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Life Path – Life Purpose


Numerology Life Path and Life Purpose Numbers

By Twinty Karat.

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In numerology there are not many numbers to consider for a basic reading. Generally nowadays only the numbers 1 through 9 are used. Depending on the method you are following two additional numbers may also be considered and that’s 11 and 22. However not all methods use these two numbers. In some numerology literature there are even more double numbers that might be considered like 33 or 44. But in my research I couldn’t find much use for any of the numbers over 9 and very sparse use of the double numbers 33, 44 or beyond.

Also known as the destiny or the essence number, it is the only key number calculated from the full birthday date of a person. It is basically the sum total of the birth date number. The life path number is the most important number in your life as it lays down the path that you have to follow throughout your life’s journey. In the same way, the life purpose number is the number that is established by calculating the name of the person as seen on the birth certificate. This name is that name by which a person is called at the time of his birth.

The life path number is derived by adding the month, the date and the year of the birth of a person. The result is always a four digit number which is then reduced to a single digit number – this is actually the life path number of a person. The birth date number also defines a person’s nature and his behavioral traits through out his life’s journey. It also clearly lays down the aims of your life and the various fields of interest in one’s life. This further helps in defining one’s career and also to shape out the future. When choosing between the two, many people prefer to depend upon the life path number instead of the life purpose number. This is generally because the life purpose number is liable to changes like nicknames, change of surnames after marriages and some personal names given by close ones. But the destiny number can never be changed.

The life path number 1 indicates a leadership quality. The life path number 2 shows a spiritual quality whereas the life path number 3 possesses a creative and communication skill. The life path number 4 depicts a genius and character having cerebral excellence and the number 5 suggests that the person is adventurous and has versatile character. Now we come to the life path number 6 which suggests righteousness and a just character. A life path 7 person shows an affectionate nature as well as peaceful soul. The life path person number 8 depicts an ambitious nature striving to reach their goals. The basic nature of the life path number 9 is that they are very compassionate and have a humanitarian attitude.

The life purpose number is usually taken out from the numeric vibrations of a name. This is a very subjective thought because the names are not chosen by us. They are entirely the decision of the others. The expression number is taken out by adding all the digits of the letters a name holds. It tells us about our life’s expressions. There is another number known as the latent being number which is derived by adding only the consonants. This is also known as the personality number as it shows the true personality of a person.

Adding only the vowels and leaving out the consonants is called the Soul’s desire number of a person. The vibrations of the mind and soul are expressed through this number. The best way to take out the perfect life purpose number is to grasp all messages from these numbers and frame the main life purpose number needed to improve one’s life.

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Question about Numerology

James asks…

*** Life path and destiny # are both 11. Soul urge number is 1. Life encouraging to do what?

This forum for specific question . . .

The soul, Spirit, heart is all. Out of curiosity, interest looked up numerology information.

With information of birthdate and full name at birth the following info. came up . . .

Life path number11
Life destiny number11
Soul urge number… 1
Personality… 1
Lucky path… 4
Birthdate number (based on 10-16-1956)… 7
Foundation number based on name… C

Listen and follow path and teachings of Onelight (God), Christ, Spirit? Yes. The three Magi (wise men) followed messages of the stars, planet calculations. Events prophesied, in Revelation chapter. Predictions, prophesies over the centuries including that of Maya culture.

The web site with this info. shows vague info. on results of calculated numbers. Any added insight you could share on the calculated numbers?


Suzi Q answers:

I don’t think I am qualified to answer about numerology even though the subject fascinates me. For what it is worth, I was born on 11/11/52. I would be curious to know what this means . I am very attracted to the number 7 (set my one and only wedding date for 7/7/77) and the number 11 which has caused quite a stir the world over: Lots of websites concerning this phenomenon as well.
Don’t know if you have ever visited Ellie’s site (crystalinks) but she has a good deal of info on numerology. Let me know if you find anything interesting pertaining to your question.

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There is much to learn about numerology but the purpose is easy to understand when you consider all this started way before the advent of science.


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