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Number Meanings

Numerology – Numbers have Meanings

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How often do certain numbers crop up in your daily life? Sometimes it seems like on a regular basis. Using numerology you might find there is a correspondence between the number of your name or birthday.



That correspondence is with those seemingly frequent numbers that seem to show themselves often in your life.

number pad

Numbers 1 – 9 are the main numbers used in Numerology

Numerology has been around a very long time and is still going strong in some countries. The fascination with numbers is a long tradition of many ancient peoples as well as today.

From the Babylonians to the Phoenicians, to the Hebrews, all believed in the almost magical powers of numbers. However, long after the original peoples ideas about numbers were ancient history the Greek mathematician and astrologer Pythagoras (c 580 – c. 500 BC) was the first to put forth the theory that everything in life could be ruled and symbolized by a number.

Many Life Events could be Represented by Numbers

From music, one’s work, one’s name, and many other life events, all could be represented by numbers. Even though many people after him later developed and expanded his ideas Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology.

His Pythagorean school was the launching bed from which our present day numerology comes from.

Aside from all children learning about his famous Pythagorean Theorem when taking algebra in school one of his lesser theories (lesser to us) which is still followed in numerology is that odd numbers are considered to be outgoing.

They are full of energy, active, and have masculine qualities. While on the other hand even numbers are passive, yielding and sensitive.

Numerology is a different way of looking at numbers that enables you to analyze not only the meaning of your name or birthdate, but other numbers that occur in your life. Numerology can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

If you really want to get more than just a basic overview I suggest you read a few different books on the subject of numerology.

What does any particular number mean?

Have you ever thought about what any particular number means? Surely you’ve heard about certain numbers such as the number 7 which many say is a lucky number. Or what about the number 13?

Thirteen has a bad connotation, especially if it is Friday the 13th. Have you thrown anything in file 13? I haven’t heard that term lately, but it means in the waste can.

Well here are some questions others have asked about numbers and their meanings. Most of these are common questions and have nothing to do with numerology which has a relatively specific meaning of the various numbers.

Have you asked any of these questions yourself? Learn a little and enjoy what numerology can tell you about yourself or others. Learn more and maybe it can tell you something about the future.

Maria asks…

Can someone walk me through the meaning of all the numbers on the “Pay It Forward” model?

Ok, so on “Pay It Forward” the kid explains that one person does something nice to three people, then those 3 people each do something nice to three more, which would be 9+3. So you have one dot and three lines connected to three other dots, and so on. Then three dots for each of the last three (this makes 2 trials b/c you dont count the first person, who is not a beneficiary). So the formula is: 3(3rd power) – 3 / 2 = 12. The reason it is 3 to the third power is b/c my math book explains it is # trials + 1. Now, looking at the illustration it seems like common sense that there are 12 beneficiaries. Can someone explain Y u go through with the formula and what each set of numbers means?

Suzi Q answers:

This is what I think, it starts out with one person right, then he pays it forward to 3ppl, those three ppl pay it forward, which makes 9ppl, those 9ppl pay it forward, which makes it 27, and so on…

So, for each level you multiply it by 3

Don’t know what you mean when you bring in the 9+3 thing…

Ken asks…

what do the numbers mean when purchasing fertilizer?

I just laid down sod in my front yard. I was not sure if I needed to give it any fertilizer, since i have not done so prior to laying the sod. It has been 3 week since I have grass. I now have what to appears to be crab-grass, but a neighbors tells me patience, you will conquer that problem later. But he started going off on types of fertilizers with no mention of meaning for the numbers…can someone tell me what it means. Thanks.

