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Questions About Numerology


Questions About Numerology

Presented by Honey B Wackx


Although numerology is an ancient discovery and method of predicting or divining things it may still be used by some people. Here are some questions others have had concerning Numerology. These questions and answers are for entertainment only.

George asks…

In Chaldean numerology, what happens if you have more than the value of 80 in your name?

Hello. I am having some problems trying to determine our correct name meaning in Chaldean numerology as we have a very long name. It goes over the value of 80 and Chaldean numbers only
go up to 80. As Chaldean numerology uses compound numbers I’m not quite sure how to resolve the problem. I’ve tried splitting up the names into first/middle and last names, but I don’t think this will give the correct value still as they need to be added up together, correct?

I also find that Chaldean meanings contradict Pythagoras. It’s been hard to know which to go with. I have been under the impression that Chaldean was most accurate as it looks deeper, but am I wrong?

I’m new to all this and will very grateful for any advice.

Suzi Q answers:

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Sharon asks…

Using numerology, can anyone tell me which career choices would be best suited for my personality?

b. oct 27, 1981. Looking into law school. If not law, what options should i consider. If so, what areas of law?

Suzi Q answers:

I am not a numerologist but I have included a link to an article that shows people how to calculate their own life path number, based on their birthdate.

The article also includes the symbolic numerological significance of the numbers 1 through 9 as well as some master numbers.


Mary asks…

What is the term for writing numbers in numerology especially when used in literature?

Like in Arabic or Hebrew, a word can be converted into numbers, thus in poetry or for depicting historic events such as birth or death some term, name or poetic sentence was attached to the event which gave the number related to the year of the event. What is the equivalent in english

Suzi Q answers:

In Hebrew its called gematria, the closest English equivalent would be numerology.

William asks…

How do you feel about numerology?

I don’t really believe in stuff like that, but for whatever reason, I got a free numerology reading using my name and birthdate and I was shocked how accurate the response was. But sometimes these things are vague and general enough that anyone would fall under some descriptions.

Is it a crock? What about astrology? I’m a Pisces and definitely have those characteristics.

Suzi Q answers:

It’s absolutely true. I’ve had many different readings from many different people and have done research myself. All people are different yes, but the day you were born plays a MAJOR role in who you really are. Look into it more, I bet you’ll be pleasently surprised. I was… I picked up a “17” card that describes what people born on the 17th are like and it described me perfectly! I fully belive in numerology!

Donald asks…

my name is RANJITH RAMACHANDRAN i was born on 27-06-1982 pls tell me a suitable name change using numerology?

my name is RANJITH RAMACHANDRAN i was born on 27-06-1982 pls tell me a suitable name change using numerology.pls tell me whether i have to go for a name change or not .i expect a right answer from a numerologist. because iam strugling due to bad misfortune .pls give me a perfet answer.
according to chaldean system of numerology my name no. is 53 and birth no is 9 .and my destiny no is 8. in which no should be my name .?? what no .should be my first name and what should be my last name…reply

Suzi Q answers:

Hi Ranjith. You may better re-post this question under “Horoscopes” in the Entertainment category. Right now it is in Science and Mathematics. I don’t think people who visit this catgory will know much abt this field.

And: First and foremost think if it is so important for you to reveal so many of your personal details here? The net may be a gr8 place to find answers; but there are lots of people who can try to misuse your details. In ways that you cant even imagine! So my advice is: avoid giving out personal details on the net. (In fact that’s the reason why you are asked to pick a nickname for Yahoo Answers though you already may possess a Yahoo ID).

Better find the right people on the net. Try and judge them; if you feel they are trustworthy, then go ahead.

Ken asks…

Numerology inquiry– Experienced numerologist/Tarots only?

I am looking for some help with evaluating a relationship using numerology and/or tarot.

Anyone like to dabble? If so I would love to know what your opinion of using numerology to evaluate a relationship is. (and if you wouldn’t mind doing an evaluation for me so I have something to use as an objective guide– that would be Pretty awesome too)

I have books galore on the subject– I am looking for HUMAN experience– If you have reading suggestions I of course would love to see that in addition to your own opinions.

note. I don’t care what your NEGATIVE opinions are, and I do not want to hear about being saved either. I am looking for productive responses from people who practice numerology and/or tarot.


Suzi Q answers:

HI Rayne:

I have been studying the tarot for a few years and would welcome the oportunity to read cards for someone I don’t know. I don’t presume to be a master or anything like that, but perhaps just a fellow co-learner. If you are interested you can email me at And if you found an offer you connect with more, by all means follow your intuition. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Raphael

Laura asks…

Numerology worked for me?

Ok, my favorite number is three (3) it always has been, i use the number three in everything, from passwords to video game names (Bobby03) it has been my favorite numbers since i was about 8 years old.
And as few, if any, of you know My Witch Name is Rogue;_ylt=AmN7g94SFEVWABmaN2fjP8UjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070201070846AAWLH7m
It has been for a few years now. (BTW that was my old account that had been deleted by Y!A)

Now, I was reading Bucklands complete book of witchcraft and i stumbled on the Craft name section and it said that the most common way to come up with a Witch name is to use Numerology. So i did what buckland said and i came up with this. . .

