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A Perspective On Luck

A Perspective On Luck

Luck (运/运气) is a commonly studied component in destiny analysis. Chinese sayings such as “Firstly fate, secondly luck, thirdly Feng Shui” (一命,二运,三风水), “Good fate is no better than good luck” (命好不如运好), emphasize on the importance of luck.

The two words above are the word “Luck” in Chinese. In Chinese, both words do not restrict to the only meaning of “Luck”; it also means “to transport, to transmit, to move, to apply, to use”. The word on the left is in Traditional Chinese; the word on the right is in Simplified Chinese.

The Traditional Chinese word 運 (yùn) is made up by two parts; 辶 (chuò) meaning “to walk”; 軍 (jūn) meaning “army, military, arms”. Does the word in Traditional Chinese reflect anything on “Luck”? Besides telling us luck is needed in battles, one important thing it shows is the attitude we should have on “Luck”, the military way. Life is like a chess game, we need to analyze and know the possibilities ahead; plan the tactic and strategy to our advantage; execute the details. Without knowing the possibilities ahead; planning cannot be carried out to our advantage. Obstacle cannot be avoided and overcome if we do not know it; opportunity cannot be explored and made use if we are unprepared. No harvest will come if there is only knowing but no executing. Although there is no denial that success is not guaranteed even with every details planned and executed, chance of success without the plan and execution is slim. Success is for those who are prepared.

The Simplified Chinese word 运 (yùn) is made up by two parts; 辶 (chuò) meaning “to walk”; 云 (yún) meaning “cloud”. Luck comes together and disperses. A force is formed when it comes together; another force is formed when it disperses. Like wave cycles, there are ups and downs forming the flow; what goes up comes down. Recognizing which part of the cycle we are at is part of the process of knowing the possibilities ahead.

In life, luck is not just about good or bad; it is how we see and make use of at it.

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