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Animal Superstitions

Mr. Q


A Few Animal Superstitions

By Honey B Wackx

Everyone has an animal that they consider good luck to them for one reason or other. It could be as simple as having a small winning lottery ticket of $488,888.



Before they bought their ticket, a German shepherd dog crossed their path. Now to them, a German shepherd dog is good luck.

Throughout History Certain Animals were Good Luck Symbols

All through history, certain animals were good luck symbols. The good luck animals included a bear, a bull, and an elephant plus other animals, depending on which country you lived in.

Here are a few of such animals that are considered lucky or considered to bring good luck in one way or another. Next time you think about it, look for any of these as pins on a shirt, blouse, or sweater.

Depending on the person wearing it, it could be a good luck charm to them and the meaning to them may be more than a decoration, but something to bring them luck.

A good example of these is a lady I know who for reasons unknown thinks pigs are lucky. She wears pig earrings or a nice pig pin on her blouse of sweater whenever she goes to the casino. Sometimes she is lucky.

Whether or not it’s because of the pig ornaments she wears, …well that’s some speculation to everyone else but her. To her the pigs did it.


In China, the bat symbolizes a long, happy life. The Chinese will wear bat amulets to ward off poor luck. They also wear them as a sign to welcome good fortune and joy into their lives.



A Scottish Highland bull. Yes, bulls are considered good luck.

Native American Indians tribes, ancient migrants, and ancient Siberian clans around Alaska considered the bear lucky because it could feed a whole tribe. They thought the bear to have supernatural power because the bear could sustain its large mass and give birth during the long winter months by hibernating.


Traced back to the Egyptians, Greek, Celtic, and East Indian cultures, you will see adornments and engraving of bulls. It is a good luck symbol because the bull embodies of virility, good health, and strength.

In the ancient times, the bull was a provider of substance and power. The Greeks considered the bull as good luck in the matters of fertility and love.

If the Greeks wore a bull pendant or brooch, the men were able to harness the libido of the bull and have a large family.


This is another Chinese symbol for longevity and luck. The deer is a Chinese homonym for income.

The deer represents a long, prosperous life. Depicted with court officials in Chinese art, the deer signifies a wish for recognition, fame, and a long, successful life.


The elephant, the only animal with a hand, was described as such in a collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. This may be the reason why the elephant symbolizes good luck, wealth, and fortune to India.

Elephants were only owned by the wealthiest families is another reason. If you are going to wear an elephant as a symbol of luck in the business world, superstition says the trunk of the elephant must be up.


The frog is associated with rain in many cultures because successful agriculture depends on the rain to make their crops grow. In addition to rain, the frog is a good luck symbol in transformation, fertility, and travel.


Since the horse has contributed to the civilization of ancient man, the horse is considered a good luck symbol. Many battles had been won with the aid of a horse and many a kingdom has been built by the power of the horse.

The horse is a symbol of will, beauty, industry, and power. In the United States the horseshoe is also a powerful symbol of good luck.



Photo of a swedish pigfarmer by Gustav Heurlin. From the cover of Allers Familj-journal #18 1909.

Because a lizard is primarily nocturnal, ancient man thought them to be a good luck symbol in regards to protection from unseen things in life. The lizard was also a good luck symbol in vision, both psychic and physical.

Our ancestors thought that because a lizard was scurrying along the ground, they should scurry also because the lizard was likely escaping a predator.


The Chinese and Irish both created lucky charms from the image of a pig. In Chinese lore, they thought the pig would bring good luck to their business.

In Ireland, a Celtic legend in which Manannan had a herd of regenerating pigs. The herd never disappeared, and they healed themselves. This may be the reason why an Irish icon of a pig is not lucky unless the pig is missing a piece (like an ear).

This list is just a few of the animals that are considered good luck. If you ask anyone, they might say they have an animal that they consider good luck that is not on the list.

