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Buddha Bracelets

Buddha Bracelets And Their Kinds

Buddha Bracelets are part of Buddha jewelry products that are causing waves in Buddhism and in the fashion enterprise. Just like every other jewelry item, the bracelets are known for their uniqueness in the way they are designed. Let’s examine more about them.

The Origin

Buddha bracelets have their origin in the famous Buddhist religion which is known for its esoteric teachings on the attainment of enlightenment through meditation and suppression of worldly desires. The bracelets in the early times were the handiwork of Buddhist blacksmiths and artists. In the recent times, such bracelets are still being crafted to represent the famous Buddhist religion in every ramification.

The designs and Make-up

Most Buddha bracelets are made of quality metal elements. Some of them are made of silver and gold elements while others are crafted from copper, bronze and brass elements. The bracelets come in various designs and shapes. In most cases, they feature the images of Buddha and some other characters in Buddhism. They are usually designed to represent the traditional Buddhist culture. They come in various sizes and shapes you can ever imagine.

Kinds of Buddha Bracelets

Buddha bracelets are of various kinds. They are classified according to their make-ups and names. Among them include:

* Silver Buddhist Symbol Bracelets

* Resin Om Adjustable Bracelets

* Om Symbol Bracelet with Silver Plating

* Big Om Bracelets made of Resin

* Om Mani Bracelets

* Nama Shivaya Om Bracelets

* Peace Sign OM Bracelets

* Copper Yin Yang Bracelet and many others

The list is much. They come in various names which signify a lot in the famous Buddhist religion.

The Cost of the Buddha Bracelets

Buddha bracelets are known to be very affordable. In most cases, their prices range as from to . However, it all depends on where you’re buying them from. It’s always very advisable to purchase such bracelets from websites that deal on general sales of Buddha jewelry products which include the Buddha Pendants, necklaces, earrings and other Buddhist stuffs. You’ll always locate such products very cheap from Buddhist websites.

The Significance of Buddha Bracelets

Just like every other Buddha Jewelry item, the bracelets signify a lot. They have special spiritual undertones. Many people who wear them use them as protective charms against evils and dangers. The bracelets can also attract favors, luck and good fortune to those who wear them on their wrists. They are also used for fashion boosting.

In all, the Buddha bracelets have come to stay. They are among the leading jewelry products in the world of fashion today. Many people who are crazy about fashion will always benefit from such wonderful jewelry items.

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