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Some Common Good Luck Charms and Gifts

By Twinty Karat

elephant charm

Carved rose colored stone elephant good luck charm

A Good luck charm, sometimes called an amulet, similar to a talisman, is any object intended to bring good luck or protection to its owner. Potential good luck charms include gems, especially engraved gems, statues, coins, drawings, pendants, rings, plants and animals. Sometimes even words in the form of a magic spell, an incantation to repel evil or bad luck is also considered the same as a good luck charm. Some good luck charms or amulets are tied into religions, such as the crucifix for the christian religion.

With the economy the way it is, people are out of work, some are homeless, and some are serving overseas. If there is anyone who says they do not need a good luck charm, then they probably do not believe in any type of luck…good or bad. If you know someone who might welcome a bit of luck, here are some ideas you can use.


The recipient and giver both receive good luck if a bamboo plant is the gift. A bamboo plant gives out two doses of good luck. People associate many flowers with good luck. Some of these flowers are the lotus, cherry, dogwood or peach blossoms. If you want a good luck flower that is associated with fertility, consider the orchid. For a career good luck flower, use the white narcissus. Sit a vase or pot of chrysanthemums in your home to bring good luck. All of these and other types of flowers are good luck charms. Besides bringing good luck, any of these flowers help brighten up the room and your day.

Mythical creatures

There have been many mythical creatures since the beginning of time, and throughout the ages, cultures adopted these mythical creatures claiming that they brought them good luck. For example, a mythical dragon might mean good luck to one culture, and to the other culture, they may be bad luck. The mythical creatures could be fairies, angels, or the phoenix.

In China, an ancient figure that has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon is considered good luck. They call this a dragon turtle, and it has a coin in its mouth. Another good luck mythical creature in China is the Fu (or Foo) dog. It is the guardian of temples, palaces, and tombs. The Fu dog always appear in pairs and looks like lions. The right side Fu dog represents the male and the left side Fu dog represents the female.


In many cultures, they consider animals good luck charms. These animals can include a bull, a turtle, a frog, pig, a rabbit’s foot, and many other animals. The elephant is the most sought after animal charm in the United States, India, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom. In Asian cultures, their good luck charm is a red bat. To this culture, the red bat represents love, longevity, prosperity, power, and good health. The African culture considers teeth to be good luck when it comes to gambling.


The one good luck symbol known in many cultures is the four-leaf clover. They do not have to be a real four-leaf clover to bring good luck. They can be a plastic key chain or given in some form of jewelry. The seeds of the Rudraksha tree scare off negative vibes, and bring good luck.

In Indian religions, they consider the Aum or Om to give spiritual power and good luck when it is uttered. One other good luck symbol is the horseshoe. When it is hung on a barn door or a wall, it has to have the ends pointing up, looking like a “U.” If the horseshoe is hung the other way, the good luck will fall out.

If you know someone that believes in good luck, especially if you know they cherish something that might help bring them good luck, then one of the above gifts, either a real plant, an animal charm, or good luck symbol could be an excellent gift to show you care.

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Questions About Good Luck Charms and Gifts

Daniel asks…

What are some cute good luck gifts for before a performance?

For dance, we are doing a Christmas show & i don’t know what to give as good luck gifts! I want something cute, but simple too. I don’t want anything too expensive cause there are a LOT of girls. 🙂
Help please?

Suzi Q answers:

Rabbit’s feet, white cats, four leaf clover(if you can find one)

Sandra asks…

how do you make a lucky love charm?

I wanna know cus theirs a guy i like and my friends told him and im nervous so a love/lucky charm thing would be nice something i can make preferably like a bracelet key chain or necklace please help me

Suzi Q answers:

Pretty much anything memorable. A nice but very inexpensive necklace or bracelet would work. The longer it takes to make, the more valuable it will be. However, the amount of money you spend contradicts that value. Try not to spend a cent and use household materials.

Charles asks…

What r d lucky charms need 2 display in d house so the financial matters,health,& love wil alwys b dominated?

