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Elephant Luck and Dreams Q&A

Continued from part 3

Questions About Elephant Luck and Dreams

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Laura asks…

My question has to do with Puerto Rican culture. – Glass elephant faces the wall or corner of room. Why?

People often place little glass, decrative figures in the homes, such as little glass angles or animals… often on top of shevles or on coffee tables. You can notice that many Puerto Rican people will put the glass decrative elephants facing the wall. I dont’ really know why this is done, but the elephant has to face the wall or the corner of the room. It is supposted to be for good luck I think. Does anyone know why this is done or the tradition behind it. My mother, grandmother, and aunts all do this. I’m pretty sure that it is only a traditon amongst Puerto Ricans, but I could be wrong. Anyone know?

Suzi Q answers:

Well I’m Mexican and the tradition I have heard and seen is that it’s 3 elephants facing the front door. One is bought, the other one is given to you as a gift and the last one is found in no particular order but once you have them face them towards your front door it should bring you good luck and wealth something like that!!!

James asks…

What should I give for my friend’s white elephant party?

Most people get nice bottles of Jameson (boring) or gift certificates (lame). I was going to give a nice handmade unisex scarf, but as I have been really busy, don’t think I can finish it this year. What would be an awesome present for a guy or gal in their early thirties that is relatively inexpensive (i.e. less than 40 bucks). Past gifts have included hand detailed good luck maneki nekos and hard to find movies. The thing is I don’t even exchange gifts with my own family (we’ve moved past the stage where Christmas is about gifts) but I do enjoy this Annual White Elephant Party just to see what wacky things people come up with to give each other. So, the wackier, the most useful, and the most creative gifts the better!

thanks in an advance!

Suzi Q answers:

Box of Godiva
Knit Hat for local sports team
Table Topics (question game, its fun)
Starbucks gift set (bag of coffee, coffee cup, flavored syrup)
101 think you should know how to do book (more if your friends are under 30)
Wallet bottle opener (got these as favors for my birthday party and everyone loved them)

Steven asks…

Joke: Why did the elephant cross the road?

BA goes to the person who gets it right.. If no one does after the 4 hours i will say it then close the question! Good LUck
I guess yall have heard this before…
Alright then.. Why did the Buffalo bills go to the bank?

Suzi Q answers:

It was the chicken’s day off.

Buffalo bills went to the bank to get their quarterback.

Chris asks…

Do you know a lot about Elephant Run?

Well here is a test to see. I am a teacher and I want to see how many people can get a right answer so I know what to do in school. So the person who gets the most right answers gets best answer. Good luck and remember to restate your question.

Here you go:

Name: Date:

1.What period of time does this book take place? Give 2 supporting details to your answer.

2.Explain why Nick needs to go to Burma? Give 2 supporting details to your answer

3.Who us Magwe? Describe his personality in 4 ways and use 4 examples to support your answer.

4.Who/ What is Hannibal?

5.Describe Nick’s first encounter with Hannibal. What happens? How does Nick feel about the situation?

6.Why is Mya eager to have Nick on the Teak plantation?

7.What is Hilltop’s(Taung Baw’s) situation/history on the platation? What does he do there?

8.What deal does Colonel Nagayoshi make with Nick and his father?

9.Describe Nick’s Days as a Japanese captive in 4 ways.

10.What is Nick’s escape plan? DOes it work? Who suprises them in the tunnel?

11.Why do u think Hilltop was able to gain control over Hannibal when no one else was capable of it?

12.Where is Nick’s Father being held? How does he end up there?

13.Sonji is guarding Nick’s farther. Why is this fortuitous/good?

14.What does Nick learn about his father?

15.Is Nick reunited with his father?

16. Write a summery including 9 details, 3 for the beginning of the story, 3 for the middle of the story, and 3 for the end of the story.

Suzi Q answers:

.. No idea what you’re talking about ..

Richard asks…

Struck by a long string of bad luck – superstitious or supernatural?

