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Numerology – A Brief Overview

Numerology – A Brief Overview of an Unusual Achievement of Mankind

By Honey B Wackx

treasure chest

Numerology is a Treasure Chest of Numbers


Numerology is a very old science. However, today it would be hard pressed to actually call it a science, but long ago before modern science evolved, numerology was a science. Ancient mystics and forefathers in various parts of the world knew it and used it in everyday life to counteract any evils and advance their prosperity.

Numerology does not just predict future events. It also shows one the qualities and characteristics one has or that is compatible with them. Even nowadays in some countries there are men and woman taking to numerology for solutions to their problems.

Numerology is an occult science and as such it is not a discipline that is recognized by most scientists, at least in the Western world. However, it is still credible in various parts of the world. In fact, there are a lot of people all over the world that actively use numerology in their life.

Just because some scientists and others don’t believe in numerology that doesn’t make it worthless or meaningless. Just look at medicine for example. The world is full of drugs that enrich the companies that make them. However, more and more scientists are turning back to natural cures and even using plant and herbs to create natural remedies that often rival or surpass drugs which virtually all have undesirable affects, as well as many being outright dangerous to one’s health.

Maybe, just maybe, the knowledge of the older generations and those of long past ages is just as valid as newer ideas. One needs go no further than their grandparents, in many cases, to find cures of various ailments that doctors and some scientists scoff at. But when they work who has the last laugh?

Numerology helps to predict a person’s character, future events, luck, auspicious and inauspicious times to do things. By using a person’s name and date of birth a lot of information about a person can be gained using numerology. With this small bit of data many characteristics and predictions come forth by those with a good working knowledge of numerology.

During the ages, of all occult sciences, those claiming to predict future events in a person’s life, have always held an esteemed place in the mind of believers. However, there are those soothsayers and others that have misused the public and many cases of cheating by dishonest astrologers, palmists and numerologists are on record. This has cast a bad light on such practices. This has not however, diminished the effectiveness of these subjects in any way.

Regardless of cases of cheating by fake astrologers and palmists cannot mean that these ancient sciences have no worth. Astrology involves many calculations if done in detail. Palmistry needs to be supported by astrology or numerology for making exact predictions.

In actuality there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for numerologists to cheat. The numbers are easily derived from simple input, some very basic arithmetic, and some interpretation by a competent numerologist. The relatively low cost of such a reading leaves little room for worthwhile profits by cheating. This was probably not the case in other time periods.

Numerology, as is normally done, on the other hand is a very simple and exacting system for making predictions. No cumbersome table of planet positions is needed. Complicated arithmetic calculations are not involved. An expert numerologist can tell the exact time and date of future events and suggest beneficent times and dates for carrying out special businesses or projects if you provide enough simple information for them.

Numerology is easily one of the most unusual achievements of mankind. By using numerology one can have a glimpse of his past and future, and can become forewarned of impending events or dangers. All this and more can be foretold by a competent numerologist with just a couple of pieces of personal information.

Give them your name and date of birth and let them produce a detailed reading personalized specifically for you. You could even give them more information and get even more detailed information, all based on numerical values of the characters and numbers in the information given them.

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