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Chinese lanterns for a party!

Chinese lanterns are the newest must have for a party!

Lanterns are an airborne lantern found traditionally in Asian countries, they are also known as sky lanterns . They are usually made from rice paper and have a small frame made of bamboo to hold a candle. Once lit the heat from the candle’s flame is trapped within the flying lanterns causing them to slowly rise and become airborne.
The glow from these lanterns can be seen from miles away and they can stay airborne for as much as 20 minutes if made by traditional standards, and they can also reach an altitude of a thousand feet. These lanterns are very unpopular with agriculture growers and farmers in many countries because of the risk of fire caused by these flying lanterns upon landing.
China has used these airborne lanterns for almost 2,000 years to celebrate the Chinese New Year. These flying Chinese lanterns were also used by the military because their sparkling lights could be seen for miles and could alert cities and towns of approaching armies. Today the flying chinese lanterns are mostly seen during the New Year’s Day celebration as a way to bring good luck.
These types of lanterns are also used for social events such as a wedding or birthday parties. People release them during New Year’s for good luck, for the birth of a newborn baby and for a prosperous life. It’s an old noble and symbolic custom to release these lanterns with the hope their light will shine a way to a better future. You should really try them.

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