My husband was struck by a long, string of bad luck after he received an elephant sculpture from his boss. The sculpture was made of Jade. Some coins were impregnated in the figure of an elephant. His boss owned an antique store and she had a good business relationship with my husband. That’s why I was very surprised when one day my husband came back home with that elephant sculpture in his hand and told me that his boss said to him:”I am giving you this elephant. When I got it, everything went wrong in my life.” I don’t think my husband took her seriously. That’s why he brought an elephant sculpture to our home and placed it on the book shelf. I didn’t like the idea of keeping this sculpture in our house, because I didn’t think it was a friendly gift.
Very soon he was struck by long string of bad luck, one after other. First he lost the job (his boss ended up in the hospital and after awhile closed her business); he got seriously sick and almost died; he had several car accidents; financial problems; etc. I took the elephant sculpture and sold it in a thrift store. However, it was too late. The damage was already done.
Three years almost passed and I did not see any significant improvement in terms of stopping bad luck. Then I decided to buy a toy poodle in hope that a little puppy will make us happy and help my husband to recover from the illness. When we got a puppy, a chain of unpleasant events were rapidly to follow. Not only that a little dog did not help situation to cheer up, but she made it much worst. What such events mean I don’t know. Some people would consider it superstitious, while others would say the supernatural directed those incidences.
We owned a toy poodle for just four months, but my family and I have experienced nothing but a struggle. She was a very special dog that touched our lives, but in a negative way. She was either a bad omen, or she was on some special mission that nobody could understand. Wherever she was, weird thinks have happened. A cloud of mysterious and misfortune events followed us up.
Tragically, four months later, my dog suddenly pasted away. It looked like her mission was done. Finally a period of peace came into our life, after a long series of incidents and misfortunes.
It all started with a jade sculpture of an elephant and ended up with a puppy. My husband’s ex boss did not have any reasons to dislike my husband. Why she gave him an elephant? Is it possible that this sculpture was the reason for a series of misfortunes?
I would like to find out if the dog we owned was some kind of demon, or harbinger? Some supernatural animals mean no good, other exist to protect certain persons from harm. I want to figure out if she was an unfriendly spirit in form of a dog, or she was just an unlucky puppy, born on Friday the 13.

Does anybody now something about Spectral animals, Ghostly animals, or have any logical explanation for everything that happened to us?

Suzi Q answers:

Sounds like you are in the first stages of making your own religion…

That or a troll…

Odd first message though.

Charles asks…

I saw episodes of the TV Show the Simpson’s?

Apu is a Hindus who Worships the Elephant Ganesha the God of Good Luck with 8 Legs its funny how he has 8 Kids

Is it true that in South American Countries in every Soccer field has the state of Mother Mary so she can watch over people who starts riots?

I saw Rev Love joy and Ned Flanders in Conflict again I thought they were Christians

I saw Rev Love joy and a RCC Bishop fighting at a Christian Convention over Religious Doctrines about celibacy and married Priests

Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders go to same Church but I don’t no why Homer hates Ned Flanders all the time

Suzi Q answers:

Are you looking for a deep, spiritual meaning in all that?

You won’t find it… is what it is, a satire and a cartoon.

Mandy asks…

…10 points!!Care to answer this for fun?

Altight i tried this on a couple of my friends and they had no clue to what the answer was.. i wanna see if anyone here knows!!

What’s the difference between an elephant who is sick and seven days?

good luck! ^_^

Suzi Q answers:

An elephant who is sick is weak! Seven days is a week!!!.

Ken asks…

Do you know what a dream about a baby white elephant means?

I had a dream last night of that a tiny baby white elephant was in my way on the road. I got out the car and picked him up. I knew he belong to someone else. I held him like a baby and he had the cutest face. Before i handed him off to his owners he touched my face with his trunk. Does anybody have an idea of what this may mean?

Suzi Q answers:

I too have had a similar dream, i went to my psychologist, and they said that there was either a child, or a small animal will enter my life soon, but only for a short while.
Turns out, i took in a baby kitten till it was healed, he had been stabbed by a pitchfork… Any who.. That’s what he said it meant .

Linda asks…

I saw a dream of being Chased by an elephant? Whats the meaning of this dream?

As far i can recall, this is how the dream began. An elephant and his child were in a dip pit. I was walking on a platform above the pit. The pit was deep that only the tip of the trunk of the elephant can barely reach the wall of the elevated platform. I don’t know why but i teased the elephant by inserting a needle or some other object into his trunk. I thought they will never be able to climb the pit to reach me. But the next moment i saw them chasing me and i was running like hell to save myself. Our locality is a very tacky place with great congestion and narrow lanes. I walked into one of my relatives gates through his backdoor hoping that the elephant won’t be able to reach here. But moments later i saw him at the back door, so i just ran out from the front door. Again i was running and the elephant was chasing me. Then a thought came into my mind that elephant has a limited speed and if i could leave my locality, he won’t be able to catch me. The area in which i live is situated in a radius of around 2-3 kms. So i hired a taxi and asked him to drive fast out of this area. This is where i woke up.

Suzi Q answers:

Chubby chaser…?

