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Halloween Animal

Have You Heard these Halloween Animal Superstitions?

By Bobbie Blueblood

There are a lot of superstitions related to animals especially on Halloween. The Halloween cat’s superstitions are a common motif with people in comparison to the other superstitions. Some of them are as discussed below:



  • Flying of bats into the house on Halloween is a sign of ghosts moving around the house.
  • Flying of a bat three times around the house is a sign of death omen.
  • It is considered a sign of good weather if the bat comes out early and flies around playfully.

Black Cats-

  • The magical powers of a black cat are still believed by many people all around the world and even in America. It is said that certain bones of a cat have the power to make one invisible and also to make some wishes come true.
  • From very ancient times cats are always related to good luck.
  • North Americans believe that if a black cat crosses your path, it is bad luck and if a white one crosses your path, then it is good luck. And it is exactly the opposite belief for the British and Irish people.
  • The best known superstitions around the world is that if a black cat crosses your path and still if you don’t turn around and go back, it is a sign of bad luck following you.
  • The Europeans believe that black cats have dirty connections with the witches.
  • Catching a glimpse of a white cat at night on Halloween is associated with bad luck.
  • According to the Dutch people, cats are gossiping masters and they believe that cats go around the town gossiping.
  • In America, if one dreams of a white cat, it signifies good luck.
  • In Ireland, it is said that killing a cat brings about seventeen years of bad luck.
  • The Scottish believes that a strange black cat on the porch on Halloween night is a sign of prosperity and good fortune.
  • A cat sneezing is a good omen in Italy.


  • According to many cultures, owls are a symbol of magic. It is still believed by many that the owl swoops down on Halloween to eat the souls of the dying.
  • In India, eating owl’s egg means improving one’s eyesight.
  • Americans believe that burning an owl’s egg to ashes and then using it as a potion for the eyes improves eyesight. Owls are also known to be messengers of sorcerer and witches. The hooting of an owl indicates the coming of a witch.
  • The screeching of an owl in cold weather indicates the coming of a storm.
  • Hooting of an owl at midnight could result in the death of a new born baby especially on Halloween night.


If a snail is caught on Halloween night and locked up in a flat dish, the next morning it will indicate the first letter of one’s sweetheart written in snail’s slime.


Seeing a spider on Halloween night is the sign of a dead loved one watching you from nearby.

These are some of the superstitions about animals regarding the Halloween. They are interesting, spooky and fun to read.

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