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Messages from Spirits


Messages from Spirits – how do they reach us?

By Bobby Blueblood.

Messages from spirits are generally signs or some kind of indications sent by the higher and spiritual realms. They are sent to us to teach us something or maybe to warn us of something. These are very strong vibes which cannot be easily dismissed.

These can be anything from nature, animals, birds or any kinds of objects around us. The messages of spirits reach us through a number of mediums directly or indirectly. We can also reach them with the help of some Spirit Guides. They are solely a medium to connect to our higher selves.

To receive messages from spirits, it is very important to open one’s own psyche which is also known as the intuition or the psychic ability. There are many ways in which spirits can convey their messages to humans. Sometimes we hear our names being called out from behind us and on turning back there is no one. Many a times they convey their messages through dreams. Sensations are also a medium through which we can receive messages of spirits. It is said that spirits also use the sensation of smell to draw our attention towards them.

There are a number of other sources for these kinds of messages to reach us. It can be in the form of breezes, weather changes, smells, sounds or songs. Candles are also a very good medium for inviting the spirits or getting messages from them. This is done by creating a dark room after turning off all the lights and then burning these candles. The message can be received by asking a question in front of the burning candle and asking the spirit to blow out the candle if the answer is a ‘no’ for the question asked and vice versa.

Another popular method from very ancient times is the method of automatic writing which has been used from age old times to establish a connection with the spirit world and receive messages from spirits. This is generally done in the disturbed state of the subconscious mind of the writer. It can be that the spirits manipulate the writings of the person because the handwriting of the person does not match with the automatic writings and the person is unaware of what is happening at that very moment. Some people say that it might be that the spirits try to communicate by creating messages in the minds of the writer. Through this method, it is said that the divine messages are easy to reach us.

Divine messages from the higher spiritual realms generally lack straight forwardness. One needs great practice and communication abilities to understand the real message given by the spirits. The process of meditation with a peaceful mind and high set of disciplines is also a method to connect to the spiritual world.

A deeper kind of meditation in which the person tends to travel to different places through the spirits is known as astral projection. This is a very effective method of connecting to the spirits and receives their messages easily. Séances, vision quests and Ouija boards of spirits are some of the other mediums used to connect to the spiritual world. Lucid dreams and inking the spirits are some lesser forms of receiving messages from the spirits.

We would like more information about messages from spirits. If you have intimate knowledge of spirit communication we welcome your information. Submit a short essay of 500 words (or more) using our Contact form. If accepted we will feature it on Superstition Lane giving you credit.

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Question about Spirits

Laura asks…

I’m not sure if there is a bad spirit in my house? help me?

I’m not sure if this is connected or not.

But as of 2 weeks ago I have been hearing odd sounds in the house. Walking around and banging pots in the kitchen when me and my roommates are all sleeping. I even heard someone open the front door and close it and yet all of us in the house were sleeping. I ignored it and went to bed.

lately, Things have been dropping out of my hands.
my shampoo when I am showering
the cupboard closed when I was near by
I don’t know if it is lack of sleep as I have not been sleeping very well – maybe clumsiness is a symptom?

I also bought a crystal skulls and other crystals within this time frame for good luck and abundance. My heart was in the right place.

However, my gut seems to tell me someone’s dark energy or something dark is on these stones??

I’m a Christian and not sure I even believe in all this.

I am spooked and confused?

Any prayers to say that would end all of this?
Are the stones and crystal skulls possessed?

And No i am not schizo as the noises only happen at night. And I have asked my family doctor if I am sane, he says YES. so there.

Suzi Q answers:

The spirits in your dorm have become angry at your feeble attempt to cast them from you. The more you rely upon your religion, the more angry and mischievous the spirits will become. Even if they back off for a while, this is their attempt to draw you off guard by your growing in your religious belief as being stronger than the spirits.

Man has no control over the spirit world. To see these so called ghost hunters display their lack of knowledgeable understanding only makes me laugh. Especially those who take an axe with them when they hunt for ghosts…give me a break!!! Ghosts are already dead and you cannot kill them any more. Religious Icons and solutions only anger them since they are on the other side and know the truth about religions. Man in all his ignorance still falls back on organized religion fruitlessly.




Steven asks…

can anyone help with this situation.?

I know this must sound very silly and I am not at all crazy or no one in my family is either, I do believe in god and attend church every other Sunday. I know that there will be some who will say, “go see a doctor.” but all in all I need to know what this could be.

I have been in my home for about 4 years now (rented not owned) there has been many weird things that has happened. I have seen aspirations and so has my son, my partner, even my cousin who once resided with me. I have done a lot of research on the house’s history for the past two months, what I found is that previous owners were strange themselves with one who would clean each brick on the outside of the house, and another having wind chimes covering the back yard, which isn’t too weird, but found out later she somewhat dabbled with the occult, also each person who has owned the house I reside in has ended in divorce with separating their children. So far there have been four divorces total. My home was built in 1918. Since I have been here, at first found many things, a voodoo doll, horse shoes nailed above the door, well many weird thing. I can’t seem to keep my feet planted and face challenges, I know we all face challenges, but since I have been here it is one after another and it does not stop with one being worse than before. My son has come to me and told me things he has seen and even I have. I sometimes wake between 3 and 3:30 in the morning and sometimes from the corner of my eye I can see someone standing there, but I look again and see nothing and call it, my eyes are playing tricks on me. I have seen a black cat run across, thinking it might be my cat but when I check again she is asleep on the chair. My son tells me for some reason he does not feel safe here and also has seen a man ,a woman and even a child. he has said a woman in white with brown hair but could not see her face came from my bedroom when I was asleep and he was the only one awake. I have tried to bless my home in the name of Jesus Christ and use a sage stick and each time it worsens. I have felt such an UN easy presence and even sometimes see someone standing or the feeling of someone watching. I have tried to move three different times and it each time I have come up with nothing. This will be my fourth time trying again. I know that in this home my boys who were always so close have become very distant and never seem to talk only to bicker, my oldest has become so negative it is almost impossible to get him to see the positive and whatever is here won’t leave my youngest alone, he is 17 years old and always in an upbeat attitude and try’s very hard to stay that way whilst in this house. Since I have been here people always come and go and with that I mean they come and leave with us being in battle. Could it be possible that the people who once was here left there bad energy

Suzi Q answers:

Sounds like demons live in the house. If you are a true born-again Christian, take the authority Jesus gave you in Matthew 28 and tell the demons to leave in the name of Jesus and go straight to hell where they came from. Then pray and dedicate the house to God – anoint it with oil and declare that God will be honored here……………………there is great power in Jesus authority.

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