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Mayan Year 2012 Q&A


Questions About the Mayan Calendar and 2012

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Steven asks…

Why did those Mayan jerks think they had the right to get people all worried about the end of the world?

Did they think that since they lived so long ago, that 2010 itself would never actually come??

PS- You are not a jerk if you are Mayan now, just the people who made of the calender in the first place.
whoopsies 2012

Suzi Q answers:

It was a fraternity prank.

Donald asks…

why are people so worried about the Mayan calendar if the Aztec calendar ends a year before the Mayan?

Suzi Q answers:

You have raised an interesting point.

I can’t give you a reason, but it’s my guess that the Mayan calendar’s end has had more extensive press–or “hype,” if you will.

To me it’s all reminiscent of the doom and gloom predictions surrounding Y2K that made the rounds in the late 1990’s.

Throughout history people have predicted the end of the world, and so far, it seems that none of them have gotten it correct yet.

I guess I’ve just lived through enough of them–1966 (especially June 6 of that year), 1975, 1988, New Year’s Day of 2000–that I no longer get frightened by such things.

I’m sure that it will end eventually, maybe even tomorrow or the next day, but life is too short to spend it worrying about such things. I just want to make my limited time here count, even though I know that I’ll never accomplish anything really great in the grand scheme of things.

If I can show a little kindness, give comfort to another, show a child the wonders of the world we live in, I think I’ll count my life well spent, and not fret about the end of the world (or at least civilization as we know it).

Michael asks…

Has anyone ever heard of Guatamalan Worry People?

In the highland villages of Guatemala, where the majority of the people are of Mayan descent, a story is told: It is said that if you tell one worry to each worry person when you go to bed at night and place them under your pillow, in the morning all your worries will have been taken away.

This is what I read about them on a spiritual site. I’ve never heard about this before though.
This is a new one on me.

Suzi Q answers:

Yep- known about them since i was a kid. You can usually buy them in a small wooden box in gift shops, or online. I personally have a bag of 100 of them for making into a project someday.

Lots of sellers on EBay –

Lizzie asks…

Does the mayan calendar actually say the world will end in 2012?

I just barely graduated high school and I am worried about this whole “end of the world” prediction in 2012. I have read A lot about the mayan calendar and I have not seen where they have said its the end of the world on a certain day. In fact, Ive read we have already gone through a great cycle before and nothing happened. why are people so worried this time? Can anyone please answer this, so I can live my life and not worry? Thank you

Suzi Q answers:

The Mayan Long Count calendar clicks over from to on 21st December 2012. That’s all there is to it. It’s the same as our calendar changing from 1999 to 2000. The Mayans themselves never predicted the end of the world would happen at that time.
All the doomsday predictions attached to this date are, without exception, unscientific nonsense, perpetrated by frauds and hoaxers.

Maria asks…

People with knowledge of the mayan calender and alleged upcoming Apocalypse. Please help me.?

I watched a program on the Discovery Channel concerning an Apocalypse occurring in 2012. It’s true that the end of the world has been predicted many times by various people. I know all of this. But the thought of the world ending in some way in the near future has began to consume me so that it has had a negative effect on my day to day life and performance in school. I usually dismiss things like this as rubbish but i haven’t been able to shake it. I do not know much about the mayan ca lander or what it has predicted in the past and in the present. So what things has the Mayan calender predicted? Natural disasters? How many of them have occurred? And does it say specifically that the world will end in 2012 or is it just the last recorded date? Someone presented me with the information that the same people/person who predicted the fall of the Roman empire also predicted 2012 as the end of the world, as did the egyptians. Did they say this because the Mayan calender predicted it (if it actually did).

As you can see I’ve got alot of questions. I need some assurance that everything is going to be fine and that i’ve got nothing to worry over. I’m not religious so i don’t want to be assured that it’s not going to happen because it contradicts information provided by the bible.

Suzi Q answers:

The bible teaches that NO ONE can predict when the world will come to an end. I believe that. You say you aren’t religious, but God wants you to be.

Mark asks…

Why are so many people Worried about 2012?

Why are so many people worried that 2012 will be the end of the world, the mayans predicted the apocalypse like a lot of other civilisations and religions had, (this civilisation was religion based)
so why be so worried????

Suzi Q answers:

People are worried bc they don’t know what will happen. It isn’t just the Mayans “running out of room” on their calendar. Many other civilizations also predicted some sort of “world end” on exactly December 21 2012. The Egyptians even went to such extremes as to bury their predictions underground. How would all of these ancient civilizations, who couldn’t communicate with each other, come up with the same date? It’s weird.

I watched a documentary on Discovery where man from Nasa said “When several ancient civilizations have predicted a cataclysmic event in 2012 and that also happens to be the same time that the 11 year solar storm will be at Solar Maximum…someone better start paying attention”

“Many forecasters believe Solar Cycle 24 will be big and intense. Peaking in 2011 or 2012, the cycle to come could have significant impacts on telecommunications, air traffic, power grids and GPS systems. (And don’t forget the Northern Lights!) In this age of satellites and cell phones, the next solar cycle could make itself felt as never before.”

I find it quite a coincidence that this major happening is forecasted for 2012, as this exact timing correlates to the ancient Mayan prediction of the end of the dimension.

This Nasa guy said he believed there would be the largest solar flare in history, it would take out the protective magnetic field around the Earth, causing the poles to flip. Meaning the north pole would become the south pole. This would cause earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves..etc. Under Yellow Stone National Park is the largest known super volcano in North America..if it goes, we all go.

Yes the end of the world has been predicted many times. But never to this magnitude.

Paul asks…

Will people see the Icelandic volcano as a sign of Ragnarok the same way they worry about the Mayans’ calender?

What happened, did Loki break loose?
I think you guys are missing the point. It’s a joke.

Suzi Q answers:

WOW a volcano in Iceland, who would’ve thought it

Donna asks…

How many people believe and are getting ready for 2012?

Looking back in the years everyone is saying, “Yeah I survived 9/11 y4k mad cow disease and all that other stuff … 2012 here we come.” and it makes sense except one thing… the mayans didn’t predict those. How many people are actually worried?

Suzi Q answers:

I’m not the least bit worried. There’s not a single scrap of scientific evidence behind any of it. It’s been invented by crackpots and exploited by con artists trying to make a fast buck out of gullible people by selling them books, survival kits and other useless junk.
There will be no pole shift, Planet X/Nibiru, deadly solar storm, rare alignment, photon belt nor any other of the made-up nonsense. It’s just a heap of garbage.

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