Suzi Q answers:

Fertilizer is listed with three numbers the first listing the percentage of nitrogen(N), the second phosphorus(P) and the third is potassium(K). For example, 20-10-10 is 20% nitrogen. Nitrogen is what greens up your lawn, phosphorus and potassium are more for root development and growth. Ideally, you should have put down a light dressing of fertilizer on the soil before you put down the sod, but since you didn’t you can do it now. If you laid sod, how can you possibly have crab grass? Sod is usually pretty pure….unless you didn’t kill the weeds and crabgrass before sodding??? I am not sure that is even possible for them to get up through the sod this quickly. Usually, established grass is fertilized with a higher nitrogen and small amounts of P and K, say 20-0-10. Phosphorus is left out of many fertilizers now because it is often not needed and so it doesn’t end up running off into the lakes and streams where it causes algae problems. In your case look for a fertilizer that is for new grass, and it will have some phosphorus in it. Good luck

Laura asks…

What’s the meaning of the logo found on many European products of a cylinder with a cap and “12M” on it?

The logo looks like a half opened cylinder, with its cap half opened. I have seen various numbers on these logos, but always with a “M” as well. It’s around the area of the Recycling logo and found on cosmetics products.
Anyone knows what that means – and what the different numbers mean?

Suzi Q answers:

It’s the PAO symbol!

The period after opening symbol or PAO symbol is a graphic symbol that identifies the useful lifetime of a cosmetics product after its package has been opened for the first time. It depicts an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months or years.

In the European Union, cosmetics products with a shelf-life of at least 30 months are not required to carry a “best used before end of …” date. Instead, there has to be “an indication of the period of time after opening for which the product can be used without any harm to the consumer”. The EU Cosmetics Directive defines in Annex VIIIa the language-neutral open-jar symbol, which manufacturers should use to indicate this period.

The time period is most often represented compactly as a number of months, followed by the letter “M”, as in “36M” for a period of three years, written either onto the front side of the depicted pot, or to the right of it. The letter “M” is the initial for the word month not only in English, but also in Latin (mensis), Spanish (mes), French (mois), German (Monat), Italian (mese), Dutch (maand), Danish (måned), Polish (miesiąc), Russian (месяц), Serbian (месец), Irish (mí), Portuguese (mês) and many other languages. It also is used in the ISO 8601 duration notation.

Sharon asks…

Can someone tell me if the numbers 9:11 have a meaning I see them all the time!?

Okay at first i thought i was just noticing it alot but i see these numbers on clocks (when its like 2:00 in the day) on the trip meter in my car people call me at 9:11 Ive been in two different states and two seperate cars pulled out in front of me and the only number on their tag was 911. The highway I drive to school is 119. I know that 9 + 11 = 20 how old I am. And that i seem to notice it more when my ex boyfriend is around. DOes anyone have an idea of what these numbers mean?

Suzi Q answers:

The numbers mean nothing. Numbers don’t have some magical power. However, if you think that there is a particular number following you around, you are going to be more in tune to look for it — unconsciously. You may not realize you are on the look out for it, but you are. It’s not that big of a deal.

Lizzie asks…

What do the numbers marked on jewelry mean?

I have a couple pieces I didn’t even know were “real” until a friend of mine said if they have numbers and stuff marked on them it means they are real.

So what do the numbers mean? Like which one means sterling silver, real silver, gold..?

And is jewelry usually marked if there is a precious stone in it? Like would a ring be marked if a diamond was in the setting? If so, what are the markings for that?

Suzi Q answers:

The marks on jewellery can mean several things. If there is a number on the ring eg) 375 it means that is is 37.5% gold (9k)
sometimes there is a hallmark saying 12k 14k and so on that is the karat of the gold.
In diamond rings it will sometimes be marked with a decimal point then a number, or just a number, to clarify the carat weight of the diamond(s) eg. .25 (or quater carat diamond) but not all diamond rings show this information.
Sometimes diamond rings can have the hallmark DIA written on for “diamond”
rings can have a symbol to prove where it is from like a lion to prove it is english ect.., or another hallmark like GTV meaning it was from gemstv or some other company, it all depends.
Just as long as a piece of jewellery has a hallmark, it proves that it is a real precious metal.

Daniel asks…

What do the numbers on a broadcast spreader mean ?

I have some grass seed that says it should be sown at 15 seeds per square inch, and that 5 is too low and 30 is too high. My spreader only goes up to 15, so I have a feeling that‘s not what the numbers mean since the grass seed package seemed to indicate that 15 would be a “somewhere in the middle” kind of number. Any ideas ? It’s a Scott’s Edge Guard spreader, and the instructions that came with it don’t tell you what the numbers actually mean, unfortunately.