The animal may not be a good luck charm or have superstitious meaning to anyone else but this person, for some reason or other, considers the animal in a superstitious way. For example, the rabbit’s foot, which people have always said, was good luck.

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Questions About Animal Superstitions

Steven asks…

Have you ever heard any superstitions about seeing an animal get killed in a graveyard like this?

I took a shortcut through a graveyard on my way home and as I was walking through it a female peregrine falcon caught a sparrow barely 10 feet in front of me in a bush. It killed it so fast that the sparrow barely had time to shriek. Have you ever heard any superstitions about seeing something like this?

Suzi Q answers:

There are no traditions of interpretations specific to your experience, but the event would fit into what is called an omen or augury. What it boils down to is- had you been wondering about something in your life or something occurring in the world before you saw the hawk kill the sparrow? Does the event seem to pertain to the question you had been asking yourself, and in that case, what does the act of a hawk killing a sparrow in a graveyard mean to you in light of the question? Despite what some “psychics” would tell you, interpretation of omens are extremely personal in nature.

If there was no question, internal or otherwise, I wouldn’t worry too much about the event.

George asks…

Name your animal superstitions?

Other than a lucky/unlucky BLACK CAT and Rabbit’s Foot.

Suzi Q answers:

When a dog howls in the middle of the night, it means death is near.
When a bride-to-be finds a spider in or on her wedding dress, it brings her good luck.

Susan asks…

Animal Crossing: Wild World scary superstitions?

I’m trying to find some ACWW myths. I looked on google but found nothing. If you know any, please post them here. Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

I’ve been playin ACWW since 2006 and unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about superstitions.
Although, there is the rumour that characters “leave” town because Tom Nook kills them because they don’t repay their loan…!

Sorry 🙂

Who you know

Carol asks…

What kind of luck does a dead animal on your driveway bring? Any superstitions?

Suzi Q answers:

If its a black cat great or any cat for that matter!!!!!!!!

Richard asks…

What are some interesting superstitions about inanimate objects and parts of animals?

Things like, people used to believe if you put an eagle feather on someone’s forehead while they were sleeping, they would tell you everything you wanted to know, or how badger teeth give you luck in gambling. Anything at all worth mentioning, please. It’s all greatly appreciated.


Suzi Q answers:

Rabbit foot for speed,Bear Claw for power,Owl Feather for wisdom,Eagle Feather for courage,Buffalo Horns for healing.and Jesus Christ for Life!

Sandy asks…

How many of u people believe in black cats superstitions?

I personally think is all crap. Why blame an innocent animal about bad luck?. I have a black kitten and so far nothing bad happened. So, what do u people think?

Suzi Q answers:

So I guess that explains my all to often bad luck … Lol.

Michael asks…

Do you know of any books about luck, wishes, superstitions, things like that?

Any books that talk about luck, superstitions, animals, anything like that?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, but here’s a site with lots of books about luck,

Someone looks just like her and is appearing places where Laurie isn’t at the time. This person is taking over her life for the worse. She’s trying to make everyone hate her. This person is teleporting herself all the way to where Laurie lives. When finally she gets what she wants. Lauries sister knows somethings up. It’s a great book!

Please consider reading it.

Mark asks…

Does anyone have any leap year wives tales or superstitions?

My grandfather, in his 90s now, once said ” if a woman asks a man to marry her during a leap year, and he says no he must give her farm animals”. Has anyone heard of this if not whats your leap year lore?

Suzi Q answers:

Jess said the same thing……weird…….obviously you both live in the same town.

I on the other hand am SOOO superior. I believe that if you attempt to have a perfect morning on the 29th of February….things will start going wrong…, your daughter will feel faint and in trying to help the poor little dear (ha ha ha) one might turn their head and dislocate vertebrae…..which results in stabbing pains instantly, AND OMG, did the visit to the chiropractor hurt……but……I shall correct my error of thinking the 29th is a good day…by seeing her again tomorrow so that by next week I am normal again……is that superstitious???

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