”
what’s so special about 11:11?

Suzi Q answers:

To separate entities wish for each other at a moment in time
when each is equal to each other or simply saying they be
together at the same time, in mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Sandra asks…

Making an 11:11 wish?

My friend told me to make a wish because it was 11:11 and I sneezed.
What does that mean?

Weird question, but who has any interesting answers to share?

Suzi Q answers:

If you would like to know…
11:11 in numerology means enlightenment.
I have also experienced 11:11 on a regular basis, and that is what i have studied for the last 12 months.
11:11 is a signal to you that you came to earth to help in a very important time of change. 1987-2012. In the year 2012, the earth will be changing its frequency to a fourth dimensional vibration, and all remaining humans will become aware of how to fully operate their system (body) and use it to its full potential. Scientists today tell us that out of our dna we are only using 3 per cent, and they have labeled the other 97 per cent as “junk”. It is not junk at all. And it is almost time for our spirit to more fully occupy our body and tell us what is possible. You will find that you will start to experience more and more “coincidenses” or more correctly, sincronicities. This is because, what you are thinking about is becoming more and more real in the physical reality that we are experiencing. There is more energy available. Scientifically speaking, our solar system is coming into allignment with the centre of the galaxy, and we are entering the age of aquarious, which means there is more support and nuturing from our souce of our creation, the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

If this has given you goose bumps, then it means that this is your destiny….
I suggest checking out the mayan calender and watch any you tube of a man named ian xel lungold.

When you see 11:11 dont just wish, know that it is your thoughts and feeling that are creating everything that you are experiencing:)

you may also be a shaman, so suggest learning from lsd or mushrooms to increase your connection to your spirit….only if that attracts towards you.

I hope i have been of service to you. The future is bright, and no matter what happens, dont be scared of anything…especially death.

Peace, love and light

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Hopefully this might have answered any questions concerning making wishes at 11:11.


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