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3 – Symbolism Q&A

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Questions about Elephant Symbolism

By Bobby Blueblood

Continued from part 2




Mary asks…

What is the meaning/symbolism of an elephant?

I am looking for the meaning and/or symbolism of an elephant. I have always been interested in elephants and am thinking of getting a tattoo of one but was wondering if there was any symbolism.

Suzi Q answers:

Depends on the culture…. There are many positive symbolism

Sharon asks…

Symbolism in Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell?

So far I have that the narrator, the one that kills the elephant, symbolizes Britain, and that the Elephant symbolizes imperialism or the natives of Burma. I am not sure why though. Could anyone, who has a good background of this essay, explain to me why? If you have a different opinion on what you think these characters symbolize that would be interesting to know as well.

Suzi Q answers:

I would like to know this answer as well 🙂 and yes i have been to Denny’s.

Lisa asks…

What’s the symbolism in Elephant Buddha?

Today i bought a small statue of the Elephant Buddha… and he is holding a feather in two hands and playing the trumpet with two.

my question is, what do the feathers and the trumpet mean?
yes its genesha, sorry. and there isnt two trumpets, hes holding one with two hands while what looks to be hes playing it

Suzi Q answers:

The Buddha was in a Nepalese of royal family, who became the founder of a religious philosophy which to this day bears his name. Actually, it is not his name, but rather it translates to “the enlightened one.” He was not even the first “enlightened one.” This young Prince was named Siddhartha Gautama. Just after he was born a hermit came to his family’s castle, and observed that he would either grow up to be a “Great King” or “a Buddha.”

Hindu/Vedic beliefs include a belief in the reincarnation of souls with the intended end of achieving enlightenment, which is called Nirvana. There is no clear acceptance that Nirvana cannot be an earthly state, as in Christianity, which believes that heaven is a post-life state, in some other place.


Chris asks…

Does the elephant or the camel side-view in a painting mean Love in Indian symbolism?

What do both mean?
I bought a tapestry with an image of an elephant in india and i also bought one with an image of a camel and the man said one of them means Love when it is a side-view of the animal. I just don’t remember which one.

Suzi Q answers:

I found no evidence of either animal – side view or not – symbolizing Love. In Indian symbolism camels are symbols of sustenance and tolerance. They triumph over the harshest conditions. They embody the spirit of endurance. Http://
The elephant is connected to Ganesha — the elephant-deity He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. Also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Http://

Donna asks…

“Hills Like White Elephants” how symbolism of the setting relates to conversation?

I need help with this question .Discuss the symbolism of the setting and how it to the conversation between the American and the girl with him in the story “Hills Like White Elephants.”

Suzi Q answers:

A Hills like white elephants is symbolism for Being pregnant with a baby that is not wanted. The upkeep exceeds its usefullness. The hill is symbolic for the Pregnant stomach. This poem is about a man and a woman who met and the woman is pregnant and the man wants her to get an abortion. They are weighing the options. But a white elephant is sybolic for, Is the baby worth having.

Charles asks…

what is the symbolism behind the democrats donkey and republicans elephant??

Suzi Q answers:

According to the Democratic National Committee, the party itself never officially adopted this symbol but has made use of it. They say Andrew Jackson had been labeled a jackass by his opponents during the intense mudslinging that occurred during the presidential race of 1828. A political cartoon depicting Jackson riding and directing a donkey (representing the Democratic Party) was published in 1837. A political cartoon by Thomas Nast in an 1870 edition of Harper’s Weekly revived the donkey as a symbol for the Democratic Party. Cartoonists followed Nast and used the donkey to represent the Democrats, and the elephant to represent the Republicans.

Ken asks…

“You can’t paint an elephant” what does this mean? symbolism?

Suzi Q answers:

~It means:
a. You have no artistic ability, or
b. The sucker is too big and won’t hold still, or on a more contemporary note,
c. The tree huggers and ASPCA will have your butt in the clink if you try.

Joseph asks…

how does symbolism operate in hills like white elephants by hemingway?

also how does symbolism relate to the theme in the story. in your own words.

Suzi Q answers:

Hmmm. “In your own words”, right?

Lizzie asks…

does the giraffe and elephant symbolize anything in African culture?

I’m doing project and i am using the giraffe and the elephant as part of my project.
i was wondering if they have any symbolism attached to them regarding ancient African civilization. or possibly modern African civilization
Thanks in advanced!

Suzi Q answers:

Africa’s a big place. All animals have completely different associations depending on which part of the continent you happen to live in.

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