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Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols – are they the language of dreams?

By Bobbie Blueblood

Dream Symbols play the work of words and they help in interpretation of dreams. They are actually the language in which dreams can be better understood. They help in arising the inner feeling and many a times they have deeper meanings. Symbols also leave the person confused and the person starts pondering over what the dreams actually meant. A powerful tool is required to interpret the dream precisely and accurately. Analyzing the dreams also tends to interpret the deep feelings and hidden secrets.

To interpret the dreams precisely, there is a dream dictionary available in the market. Though it is a fact that we ourselves can interpret our dreams more precisely than any one else. This dictionary has about 5200 keywords relating to dreams which have 20,000 meanings. It does not mean that these meanings are the final say for your dreams but they may help you to move into the correct direction of interpretations. One can understand these cryptic messages hidden behind the dreams by practice and time.

The letter ‘A’ in the dream itself signifies the beginning of a new era in one’s life. The landing of the airplane means the arrival of a new life or birth whereas an airplane crash interprets a difficult delivery of a child. The significance of spirituality is interpreted by dreaming an abbey. To see abbreviations in the dream means the initials of someone special or important in the life.

Suppressed emotions are represented if one dreams an abdomen in the dreams. A dream of abortion means that it is an indication not to neglect one’s own health. It also means one being a hindrance in the way of one’s own growth and development. An acacia tree in the dream symbolizes you behavior towards death.

Dreaming of an academy indicates new opportunities and friends in life. To see the dream symbol of an ace in a deck of cards means that one is involved in a love affair and it also indicates ambiguity in the life. Hatred, anger and resentment are the interpretation of seeing acid in the dreams. Strength as well durability is the results of seeing an acorn in the dreams. Dreaming about the letter ‘B’ means to leave the situation as it is which further means to be as it is. Dreaming of a badge in your dreams signifies high status and position in the life.

To dream of a balloon means that one is going to fail miserably in the matter of heart and romance. Further black balloons means depression and sadness in life. Trust and resilience are depicted when someone dreams a bamboo is the dreams. Dreaming of eating g a banana indicates that your hard work is going to be paid for. To play banjo in the dreams signifies the feeling of togetherness with one’s spouse.



The letter ‘C’ indicates that you need to pay attention towards your life and just not be an average person in life. Dreaming about a cactus plant means that your privacy is being hindered and you need a lot space in your life. Seeing the letter ‘D’ in the dreams signifies joy and happiness in life and it also means mediocrity. It can also represent the number 500 according to roman numerals.


Admin observation

Cactus - a dream symbol

Although these dream dictionaries give meaning to various symbols what about the case of some of these dream symbols where the dreamer is totally unfamiliar with the symbol? For example, someone dreams about a cactus that has never seen a cactus and lives in Alaska. Would a cactus in their dreams mean the same thing as what the dictionary says about a cactus dream symbol? It seems to me symbols in a dream dictionary might have little or no relation to what the symbol in a dream means since each person is unique and personal experiences vary so greatly. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of disagreement with this so reply with your comments.


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Questions about Dreams

Sandy asks…

Hey you know how they say all dreams have symbols? Only answer if you believe they have symbols if not don’t?

Give your honest opinions. For example you know if they say, if you see water in your dream its a symbol, or if your gong up some stairs or down some stairs, or if you see a red door.

OK well this one is my little brothers dream. See there’s this girl that he likes, and he had a dream about her. Well not directly about her. This is what hes claiming, he says he gad lots of crushes before but never had lots of or if any at all dreams about them. This one he used to dream about quit a bit, but stopped because his feelings went down some because they haven’t seen or texted each other for awhile. Its nothing serious though. This is a recent dream.