I was born on March 26 1990
thats 3+2+6+1+9+9+0=30
now you add the total 3+0=3

and now you have to use this chart to add your Craft name to see if it fits with your birth number.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

ROGUE – 9+6+7+3+5=30

and my birth number is 3 so my craft name fits my birth number 🙂

my question is, has numerology worked for you???
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9
A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I
J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R
S – T – U – V – W – X – Y – Z

Sorry this stupid chart isn’t comming out very good.

Suzi Q answers:

Don’t believe the numbers to be significant but I’ll try it for fun

Nope doesnt work for me. But I do like lucky 7, my birthday number, it’s a nice prime number.

Mark asks…

What happens if you cant solve a CrossWord Puzzle For your life????

i really cant remember all those different words in the crossword puzzle to even use them to solve the puzzle …. i mean i know other people can do that type of stuff is it because we are wired differently because am only good a visualizing not remember vocabulary… according to this website….. i have extremely poor memorization …the used numerology …. to determine that and its true i decided to study for 5 years straight (extra study aside from school work) day and night and i couldnt pass any of my class for ***** because all of them had to do with memorizing words……
will going back to this crossword puzzle thing — what is the best way to pick up on the new words and add it and add more to your growing list of words that you will be able to use to solve another puzzle…. and dont say just practice more and more ….because that method doesnt work for me…. their gotta be a program to help you build up your vocabulary fast so that you could tackle heavy crossword puzzle i mean i dont want those stupid ESL crossword now ….. something to build up memory in just vocabulary and maybe a crossword memory program
can you tell me your level of crossword skill
and did you use it to get to college or is going to?
how do you feel your memory has changed?

Suzi Q answers:

I use and find it helpful sometimes. Also, on’s main page they have a link for a crossword solver. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is usually right.

I found a little bit different type of word puzzle, and I think it is helping me learn some new vocabulary and I think, maintain it better. It is called Cricklers. I like them a lot, but they can be tricky. I like that it has AI so it can adjust to my skill level, as I improve or not.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

Jenny asks…

Help with a prophetic dream please…?

Ok so a while ago I had a dream where I was driving at night and I was lost with my younger brother in my car. I was driving on a highway that had bushes and trees on the sides and this was at approx. 10:00p.m. (I did not see any clocks or times in my dream, this was just an estimate of what the night appeared to look like). While I was driving I saw two highway signs. The first said was one of those white US-Highway signs that said I-485. The second was a blue state highway sign that said I-270. The weird thing is that I have never seen highway I-485 nor am I sure that it exists but I-270 is a common highway I drive on. The weird thing is that even though a lot of other things happened in the dream which I now cannot remember, these numbers were the only thing that stuck. I tried to use numerology and found two dates. One was June 9th, which already happened, and it was when i got in a huge fight with this girl and stopped talking to her for 9 days. Then July 28th. It’s a Wednesday, for whose arrival I am awating. The weird thing is that Wednesday is day when bad things used to happen between me and this one girl i love or at least used to.

See the thing is that I’m kinda hoping that this dream is telling me that on that day, July 28th, she will return to me, and apologize so that I may stop suffering. Can this dream be prophetic or might it mean something else, or simply nothing at all? Please help, thanks.

Suzi Q answers:

I use the symbology of Numerology and Tarot to interpret dreams.
The I-485 – I is the 9th letter of the alphabet, 485 is 4 +8 + 5 = 17, 1 + 7 = 8.
I-270 – I is 9th letter, 270 is 2+7+0 = 9.

From Numerology 9 is the end of a cycle, it’s a number of loss, endings, 8’s a number’s of power and control.

“The Star” is the 17th card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana and is the card of Hope & Navigation.
“The Hermit”, or “Lone Man”, is the 9th card of Tarot’s Major Arcana and is a card of solitude and searching.

You are driving a car in the dark, lost, but you see signs telling you the road you are on.
The Star is representative of navigation as it was by the stars that our ancestors navigated.
It gives you hope for success in finding your way.
If you look at a Tarot image of The Hermit you’ll see a man travelling at night in the dark with a Lantern to help him find his way. He is searching.

Your dream isn’t so prophetic as reflective of what’s on your conscious and sub-concious mind.
You are hoping that the girl will return but you feel desperate, it’s all out of your control and you are suffering because of it.
The first sign reduces to an 8, this is the past where you were in control.
The second sign reduces to a 9 which is the number of endings.
You don’t want it to be over but it sounds like your sub conscious is telling you that it is.

Your brother is probably representative of un-conditional love in your life. Love that you can always rely on. Family. Again just you and your brother in the car suggests that all you have in love right now is family on your journey in life.

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