Suzi Q answers:

The numbers are relative to the amount that needs to be sown. I don’t know exactly what the ratio is for your model. Alot of the times, they will have the corresponding number on the bag of fertilizer or whatever that you should use for a couple different models of spreaders.

You can go to the store and check a bag of fertilizer to see what they recommend, but if it were me, I would just set it at about 6 or so and start walking with it a few feet. Then look down and determine if you need to turn it up or not. Like the package says, you should see about 15 seeds per square inch.

I have a Scott’s spreader, I don’t know what model it is. I usually set mine around a 4 or so. It’s really not an exact science and it’s ok if you set out a little more seed.

Flordian: She’s not using a Scotts product.

George asks…

what are the numbers mean on the bottom of each bottles and containers?

I am a big time animal lover and true environmentalist, I try to do my best when comes to recycling. Now I have a question. when I see no.6 no.7 on the bottom of the “to go boxes” , what is that mean? should I categorize them into plastic recycling? what are the different numbers mean and how can I categorize them?

Suzi Q answers:

Some recycling systems are only equipped to handle certain types of recyclable waste. The numbers indicate specifics about the constitution of each item and those with the same number are recycled in the same batch. It might be best to consult your local waste management company or their website to learn which numbers they can recycle and which, if any, that they cannot.

Nancy asks…

What do the numbers mean for a Peanut Allergy?

I currently have a peanut allergy and I was wondering what the numbers mean? My doctor told me that I have an allergy of 21. Is that 21% or what is it?

Suzi Q answers:

Its the seriousness of the allergy or how much you are allergic to it. For example i’m deathly allergic to peanuts and nuts, even sesame seeds and sunflowers seeds. They smell of nuts alone makes my throat close up my number is about 90% because i can eat foods proceced in a factor that proceces nuts

Chris asks…

What do the red numbers mean on bakugan cards?

Most of them are negative, but I have a few that are red numbers but are positive.

Suzi Q answers:

It means that, that specidic card is rare, cause i have a couple of those cards and i always wondered what they meant until someone told me that they were rare

James asks…

Why do I keep seeing the number 38 after having a religious dream?

About 4 weeks ago, I had a dream where I went to a spa and visited a massage therapist. Before giving me the massage, the therapist said that it would help me feel enlightened. As she gave me the massage, I told her I didn’t feel any lightness and she responded, “You need to find religion.” I am not a religious person and I am not an atheist. I do however, believe that there is some type of spiritual being/force in this universe.

Then I looked up at a wall and saw a picture of a cross. Then I saw a man who looked like Johnny Depp and I asked him, “Are you a Buddhist?” when I meant to ask him if he was a Christian. He replied, “Yes.” When I awoke I thought about how this man reminded me of Jesus (could it really be him I wondered?)

Then I began to see the number 38 everywhere I went. Usually I would see 38 minutes on the clock, 38 seconds on Y!A. One day, I was freaked out when I saw vol. 38 on a yearbook and on a note I wrote a year ago (lotto number combinations; I tried the numbers but didn’t win).

I have researched this reoccurring number issue and some people say that it could be a message from a guardian angel or God. Also 3+8 =11 which is a master number with some significance in numerology. I personally think that it some sign that is trying to tell me something but I’m not certain what it’s trying to say.

Does anyone have any good explanations?

Luvli Mystii answers:

Google “selective perception” and “confirmation bias”.

For instance, we never particularly notice a particular model of car, more or less than any other. However, we’re shopping for a new one, and test drive a Ford Focus. Suddenly, everywhere we look, it seems like there’s tons of Focuses on the road. But it’s only because we’ve brought it forward from subconscious perceptions to conscious ones.

Similarly, women who never really noticed who was or wasn’t pregnant before, when they are trying to have a baby, suddenly, it seems like everywhere they look there are nothing but pregnant women and mothers with infants. Has the number of pregnant women suddenly increased. No, it’s just that for the woman trying to in a family way, that has been brought forward most in her thoughts, and so she notices it more.

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