According to Feng Shui, I mean just for an additional help.

Suzi Q answers:

You should add some live bamboo stalks. They are easy to grow – in a vase with approx. 4″ of water – that’s it.

Three stalks are to attrack happiness
Five Stalks are to attrack wealth
Seven Stalks are to attrack good health
21 stalks are for an all powerful blessing.

And very important

Tie your stalks together with a red ribbon!!!! (can’t remember why but it’s a must).

I have mine in a vase and when I first got them I weighed them down with some green stones (you could use river rocks) from the dollar store. Just in a plain glass vase and they get medium light.

They seem to work.

Here are more questions and answers from Yahoo Answers about good luck charms.

Linda asks…

Do you have any good luck charms?

I have a necklace and the charm is a key. I read that those can give you inspiration and creativity. I think that’ll be my good luck charm. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Suzi Q answers:

No i don’t have any lucky charms. Well let me rethink that. Yes I do because I saw a ladybug in my car the other day and I didn’t shoo it away.

David asks…

what are some good luck charms for luck?

I’m going on a gameshow and i want good luck brung to me. I’m already going to wear turquoise but i can buy anything. So can yall tell me what are some lucky things that i can wear/bring? THANKS!

Suzi Q answers:

Things that bring you luck are things that are important to you.


A Crucifix, considered in Christian tradition as a defense against demons, as the holy sign of Christ's victory over every evil. : Click for image credit

George asks…

What are some good luck charms for an international mojo bag?

My friend and i are putting together a giant good luck bag. What are some items from any country or region to put in this bag? Thank you, Blessed Be!
-Ginseng and Honey

Suzi Q answers:

Cloth piece sign badge.

Four leaf clover, taped on both sides for preserving.

Mini mirror.

Laura asks…

What are the best good luck charms for poker players?

I’ve used a green and white adventurine piece that served me well but as of late I’ve returned to my horrendous luck curse. I am a VERY unlucky person so I’m looking for a miracle working piece.

Suzi Q answers:

If you are playing poker and relying on luck…You’r loosing…..Nuf said

Ken asks…

What are some good luck charms?

Tomorrow I have a big soccer game that my team NEEDS to win. I know that skill will pretty much be the only thing to help, but I want to try and bring some good luck charms and see if they work. I know elephants, turtles, and such are lucky.. but it’s a soccer game. I can wear a bandanna, or something in my hair as long as it’s not metal. No bracelets, but I can keep it in my sock, or shoe. Any ideas?

Suzi Q answers:

I am afraid that is impossible to answer as an object can hold positive energy no matter what it is and may only release that energy for certain people. However, if you are doing a project or something, here’s a few that traditionally are lucky, rabbits foot, horse shoe, penny, underwear and harder to find a four leaf clover.

William asks…

Have you got any good luck charms or superstitions ?

I realy need some good luck at the moment and i need some =] have you got any that you have found work? if so were do you get them … im quite supersitious and i love old traditions , thankx for any help xxx

Suzi Q answers:

When passing a cemetary in your car hold your breath until you are all the way past it and you get to a white house. Don’t let it out before you get to a white house. This will give you good luck for a week!

Michael asks…

Are There Any Ukrainian Good Luck Charms?

If there is, can anyone tell me something similar or like a good luck charm that originates from Ukraine or even Russia?

Suzi Q answers:

Oh yes a chopped off chicken head

Daniel asks…

How many people believe in good luck charms?

Curious because i wonder where luck comes from?

Suzi Q answers:

I don’t believe in any of that, but I knew a lot who did. My mother-in-law from my first marriage was Italian & they had the statues, the numbers, the ladders, cats. Pearls. It was crazy. I don’t believe in luck. If you want to hear more about what she thought, e-mail me.

Paul asks…

Do you believe in good luck charms?

I’ve been having the most awful luck and thought maybe I’d get me a lucky charm. I know it sounds silly but I’m desperate.
What do you find to be lucky?

Suzi Q answers:

I have a few.

I will give you these sites and info to help you:

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