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Elephants Good Luck Symbol: a Powerful Superstition

By Bobby Blueblood

There are many superstitions associated with the elephant. Elephants Good Luck Symbol a Powerful Superstition is a remnant of zoolatry, which is an expression of marvel and admiration at the instinct of the elephant. The elephant is considered as one of the wisest of all animals, maybe even the wisest.

The elephant is the largest land animal and was a sacred animal of the East that has kept its divinity over the ages. Superstitious beliefs about the elephant have been spread all over the world, even in America. Elephants here in the USA were originally brought here by traveling circuses.

Their ability to bring good luck is captured in the replicas of elephants with tusks up or even down. These ornaments are not only symbols of good luck, but are ornaments in themselves. Even in the United States you can find beautiful elephant statues adorning houses. Big and small elephant likenesses are said to bring good luck to those that possesses them.

gold Elephant

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For example if you visit our house you’ll find a metal elephant replica right near the front door. Then there is a cabinet facing the door with, well, at least two dozen elephant ornaments facing the door with their trunks up.

Some people believe the trunks up bring good luck. Others believe the trunk down will bring good luck. Take your pick. For those who are superstitious you may not be able to persuade them of the opposite of what they believe the elephant’s trunk signifies as regards to good luck.


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Since elephants come from the East most elephant superstitions originated there. As an example some Hindus wear mascots of lucky charms in the form of an elephant or Ganesa, the Elephant-headed god, who was the son of Siva. By doing so they believe they will gain wisdom and foresight. It also is supposed to remove all obstacles from their path – suggested, naturally, by the extraordinary strength of their idol.

I’m not from India, but I suppose this old superstition about Ganesa is not followed as much in modern India. By this I mean the big cities in India with the large populations. I may get a lot of flak from this supposition so if I am wrong please correct me in the comments section.

According to Hindu mythology, the elephant supports the world. This belief comes from the doctrine of metempsychosis, or transmigration of souls. Because of this belief it is easy to understand why the Hindus believed that the elephant’s faculties and functions were similar to humans, and that they could develop at any time in humans.

In animal worship it was assumed that a divine soul might be in animals as well as men. In Vishnu’s incarnation, a mythical elephant, which was afterwards appropriated by the god, Indra, was revered by the Hindus.

Elephant replica

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It appears that many false notions about the elephant are prevalent in India. Yet even though the elephant is a native of the country, its habitat and ways are thoroughly understood, and the elephant is beloved and worshiped, these elephant superstitions are so commonplace in that country.

There is more to say about elephant superstitions which this short article cannot go into, but suffice it to say, elephants and good luck go hand in hand all over the world.

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Continued in Part II


Elephant Questions

Sharon asks…

Elephant trunk meanings?

Hi all,

I’d like to know what the meanings are of the various directions an elephant trunk faces. For ex: Up, Down, Left, Right, Curled or Grabbing onto something.

Also, does anyone know if there is a “love” meaning to an elephant‘s trunk?

Thanks in advance!

Suzi Q answers:

I think the upward curl is favored, not familiar with the other positions. Here is a bit of information you might be interested in, they can communicate over great distances by rumblings from the bowel. They are amazing animals. I remember watching a documentary on the lives of Elephants it showed a herd heading to a water hole, on the way a Tortoise was crossing their path the lead Elephant gently pushed it out of the way. I will never forget it. Sorry to ramble on I just wanted to share it.

Joseph asks…

Are Elephants For Luck?

I heard that elephants are lucky like the shamrock. Is this true? And if it is than how did this belief come about? Thanks.

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, some people do consider elephants lucky. If the trunk of the elephant is up rather than down though. My Grandmother has lots of elephant ornaments of them with their trunks up. When the trunks are down it is not considered as lucky. Similar to people believing horseshoes to be lucky, but only pointing upwards, otherwise the luck supposedly ‘drips out’. I can’t help you with the origin though, I’m not too sure.

Carol asks…

Do you have any images of elephants in your home?

They are considered extraordinarily lucky..

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, they are images of Good Luck in my culture.
Perhaps the loveliest one we have is a sculpture of three elephants…I guess you have to see it to appreciate it.

Left Eye Twitching

Ruth asks…

I asked my friend if elephants have mouths and she laughed at me!!!!?

Yeah so i was just wondering if elephants have mouths because…well I mean…they have these giant trunks for sucking up peanuts so doesn’t it just go to their stomachs???? Well APPARENTLY they have mouths because the trunks are their noses and if they tried to eat through their nose they would die…but still…it was a GOOD question!!!!
I know it wasn’t really a question…lol, just wanted an opinion 🙂

Suzi Q answers:

What are you on!! Elephants don’t have mouths they do indeed suck their food up there trunks and they have tusks to puncture coconuts to have a drink. They also wear shoes to keep their footsies warm.

Mary asks…

Elephant good luck superstition?

I heard that to get good luck for the rest of your life you need to buy al elephant, steal and elephant and get al elephant form someone else. Is there information about this? Has anyone heard of this before?
(By elephant i mean figurines and such, not the actual mammal)

Suzi Q answers:

There is another one where if you have a statue of a elephant with it’s trunk raised and pointing at the door it’s good luck

Betty asks…

Which way are elephants suppose to face for luck? The window or the door?

