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Numerology – Numbers from Alphabets

Numerology – Numbers from Alphabets for Magickal and Practical Uses

By Charles L Harmon


The Nine Numbers in Western Numerology

Since the beginning of man (and woman) there has been a fascination with numbers; numbers, not being a thing, but a concept, easy enough for school kids to grasp, yet difficult for many adults. For many of us mathematics is something to dread, especially in school if math doesn’t come easily. Numerology, however, is nothing to fear when it comes to math, for it uses simple arithmetic.

Numerology is a relatively new term for such an old method of divination. Over the years there have been many types and methods of divination. However of the three main types that have survived over the ages until the present day are readings by the stars, by cards, and by using the alphabet.

Using the alphabet to get information is what we will concern ourselves with is this article. The other two popular oracular techniques are astrology and cartomancy, which is divination by the random fall of the Tarot or playing cards.


Numerology, the other popular method of divination is the use of numbers concealed in the letters of a name or numbers of a birthdate. There are many possible combinations of such revealed numbers, but generally not all associations are not considered or explored.

The root of numerology, the word itself, “numerology” is derived from the Latin word numeralis, which means figure, character, or number.

Of the three popular techniques of astrology, cartomancy and numerology, the easiest to learn and master is numerology. The term numerology became popular in the 19th century literature about occultism. In European magickal tradition for the term numerology came from “arithmologia” which is the combination of number (arithmo) and word (logia). It is also called arithmomancy or Arithmancy.

This system of revealing numbers from words gives meaning to any given number. It serves as the oracular message whenever that particular number is encountered in visions, dreams, and divination. It is the ancient divinatory and meditational technique of giving a number value to the letters of any name or word.


–noun, plural John·ny-come-late·lies, John·nies-come-late·ly.
a late arrival or participant; newcomer: the Johnny-come-latelies producing Godzilla films after the trend had ended.

Also, Johnnie-come-lately.

There are thirteen distinct esoteric languages it was/is used in, from ancient Cuneiform, to Latin, and finally to modern English. Of all the Languages, English is the only one that did not have secret number codes associated with it. The other languages have symbolic, occult, religious, or other associations with the letters and symbols of their respective alphabets. You might say, English is a “Johnny-come-lately” when it comes to divination using the secret number values associated with words and numbers.

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