Helen asks…

I had a weird dream last night of an elephant giving birth, What does it mean?

In my dream an unknown person and myself were riding a fairly large elephant through what appeared to be a very large mine shaft. As we all ventured deeper into the tunnel all of a sudden balls of flames started falling from the ceiling. Here is where it gets weird the elephant ask me and the unknown person to help it with the falling flames. The best way I can decribe this is the unknown person and myself were able to create ice from our hands which stopped the flames falling on the elephant. After awhile the elephant was unable to walk, so we stopped to let the elephant rest but all of a sudden it was in pain. The unknown person went deeper in the tunnel alone despite my request for he/she to stay and help with the elephant. Afterward the elephant‘s trunk started to wail around and it gave birth through its trunk and I woke up.

Could this dream of any kind of meaning behind it?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes it does. The tunnel represents your journey in life, the elephant your means of transportation. The fire represents the troubles you have in life. And you seem to be dealing with problems well( the ice).

The companion represents another person or persons who have abandoned you. Maybe you feel you are falling short of your goals, or the things others expect of you. The elephant’s weird experience sends you a message that you are experiencing in your life which is” Things are not as they should be”. You feel that things are not as they should be in your life at this time.

Sandy asks…

Dinosaur in the Bible, not a hippo, not an elephant?

I’m sure these verses have come up a lot but this is why I personally believe the behemoth is not an elephant, hippo, or similar animal.


15 Behold now the behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox —

If you created the universe and was trying to show your power, you would have to use something incredibly huge to compare it to an ox. A large creature which still eats grass just like the ox. Even an elephant which is still pretty big, wouldn’t make too much sense, an ox is still not WAY smaller than an elephant.

17 He moveth his tail like a cedar…

That’s almost self explanatory, hippos and elephants have really small tails. How can you compare a small tail to a cedar? So I would rule them out because of this, and because of my last point I made. Plus I doubt God would have mistaken the elephant‘s trunk for its tail.

23 Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.

Now, hippos live in rivers and have huge mouths, but we’ve ruled them out. And plus, I think something a lot, a lot, bigger than a hippo or elephant would be needed to even joke about them drawing up a whole river. You would need an incredibly large animal to say that he drinks so much water without even hesitating.

Now, you can say, “Well maybe it was a mammoth”. They still have tiny tail in comparison to a cedar tree. But God said he eats grass like an ox, what that could also mean is that he bends his head down and takes the grass directly into its mouth. Elephants and mammoths don’t bend down to eat, they use their trunks. And hippos aren’t too much bigger than an ox to even use. So now what? Still want to rule out a dinosaur? Apatosaurus makes much more sense to me.
Wow, I can’t believe you people are taking “drinketh up a river” literally. That boggles my mind. Where does God say, “take my words literally” ??
And God say in that first verse that he created the behemoth with man. Reread it. Plus don’t scientists today try to explain how they lived? It doesn’t mean they are correct. Thy are doing the same thing.

This is in Job 40: 15-24

Suzi Q answers:

Right you are Dante. This scripture is definitely describing a dinosaur , of some kind…. It could also be a brontosaur. I dont know why scientists have so much trouble with man and dinosaur living at the same time . All one has to do is go to Glenrose Texas where a human footprint is superimposed on a dinosaur footprint in limestone! Obviously most of the dinosaur bones we find were fossilized by Noahs flood. They even deny there was a floode! Talk about willingly ignorant!!!

2 Peter 3:3- 7 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

William asks…

What does this dream mean?

I dreamt of 4 large animals. And I mean about 5 stories tall.
An Elephant, a Triceritops, A Horse and a Bull.

The Horse and the Bull were both fighting violently. The setting was a suburb area with homes.
There were cops and a fire truck. At first I thought I was in trouble. Then they started yelling out at me to go into a gray run down shack where I made my way before the Horse and Bull got in the way. I ran into the shack and there were other people there. The Bull and the Horse’s fighting was shaking up the walls. I decided to run out with a couple of other people to a house with a balcony and ran up stairs hiding in the shadow with a lot of other people. Suddenly the Elephant came and ran his trunk up, (he was aggressive too) I tried inching away from it but then slapped it hard hoping to shoo it off. But I was also worried he’d attack.

What does this mean?

Suzi Q answers:

It sounds like you could be surrounding yourself with violent, aggressive, or stubborn people. Maybe some of them are fighting and you are being forced to take sides but all you do is want to run away but that just causes you to run into more problems. I don’t really know your situation but it sounds possible. Hahaha.



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