Here’s the dream. He was walking with her 10yr old lil sister, in some where he thinks it was a store. He cant remember there being other people there. He says he felt like as if he was buying her some toys, but he cannot confirm it, it was just a feeling he had he was doing. He says the walls were white, had an office carpet. You know like the ones in those business offices. The rest was kinda blurry to him. Her lil sister is white , idk if that matters but im just typing all the details from which he described to me. She was wearing a dress a white one. It had small pink idk dots? or designs on it. Her hair was straight down kinda like the normal style. He cant remember the color socks or shoes she had. He says it was a bunny dress lol, because it had a white puff tail sticking out the back of it, it was short lol. They were talking about something he cant remember. He doesn’t know if it was a store either because he doesn’t remember any shelves or toys or people like i said.They were standing there then she faced him she looked up at his he looked down at her and she put her hands together in front of her, smiled, kinda leaned her head to the left a bit and said you guys are gonna be together.( him and the girl he likes, which is her older sister ), she kinda nodded up and down kinda like a yes lol. then he said What how do you know that? Then she said it again, and nodded her head again, Then he said but how do you know? Then she said it again. He cant remember exactly how many times they went back and forth saying that.

Then that’s it, that’s what he said happened. When he told me this, i told him either, the symbol is that you wish you two were together, or that maybe you should get back in touch with her, or maybe you will have her one day?? idk, I’m not a dream expert. What do you think the symbol is? thanks

Suzi Q answers:

Not all dreams have symbols. Sigmund Freud believed that some dreams didn’t mean anything, and he literally wrote the book on dream interpretation.

Donna asks…

what does my dream mean?

i was on a ship for a school i guess. i was walking around by myself when i saw a ladybug type button on the ceiling. i got a chair and a few big books and was standing on it trying to push the button but i slipped and started to fall, but instead of hitting the ground i found myself in a guys arms. i opened my eyes to see my friends, he just smiled at my then said” you are so trouble some sabrina! ^_^” he put me down and left but right when he turned the corner the ship started to sink i looked over the edge and saw the water getting closer, right when i was going to leave the ship jerk causing me to fall over the railing but somehow i grabbed it and was hanging on i started to scream for help but as soon as help can i fell in the water, i saw who was going to save me, it was my friend that caught me earlier, i swam up to caught my breath, i saw my friend swimming to me. he asked if i was ok and the out of nowhere a empty raft came to us and we both climbed in. then he hugged me and said ” see, i told you you where a troublesome girl.” we both started to laugh. he hugged me and when he let go we were in the ship. he took me to my room and stayed with me till i fell asleep, or whatever. when i got up i saw a white ball gown on a chair in my room that i was staying in. i pull the dress over me and looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was curls with glitter in it. i walked out of my room to go to the dance that they were holding in the ballroom. when i was walking another one of my friends ran into me, he looked at me then behind him then he pulled me up and we started to run he pulled me into a supply closet and a few seconds later we heard men running by the closet yell find him, he looked different like instead of him looking like the shy guy he is he look like a player. ” hey sabrina long time no see!” he said i was a little confused then i started yelling at him saying “what the hell nick!?!!” he had a surprised look on his face.” you could have just left me there, you son of a-” he cut me off by kissing me, i push away and gave him a what the fuck look ” you want to get in trouble?” then i remembered the ball. ” i have to go nick.” i left and he was right behind me, i then noticed he had a tux on. ” i guessing your going to the ball, am i right.” ” yup.” we both walked in and as soon as we walked in me and him just started to talk then out of nowhere he says ” i know you love him sabrina, don’t let fear hold you back.” then i got up from the table and started to run to where my “hero” was. he just got done serving tables at the ball, and he saw me then said ” would you like to dance.” with a smile, we danced and talked then he kissed me and said ” you were always me dream” then i woke up. i know its a long dream but that’s what i remember. and no i did not see the titanic, in fact the last time i saw it was a year ago, just to get things straight.

Suzi Q answers:


Sabrina, clearly you’re a very romantic type – unlike many on here – so I can only wish for you that you do indeed get to be the belle of the ball and you do indeed finally win through with your “hero”.

Good luck.

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