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Born Under Lunar Eclipse Q&A

Questions about Being Born Under a Lunar Eclipse

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Born Under a Lunar Eclipse

Jenny asks…

What does it mean when you were born during the greatest point of a lunar eclipse?

Im male with a birthday is coming up, November 29, and I’m about to be 17. But I remembered something special about the morning I was born. I was born during a lunar eclipse! I always found this weird and awesome. But it got even weirder recently. I was curious and checked NASA’s lunar eclipse database, and on my birthday there was a full lunar eclipse. And the eclipse was greatest at 6:27, I was born at 6:35! Any meaning to this?

Lunar Eclipse

Suzi Q answers:

It means that you were born during the greatest point of a lunar eclipse!!

Ken asks…

Born under Lunar Eclipse?

Hi I was born under a lunar eclipse. It was a full moon, but I don’t know if all eclipses are under full moons or not. My birthday is 12 21 91. There is a lot of numerology that goes along with my birthday, besides the fact that i turn 21 on 12 21 12. My nineteenth birthday is coming up and there is a full lunar eclipse on that day too. Does this have any significance? If you could give me some info that would be great!!

Suzi Q answers:

Np, she’s right, your moon was full and in a partial (umbral) eclipse. Whatever that is.

Looking it up, I’d say the moon has a strong effect on your life, and you will resonate strongly with the sign of Gemini.

You are likely to be mystical, or have stronger abilities in that area.

And your love life is likely to be…interesting. for sale

Sandra asks…

Does being born on a total lunar eclipse have significant meaning in astrology?

My daughter was born on February 20, 2008. She was born at 2:32pm. Does it have any different or significant meaning in astrology?

Suzi Q answers:

Moon phases at the time of birth definitely have specific influences on the life of an individual. So has an eclipsed moon. I know of a tool that interprets the influences of the various moon phases on a person. You can check it out. Lemme find the link.


George asks…

hello, my son marvin was born on a lunar eclipse, on febuary 20th 2008. i’m just wondering if this makes?

something special? he is a pieces, but he was born on the cusp. how will this affect his life?

Suzi Q answers:

First of all, let me congratulate you on your son. Second of all, let me say that I do not think the lunar eclipse will have anything to do with your sons’ health and lifestyle. So don’t worry!

Chris asks…

Born on a lunar eclipse, are my sun and moon signs opposite?

My sun sign is taurus, and I always thought my moon sign was taurus as well. Recently, my biological mother told me I was born during a lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth such that the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon.” -Wiki 🙂

I’m a novice at astrology and know nothing about astronomy, does this mean that my moon is in scorpio? Also, what other affect(s) would a lunar eclipse have on the chart?

I’m not sure, but this information might help:
Sun- taurus
Moon- taurus?
Venus- gemini
Mars- aries
Ascendant- sagittarius
Went to that site and the chart said my moon was in taurus 🙂
So what does being born on a lunar eclipse mean? Does it affect anything?

Suzi Q answers:


Go to that site and put in your information. It will tell you what your Moon is and someone will be able to tell you the effect of a Lunar Eclipse if it has one on the chart.

Sorry, I can’t read Natal Charts, have you tried Googling it? It might mean something to do with your Eastern Sign. I was told I’m a rare gem by a Chinese Tarot Card Reader because I’m a Gemini born on a double-digit year, 1988 which is also the year of the Dragon; I am a walking-talking Ying Yang. And I know the East have a lot to do with the Moon, Stars and Sun rather than all the planets too.

Steven asks…

April 3, 1996: How does the lunar eclipse on the night I was born affect me?

I am very excited at the moment, because I just discovered that on April 3, 1996, the night I was born, a total lunar eclipse occurred. I was born at 3:34 AM, and the eclipse began about 6:26 PM, lasting about half an hour (I’m using EST, just so you know). I found out about the eclipse online, one article stating, “One ‘Sack-cloth’ Moon (a dark eclipse, some said it was red) appeared on the Passover Sabbath, April 3, 1996, and one Blood-red Moon occurred on September 26, exactly on the eve of the Feast of Tabernacles.”

Do any of the especially astrology-savvy people know how exactly this lunar eclipse affects my life? I know it does, because I’m a fan of astrology and I remember reading an article about the topic. However, I’m not experienced and knowing enough to interpret its significance to me.

Also, could you possibly tell me what my moon sign is? I’d thought for a while that it was Libra, but another natal chart site claimed it’s Virgo. Perhaps the moon changed around the time I was born?? Like I said, I was born at 3:34 AM on April 3rd, 1996.

Thanks so much, and please help me out! I’m so curious about the eclipse. If you need any more info, please ask.

This article explained a bit about the event of the total lunar eclipse, so maybe you can use it to help answer my question:

Suzi Q answers:

It means you are a split being, because Sun was opposite Moon. See source for a more thorough definition.

Michael asks…

what does it mean if you are born on a lunar eclipse?

is there any significance? i was born on June 14 1992.

Suzi Q answers:

Generally, it involves a conflict between the individuality and the personality, the ego and the feelings.
The person will tend to act like a see-saw. One time he will be this way and another time, this way depending on the sign where the Sun and Moon falls.
The person can resolve this conflict in time and can control how he can feel.
The bad effect is that their will always be relationship problems especially with women or man depending if the chart is male or female.

Sharon asks…

are there any myths about being born on a lunar eclipse?

Suzi Q answers:

I am not sure, but have heard that people born on certain days like Feb. 29th are born lucky.

Susan asks…

Is there an astrology site where you can calculate if you were born on a solar or lunar eclipse?

Suzi Q answers:

If you can, google dates of solar and lunar eclipse then enter it to cafe or chaos astrology. C o m.

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