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Shooting Star Superstitions Q&A

Questions About Shooting Star Superstitions

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Shooting stars, how often do we see them? They are rare unless you see them in a meteor shower. Even so if one lives in a big city or around areas with lots of nighttime lights it would be difficult, if not impossible to see all but the biggest or brightest shooting stars. There are a lot of old superstitions associated with shooting stars or fallen stars as they are sometimes called.

Here are some questions and answers as submitted to the Yahoo Answers site.

Shooting Star superstition questions

Ken asks…

I just miscarriied and see a shooting star last night?

hi I miscarried 1 half weeks ago and seen a shooting star last night just want to know is it a sign that I will get pregnant very quick and have a healthy pregnancy this time as I have had 2 mc is a shooting star good luck

Shooting Star

Suzi Q answers:

I hope so! Im sorry this has happend.

Lizzie asks…

Have you ever seen a shooting star?

I saw one last night. I heard they are supposed to be good luck, it’s the second time I’ve seen one while I was out on a walk at night.

Suzi Q answers:

I thought it was a shooting star when I first saw it out in the open field one clear night.
Like everyone else, we started saying a wish……felt good and great that night…
Until the next day, it was all over the news…..a satellite had spiral down from orbit !!
Pentagon admitted its belong to the us and cost $20 billion…. What a joke ! !

Star superstitions

Donald asks…

bright bright moon and a shooting star ? a.s.a.p?

The moon was really bright as almost as bright as the sun and a little big i think to where when i looked at it and it almost blinded me. Then when i looked down i saw a shooting star a tiny one i did make a wish not sure if it will come true or not i hope so. I am not sure if there was a star next to it or not don’t remember the moon freaked me out because i have never saw it that bright for.

Is the good luck i have never seen a shooting star in my entire life.

it sorta looked like this picture here down below but it was not all covered like this.

what kind of moon did i see?

Suzi Q answers:

Sometimes, due to various different atmospheric conditions, and optical illusions, the moon can look different than normal.

Anyway, cool find. As for the shooting star, I personally don’t believe in luck, but wishing on a shooting star is harmless. Hopefully it comes true (unless you wished for something bad :P).

Ruth asks…

What does it mean if you see 2 shooting stars cross?

I usually don’t believe in luck or magic or pyschoc energy or whatever you want to call it but I could use some luck or a good sign or something. So does this mean anything? Is my wish twice as likely to come true or something?

Suzi Q answers:

It means you saw two shooting starts cross.

Michael asks…

how can i search for info about a comet or shooting star I saw last Nov?

I saw something so beautiful and amazing one night last year, and tried looking into it a few times locally to see if anyone else saw it, but no luck.
Does anyone know of any good websites where i might be able to see videos or good photos of what’s up there in the night sky?

Suzi Q answers:

The source has news about what is happening in the sky.
I doubt you saw a comet. They don’t appear to move in the sky, other than rising and setting like the Sun does.
Meteors last only a second or so, and cannot be predicted. They tend to come in groups called showers though. The Leonid shower happens every year in November. It is one of the big showers.

Maria asks…

(UK) Have you seen any shooting stars tonight? There’s supposed to be 100 of them per hour ?

I’ve had a quick look… it’s patchy cloud here in Cheshire, but can’t see any shooting stars.

If you do see one please make a good luck wish for me. :p

Suzi Q answers:

Have been out, on and off, for the last hour and have seen 18 really strong ones – boyf not amused as after seeing about 10 I jostled him awake and made him come outside and look – he only saw one feeble one after about 15 minutes so came back inside.

Clouds have just wafted back again, but I’ll give it five or ten minutes and I’ll have another gander!

Ciao for now, from Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Paul asks…

umm so what does it mean if……..?

you see a shooting star

is it good luck?
a sign of death?
is my wish gonna come true?

tell me plz

Suzi Q answers:

What century are you living in? Seriously. Im sure about 20 other people have informed you that what you call “shooting stars” are not stars at all. They are meteors. The earth is inundated with meteoric dust. Space debris is usually invisible, but when a meteor is slightly larger, it burns in the atmosphere, making a cool and very short lived sparkle. If you want to think of meteors as signs of something, then by all means go ahead. Since its just dust, it would be alot easier to make a wish on the dust bunnies that hide in your home. Oh, and comets are not signs of impending doom or wars or diseases. Of course, if youd like to believe that, then go right ahead.

Mark asks…

trying to find a classic kids sci fi movie?

Im trying to find a classic movie I watch when i was little, its a kids / sci fi movie happen on earth. ( America )
Its about a boy who into alien read comic book and in the begin of the movie he see a shooting star. he goes of to find it and with luck he finds a space ship which he believe is a alien but its a alien battle suit. then there a another try of alien then coming to earth and he trying to take the suit so they can use it aswell. i remember in the end the good alien give the medal to the boy, plus he parent come and see the alien and they could believe him. that all i can remember about the movie. i think its was around 1997 to 2005 not full sure but can anyone help me find this movie that would be great.
thank you

Suzi Q answers:

“Star Kid”

Shy seventh-grader Spencer Griffith’s life changes when a meteor falls into a local junkyard and he finds a Cybersuit – an exoskeleton with AI from another galaxy…

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