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Superstitions 2012 Q&A


Questions About Superstitions for 2012

Presented by Honey B Wackx


Daniel asks…

Superstitions for 2012?

There are 6 friday the 13ths next year plus the Myan calander ends in december 2012. Is that really the end of a bad year ?

Suzi Q answers:

Where did you get this information from? There are only 3 Friday the 13ths in 2012; 6 would be impossible. I checked this in seconds with a 2012 calendar; why couldn’t you? Anybody who would believe that without checking is so gullible as to be unbelievable!

It’s “Mayan” not “Myan” and there’s considerable dispute as to exactly when their calendar ends.

Sandy asks…

Is it OK if i get married in LEAP YEAR – 2012?

I’m planning to get married in leap year i.e 2012. are there any superstitions attached with getting married to LEAP YEAR? Do let me know the pro’s & con’s of the same.

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, it is ok. There are no superstitions attached to marrying in a leap year. In 2008, approximately 2,200,000 people got married. And i imagine most of them are still living. I hope this helps you, in fact i plan on getting married in 2016

Thomas asks…

How silly do you think some people are going to feel on 22nd of Dec 2012?

Hopefully it’ll serve as a valuable lesson to them about the stupidity of doomsday superstitions.
Aaron> well in that case the world will have ended so I won’t feel anything at all! :op

Suzi Q answers:

“it’ll serve as a valuable lesson”
It will not.

On May 21, 2011, a bunch of people will stand with Harold, holding open Bibles over their heads, supposedly to show God that they heed His word (as if God had anything to do with an English-version of a Greek compilation made 2200 years ago, from older Jewish stories).

Of course, very few of these people (except Harold himself) will be the same people who did the exact same thing on September 6, 1994.

Many of us already knew that the Y2k scare was blown way out of proportion (there were some minor problems associated with Y2k and, sure enough, they were not fixed because they were not going to waste money on actually fixing problems). Still, after January 2000, many people patted themselves on the back for having averted the end of civilization.

When Nancy’s Planet-X failed to kill us all on May 13, 2003, she candidly announced that it was simply a dry run, as she did not want to give the “authorities” the real date of the disaster.

In October 2008, when the aliens predicted by Blossom Goodchild failed to show up and save us… It was simply announced that we probably did not need to be saved… At least not right now. The Group still exists, even though they are a bit quieter… For now.
What is interesting about that day (October 14, 2008) is that Blossom had called it off just before, but they forgot to alert all their accomplices, so that some “live videos” of the arrival of aliens still made their way to the Web (only to be removed the next day).

Did people learn? Of course not, we are still inundated with scam artists who will always find a sufficient number of gullible people to keep going.

Richard asks…

Doesn’t the prevalence of 2012 worriers on R&S just go to show how, religiously, America is still in the Dark?

Doesn’t the prevalence of 2012 worriers on R&S just go to show how, religiously, America is still in the Dark Ages?
Does religion promote superstition?

Suzi Q answers:

Of course. You don’t see this 2012 nonsense anywhere but here in the U.S.

Yes, religion absolutely promotes superstition! When you teach your children to believe that there is a whole magical, supernatural realm out there (“Heaven” and “Hell” and God(s) and angels…), then they are going to grow up believing in the supernatural. In the process of teaching them that there’s a loving God sending angels to watch over us, you are also reinforcing beliefs in ghosts and monsters and other boogeymen.

Laura asks…

Do you think there might be a major terrorist attack in 2012?

I’ve grown to not believe all that superstition regarding the end of the Mayan Calendar and the countless prophecies that tell of the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

But do you think “some people” (and you know who I am referring to) will take advantage of the fears of the gullible?

Suzi Q answers:

By coincidence yes but not by prediction. There are terrorist attacks all the while around the world. Bomb blasts in Iraq killing many get a short piece in the news but if it was the UK or US then its headline.

They get lucky then yes, there would be one today if they could pull it off. But no way prediction based on ancient malarkey will get it right. But the ghouls will crawl out of the woodwork claiming so if it unfortunately happens.

Lisa asks…

Is the 2012 superstition true?

I am quite worried:

Suzi Q answers:

No – it’s just another end-of-the-world hysteria. You’ll live through lots of them over the years. One’s as stupid as the next.

Charles asks…

What is the 2012 superstition?

Suzi Q answers:

Thousands of years ago, the Mayan calendar was created. Since they felt that time was cyclical, that’s how they adopted their calendar. The current calendar is set to end on Dec. 21, 2012, but the cycles run approximately every 520 years.

Going back 520 years (the last time the calendar cycled) puts us at 1492, when Columbus “discovered” the Americas and opened up the flood gates for European conquest in the western hemisphere.

Robert asks…

Who thinks the superstition behind the #13 is related to 12-21-2012?

yes it is! Decode th calander. Its the calander decoded. check it out> / projects / maya astronomy / geographical orientation

Suzi Q answers:

They are not related at all.

The superstition about the #13 is related to Friday the 13th which was the day that the Pope spearheaded a sneak attack on the Knights Templar. It was a violent political, move motivated by their growing power after Crusades and a desire by the Catholic Church to steal all their riches (which they did).

Some people tie it in to the Holy Grail/Holy Blood Conspiracy myth. Supposedly it was an attempt to wipe out and hide the bloodline of Jesus and Mary.


ADD: 2012 if when all of the people of Mayan heritage are going to Rapture. Get your conspiracies straight!

Jenny asks…

What is your opinion on the Mayan doomsday prophecy for the year 2012?

Do you believe in it? Is it just silly superstition? Do you care at all?

Suzi Q answers:

There is no Mayan doomsday prophecy.

No, Im not saying its superstition… I AM saying that it doesn’t even exist. The Mayans never predicted any doomsday

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