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Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up

Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up – The Symbolism and Use of Animals in Asian Inspired Home Decor

Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up

Unlike any other culture, the use of animals and mystical creatures is very popular in Asian inspired home decorating. From the elephant, to the tiger – the dragon and the phoenix – animals are a sacred part of Far-East culture and the respect for them is demonstrated throughout. Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up

1. The elephant is a majestic animal and in Asian culture it is symbol of strength and astuteness. An image of an elephant being ridden depicts happiness. Because elephants were owned by kinds and royalty, and thought to be ridden by the gods – they are also a symbol of power. In some cultures, an elephant with a raised trunk is symbolic of good luck, and indicates that you will persevere and overcome any obstacles in your path. Elephant sculptures and wall-mounts are a great way to decorate a foyer or entry into your home.

2. The tiger – in most parts of the world, it is the lion that is revered as the king of the wild animal kingdom. The lion is often referred to as the ‘King of the Jungle”. Well in Asian culture – the tiger trumps the lion. The tiger is one of the 12 animals represented in the Chinese zodiac and is a symbol of royalty, courage, bravery and fearlessness.

3. The crane is a beautiful symbol of honor, loyalty and strength in Japanese culture. The crane is a bird that mates for life making images of the animal a popular feature in traditional Asian or Asian inspired weddings. It is believed that the person who is able to fold 1,000 (origami) cranes will be granted their greatest wish. Imagery of two cranes in the home of a newly married couple isn’t uncommon, place your paintings, sculptures, plaques, etc in rooms where you spend a lot of time with your mate as you will be always reminded of the loyalty in marriage. Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up

4. The phoenix is a mythological sacred bird that symbolizes eternal life, beauty, fire and divinity. It is said that at the end of it’s life cycle, the phoenix builds a nest of cinnamon twigs. It ignites and burns – yet from the ashes rises a new phoenix in an egg of myrrh. It is also said that if a phoenix is wounded, it has the ability to self-regenerate – these things make the phoenix an eternal creature. In Asian tradition, the phoenix also represents the five human qualities; virtue, duty, humanity, reliability and proper behavior. The phoenix is a powerful symbol for strength and the ability to overcome.

5. The dragon, when alone is a symbol of male virility, the emperor, power and is generally regarded as a powerful creature. In Asian culture, the dragon is a benevolent figure – where as in European folklore, dragons are feared and often portrayed as ‘evil’. However when the dragon is coupled with the phoenix it takes on a whole new meaning. The dragon and phoenix paired together symbolize the perfect unity of male and female, or the yin and the yang. They are both powerful creatures that can withstand anything when put together, this represents a man and his wife overcoming all of life’s challenges when sticking together. It also symbolizes matriarchal and patriarchal good fortune, success in joint endeavors and blessed offspring. In Feng Shui, if you are a single man or woman looking to unite and find true love – symbols of the dragon and phoenix paired together should increase that vibrational energy of strong relationships in your home. Feng Shui Elephant Trunk Up

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