Suzi Q answers:

I don’t know about that, but My neighbor (who is from Thailand) says the trunk should be turned upward.

Sandy asks…

I am looking for two large, clear glass elephants for my front window and can’t seem to find them anywhere.

Any suggestions? I have searched the web and auctions sites with no luck.

As for size, I want to be able to see them from outside so they should be pretty big…and I don’t want to spend a fortune.

Suzi Q answers:

Below is a website called “allelephants”

Seems to have a large selection.

Only other place I saw was custom hand blown elephants

Paul asks…

Why Are Elephants Used At Indian Weddings?

It is holy, supposed to bring good luck, festive. Please give detailed answers, as its for my project work.

Suzi Q answers:

It’s a symbol of wealth and social status, but not anymore. You’re talking about 30 years ago in the least. 🙂 Not everyone can own an elephant … Think about building it a shed and all the food it needs! And a car wash a day??

(Or maybe elephants just like to be used ;P lol )

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Sharon asks…

FUNG SHUI QUESTION- Ornamental Elephants…?

Ornamental Elephants? I heard that it is important for good luck to face your elephants east…is that right?
Or is is west? Or something else? What is the signifigance of them and what is the best way to place them?

Suzi Q answers:

I heard it was East as well. And their trunks must be up. Downward trunks are bad luck!

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David asks…

GUYS: picture being in the hospital, what would you want your gf to bring yaa?

i havee a very sick BF i am finally visiting him tomorrow, i have a elephant stuffed animal its cute & elephants are good luck, i have also been writing him 1 letter ever day since he has been gone,
he cannot eat or drink anything so candy/any sort of treat is off limits
would flowers be lamee? lol.. a video game maybe? like assasins 2? he already has the new COD and NHL 10.. maybe madden 10.. i just think cause when he gets home he will be laying around lots.
any ideas are helpful i really wannt to make him the happpiest i can

Suzi Q answers:

Something useful…that applies to something he enjoys doing…hopefully he enjoys doing more things than just video games. But it wouldn’t hurt to give him that stuffed elephant. But he’ll have NO good luck, UNLESS your elephant is pointing, trunk up, to the East.

Read more:

Charles asks…

Where can I find a Golden Elephant?

I always heard that having an Golden Elephant brings good luck

True or not, Im in the market for an Solid Gold Elephant. If you can give me an direct link to an Golden Elephant at an reasonable price online ill be happy to purchase it.

~~~I AM NOT!!!!~~~ looking for Elephant Jewelry.
Im looking for an Solid Gold Elephant Like this one:
Where can I get one trunk up to the east.

Suzi Q answers:

So, why don’t you just buy that one?
BTW, you’ll have NO good luck, UNLESS your elephant is pointing, trunk up, to the East.
Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Is it true ornamental elephants bring luck?

Suzi Q answers:

No. Why would an innanimate object change any part of the world? It’s just nonsense. Also, you dont specify whether it’s good or bad luck it’s meant to bring. In what possible, rational way could a plastic elephant change the way you live your life??

Linda asks…

Do elephant rings give you luck if upside down?

I was told that if you wear an elephant ring upside down it gives you good luck. Is that how it goes or should it be the other way?

Suzi Q answers:

I can tell you in all sincerity and with perfect confidence that it really doesn’t matter.

Mark asks…

Did elephants exist while mammoths existed ?

I have tried to find the answer to my question but I have not had any luck.Thank you if you answer nicely.

Suzi Q answers:

Mammoths died out only 10 thousand years ago and are actually an elephant subspecies. African and Asian elephants have been around a lot longer than that so, yes.

I think this is a question for the Zoology section, not mythology and folklore since both are real animals.

Betty asks…

(Urban Myth) Where Should Elephants Not Face?

ive always believed that model elephants ,such as Indian elephant ornaments should not face the windows or doors ? but wich is right ? where shall elephants not face ???? ive been having very bad luck and believe that maby this is why ? please help… thanks xx

Suzi Q answers:

Hey you!
Wow….I’ve asked this question to people before (not here though) and everyones looked at me like I was crazy.
It’s true elephants are good luck. My mom once told me I should place the elephant facing the front/main door to scare off evil eyes and bad luck entering your home.
I have a couple Indian inspired elephant ornaments some facing the door some facing a big window next to my fireplace that looks into my back yard.
I don’t know exactly which is right but I think I’ll change them both to face the main door.
Based on what my mom “thinks” the elephant shouldn’t have it’s back towards the door. Meaning it should be able to see who enters your home.

I hope this is right…makes sense to me.

William asks…

Elephant trunk is down…. bad luck?

My uncle went to India and got me a couple of souvenirs. One of them is a hand-made elephant keychain, really nice detailing, but the trunk is down. My mom told me to throw it away, because it is considered bad luck to have an elephant with a trunk down. Is it true, or should I just brush it off? I am scared to put it on my keys, or am I just being superstitious?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes it is, I would throw it out or reattach it somehow with the trunk up. But that’s just me

edit: should elaborate on superstitions a bit. Superstitions are manipulations of the subconscious mind, usually unintentionally by a relation made between ones self and certain actions or objects. So if you’ve put even a little bit of faith in this key chain you may be setting yourself up. You could also decide for yourself that elephants are good luck in general and go with that if you wanted to.

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Continued in Part II