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Indian Superstitions


Indian Luck and Other Superstitions

By Chitraparna Sinha

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Though science and technology has spread so deeply into the lives of many, even today superstitions play an important role in everyone’s life. The country of India is famous for its culture, tradition, mythological stories and customs. These customs or beliefs are mainly known as superstitions. There are many superstitions dominating the Indian sub-continent. Some of the evergreen Indian superstitions are discussed here:

Some of the superstitions bring good luck while a few others bring bad luck:

  • Trimming of nails at night should be avoided as that will bring bad luck.
  • Marriages can take place only after consulting a horoscope. If the virtues of the bride and the groom match, only then will the marriage takes place.
  • A black cat crossing the path in front of you is considered inauspicious.
  • The cawing of crows indicates the arrival of guests at the home.
  • It is an anticipation of fear of death if a lizard falls on the head of someone.
  • It is a sign of good luck when one meets someone with a basketful of goods and it is the reverse condition if one meets someone with an empty basket.

  • An itching palm is a sign of money coming to you.
  • Menstruating women are not allowed to enter the kitchen because the condition is treated as impure and thus pollutes whatever is made in the kitchen. It is considered an unclean practice.
  • The sight of an owl is inauspicious.
  • The howling of a dog at midnight is an anticipation of death approaching.

  • An elephant seen during a journey is auspicious as it represents Ganesha, the lord who ensures success and good luck and stops obstacles and hurdles that may be in your way.
  • Similarly, the sight of a peacock on a journey is known to bring good luck.
  • If someone is having hiccups, it means that someone is thinking about you deeply
  • whereas an itching eye means that someone is backbiting about that person.
  • Killing of a cat is a very bad omen as it might bring many years of bad luck. If someone has done this by chance, then a cat made of gold should be offered to the priest.
  • A sparrow building a nest over a house brings good fortune to that house.

  • Tuesday is considered unlucky for shaving and cutting hair
  • whereas Thursdays are regarded unlucky for hair wash.
  • A new bride should enter her new house by putting her right foot first.
  • It is sacred to see a ride or a religious idol while going for a journey
  • and in the same way, having a glimpse of a widow or a barren woman is not a sign of good luck.

  • Enhancing the bond between a brother and sister is also a sign of bringing good luck to the homes, according to an Indian superstition. This is why the festival of ‘rakhsa bandhan ‘and ‘bhaiduj’ are regarded very sacred.

  • If someone sneezes before leaving the house or before starting a new task, it is known to be a bad omen.
  • Before going for a good task, eating curd with jiggery is considered lucky.
  • Many Indian people still believe that getting married on a New Moon day ensures a happy married life.
  • Sleeping with the head towards the north is another superstition which is said to bring ill omen.

  • So these are some of the colorful customs that are followed by many Indians till today and thus they keep their old customs and rites alive and rekindled.

    Admin note: Unlike here in the USA where many of the superstitions come from England and Europe, not many superstitions, if any, are followed by most people. Yes we know of a lot of them, but superstitions have a very minor importance or influence here. And yes there are exceptions to this, especially in families where someone older has come from a country where superstitions have a much greater influence on people.

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