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Numerology and Lucky Names

Numerology Name Luck

Numerology – it Affects Luck with Names

By Bobby Blueblood

Numerology and occult go hand in hand and occult is the origin of various branches of science. It directly or indirectly affects the human being. The effect of its influence matters with the nature of letters and their sounds which carry with his/her name.

It affects everyone’s luck, good or bad, depending on time, date, year, location and the country. A singular letter has its own importance when categorized from other letters of the alphabets.

This science of numeric value is termed as occult. A single faction of the name helps rather than the full name. Each letter suggests a cosmic vibration. The origin and study of numerology is very old, just like the origin of Hindu Astrology. It still carries a special place when finalizing any name of a person, company or any other important names.

Each letter in anybody’s name or an addressing word pronounced, written or heard carries special significance and weight. These alphabets can shower good luck on one hand as well as bad luck on the other hand. It is generally believed from age old times that you can change your luck by changing your name.

Name is a very important factor in counting one’s luck. By knowing the composite number of one’s name, we can also see the nature of the person by his name count. To make his final number more effective and lucky, we can change the name of a person by making some changes in his name. In case of any firm, factory, shop, partner, owner etc., this method can be applied effectively.

The most important aspect of numerology is the very first word and number of the person’s name. It denotes the power hidden behind a person’s life. It also puts a deep impact on a person’s mind, personality and brain such that it affects every moment of the person either in a good way or bad.

Many times, names matters in such a way that a person has to struggle throughout his life unless the name is changed completely or a part of it is changed. The destiny of a person can also be changed by changing a person’s name. Remember this can be done at any age.

Lucky names can bring success in life. All that happens in a person’s life are also based upon his name number. When a child is born, his name should be chosen in such a way that it is the luckiest name for him and as a result, he will have more prosperous and successful life.

The easiest and the most effective way to make a name change is to either adopt a different or similar first name or change the spelling of either the first name or the surname. A person will definitely become lucky if the name is properly worked out.

Therefore, a name definitely affects the person’s luck and influences the good luck or bad luck in the life of a person. A person should try this once in his life if he is really suffering from various business losses in this life or any type of bad luck. You’ll need to study numerology or otherwise get advice from someone knowledgeable in the number meanings of names and alphabets.

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Questions about Numerology

Here are a few questions readers of Yahoo Answers submitted and answered.

Betty asks…

Suggest a baby girl name starting with poo,pu,Shae,da,di,na – calculate numerology lucky no.1 or 6?

Luvli Mystii answers:


Robert asks…

How significant is this date?

…November11, 2011 to you?

Chinese numerology and Feng Shui for 2011. This year we are going to experience four unusual dates: 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11, and that’s not all; Take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year and the result will add up to 111 for everyone!!!! This is the year of MONEY. Also, this year, October will have 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays & 5 Saturdays. This happens only once every 823 years. These particular years are known as Moneybag years. The proverb goes that if you send this to eight good friends, money will appear in the next four days, as is explained in the Chinese feng shui. Those who don’t continue the chain, won’t receive. It’s a mystery, but it’s worth a try. Good luck to you. This only happens once in 800 years.

It is a unique date for sure. Have you done anything differently to commemorate this year or these dates?
Thank you for responding.

Peace and Blessings

Luvli Mystii answers:

For me the great significance of this date is that it is Veterans Day. I’m not very mystical. Sorry.

Mandy asks…

Can anyone help me? How to find my daily 5 lucky number from 1 to 28 according to numerology or astrology?

for example : my date of birth is 30.11.1968

Luvli Mystii answers:

Your numbers are: 10 15 22 23 and 5
oh no wait
its all a load of bullsxxt
my mistake

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