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Love Superstitions


Love Superstitions; are they silly and irrational?

By Bobby Blueblood

Though we regard superstitions as silly and irrational, but this is a true fact that these love superstitions have been passed down since ages through our ancestors. Superstitions about love are followed even by educated people. No matter how educated or well grounded a person is, love makes the person irrational and illogical. The spell that love casts upon a person is such that one can easily fall prey to the superstitions which he or she had shunned for years to come. Superstitions relating to love are very old and are seen all around the world nearly in all cultures.

There is a love superstition that if someone stumbles on the staircase, then the person is soon going to fall in love. A knife should never be gifted to the beloved as it might cause the relationship to be in danger. Another superstition says that tying a blue ribbon around your neck means your beloved will kiss you before the day ends. They say that it is unlucky to drop a pair of scissors as it means that the lover of the person who dropped the scissors is unfaithful.

Some superstitions are really funny like the one regarding a salty soup. If a girl prepares a salty soup, it means that she is in love. To ensure fidelity from the partner, one should sew a swan’s feather in the pillow of the loved one. There is a love superstition relating to the writing of love letters too. It says that the letter should be completed before midnight and one should be careful not to drop it on the floor because this will lead to quarrels between the two lovers.

It is believed that Fridays are the best and lucky days for proposal and if there is a positive reply from the other side, then the day of engagement should be at once declared the following day. On another note most of us have heard that Friday, especially Friday the 13th is unlucky so that is probably a day that this particular superstition doesn’t apply. They say that delay in engagements may lead to delay in the wedding too. Some other love superstitions that depict the person is going to fall in love are like if the person has hairy legs or if the person dreams of taking a bath. The lovers should never meet on the stairs or they are doomed to get separated from each other.

Another love superstition says that certain rituals and customs, if followed properly, will make you dream of your lover. Sleeping with a mirror under the pillow, wearing the nightgown inside out, putting daisies besides the pillow and counting of nine stars for about nine nights before going to bed are all signs of seeing dreams of your lover. There is another interesting superstition which says that if a girl meets her lover under the new moon for the first time, she will be lucky in love forever.

Some superstitions are related with cooking too. For example if the biscuits that one bakes gets burnt, then the person will be unlucky in love. The most common superstition about love is that one must not make a call to his girlfriend for three days after the first date. They say that not following this superstition leads to the breakup of the relationship. Love superstitions are always prevalent in our societies in some form or another.

I’ll bet most of you have never heard of most of these love superstitions. Do you follow any of these love superstitions? I live in the Unites States and practically all these are new to me, but I feel rather sure that in other places in the world that is not the case.

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